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All our sports stag weekend activities

Much like the smell of bacon making a man ravenous with hunger instantly, there are certain things that are hard-wired into our DNA. And top of the list is sport. Now chances are our glory days are behind us, we’ve come to terms with the realities that most players we watch on Sky Sports are now younger than us and our time may have passed. A diet of the aforementioned bacon and beer can do that.

But your stag do is a great chance to relive those fun times and enjoy some top notch sport. We’ve got everything from classics like golf to games given a fresh stag do twist like bubble football. They’re all great because they bring out one of the key stag do activity qualities, competition. And this isn’t your regular competition, it’s nothing to do with the thrill of winning and everything to do with bragging rights for the rest of the weekend. To spice it up why not throw in some stag do dares for the losers amongst the group.

  • Binocular Football

    It’s like football but not quite as you know it so get ready to have your mind messed up and your perception warped because binocular football will do just that! It’s one of the simple sounding concepts that’s actually a whole lot more fun when you actually play it than when you read it. Because even your most confident mate (you know the mate, the one that’s convinced he could bend it like Beckham and give Ronaldo a run for this money) will probably find this a challenge.  It’s fast paced, mind boggling and a good laugh.

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  • Bowling

    Fancy yourself as the King Pin of your stag group? Why not step up to the mark and prove on the bowling alley? Do your best Big Lebowski impression and nail strike after strike on your quest to be the stag party bowling champion! Are you good enough to get a Turkey? Maybe if you put it some hours on Wii Bowling.

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  • Bubble Football

    The only way we can think to easily describe bubble football is that it’s part zorbing and part five-a-side football, but that still really doesn't do it justice. Because the football aspect is also pretty loose, and because you'll soon find that bumping into your mates and sending them rolling around the floor is a hell of a lot of fun as well! Trust us, it is. It may sound like a simple joy but as an adult we feel like we’re denied the simple, childlike joys. So this is your chance to enjoy a kick about with your mates, but with a twist. That twist being no use of your arms for balance or protection and trying to run and coordinate the ball – with a giant clear ball covering your upper body. 

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  • Fishing

    If you are heading out for a big night on your stag do, schedule in a chilled activity for the daytime. Best bet? Learn to fish, you could call it the calm before the storm as you’ll be sat out on the waves with your mates hoping to snare a weighty catch while sipping on a few beers! 

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  • Football

    The beautiful game. Admittedly it’s less beautiful when played by your a-little-bit-crap-and-a-lot-hungover stag party, but it’s still a classic. And at The Stag Company we’ve got a ton of footballing experiences to let you celebrate your stag your way.

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  • FootGolf

    Footgolf – it’s a bit of football and bit of golf combined, and it’s one stag activity that’s certainly soaring in the popularity stakes.

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  • Golf

    Who doesn’t need some calm before the storm of the night and if you’re not one for fishing or knitting, golf is the best choice. We know you’re most likely only going to choose this if you’ve played a round or a hundred before, so we won’t bore you with the details but just know we’ve sourced some top courses from around the globe.

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  • Horse Racing

    Newmarket, Cheltenham, Ascot … a day at the races is a brilliant way to spend a stag weekend and flitter away some money or win a butt load of it back. You can dress up fancy if you want to impress those ladies in funky hats or simply stand there in a flat-cap shouting at stallions. It’s up to you!  Just make sure you bring some cash, hope in your heart and your best mates along for the ride (figurative, not literal ride!) 

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  • Human Table Football

    Yeah you could rent out a pitch and have a game of five-a-side football but this is a stag do so why not make things a lot weirder and a whole lot more interesting by shrinking yourselves down and becoming the poor guys you spin around in table football? We know it sounds like we’re pulling you’re leg but it’s true. You and your mates will be placed inside a huge inflatable arena, where you will be will be locked onto place on a wire. Trust us, this quirky stag activity is great for even people who aren’t as sporty as they used to be; not to mention the fact that it’s hilarious fun and a real must try for all the footie fans!

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  • Ice Hockey

    Originating in Montreal, Canada, ice hockey has been a professional acknowledged sport since 1900, though amateur ice hockey began in 1800’s. Since then it’s been a nail biting, rough and skill demanding sport to watch all over the world. Not that we want you to watch, we want you to grab your stick (don’t be rude…) and watch the competitive urge heat up on the ice because playing hockey is hard enough but playing it whilst trying to skate on ice is another thing all together! It’s the perfect activity for stags who want to try something different but still sporty, something cold, and just a tad rough. Trust us lads: this frozen sport will be a true test of your athleticism!

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  • Matchday Football Tickets

    If you really want to mark your stag do with something special then in many cases it doesn’t get much better than matchday tickets to a big game – and with The Stag Company you can get just that. Keep it quiet but we have connections in high places, which means getting tickets for the footie will be easier than doing it yourself!

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  • Night at the Dogs

    When the stag’s married he’s going to hardly get to go to the dogs, so now is the chance for him to revel in all the beer and betting – and hopefully win some money for the honeymoon (who are we kidding - *for the big night out). If he doesn’t win a thing he won’t want to go again anyway. A perfect result for all.

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