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Bulgaria Stag Do's

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Why is Bulgaria good for a stag do?

Bulgaria is a beautiful country that borders Romania, Serbia, Greece and Turkey. The incredible mix of culture, cheap beer, entertainment and buzzing nightlife ensure that Bulgaria is a fantastic stag do location. Here’s a summary of why Bulgaria is a great choice of location for your stag weekend!

What’s the culture like in Bulgaria?

If you’re feeling slightly fragile from a heavy night on the town, or if you’d simply like to explore and visit the main tourist attractions, then you’ll be pleased to know that there’s plenty to do. Sofia, the capital city of Bulgaria, is brimming with cultural attractions. From cathedrals and churches to markets and museums, there’s plenty to see and do to get your culture fix. We’ve compiled some information which you’ll find useful if you’re keen on finding out a little more about festivals, food, and a few key phrases to help you get by on your weekend in Bulgaria.

What’s the nightlife like in Bulgaria?

If great nightlife is high on your list of priorities, then Bulgaria’s vibrant capital city could be the perfect choice for you. From lively bar crawls to buzzing nightclubs, Sofia has a great range of nightlife options for you to choose from.

How much is a pint of beer in Bulgaria?

You’ll find that there are different types of beer available in Bulgaria which include Kamenizta, Zagorka and Astika. As well as this, you’ll find that Stella Artois, Becks and Staropramen are available in some venues too.

Depending on what part of Bulgaria you visit, the average cost of a pint of beer is around £1.29!

What’s the food like in Bulgaria?

If you enjoy hearty and delicious food, then you’ll most likely love the food that Bulgaria has to offer. From tasty soups and salads to succulent grilled meat and fresh vegetables, there’s lots of great food for you to try. If you have a sweet tooth, then you’re certainly in luck! You’ll find that there are plenty of Bulgarian desserts for you to sink your teeth into.

What’s the weather like in Bulgaria?

In Bulgaria, temperatures rise significantly between June and August. You’ll find that the winter months are colder. So, if you’re hoping to escape to sunnier skies and warmer weather on your stag weekend, then take a trip to Bulgaria in the summer months.

When are the festivals on in Bulgaria that are suitable for a stag do?

If you and the lads are keen on trying something a little different on your stag weekend, then how about attending a festival. Here are a few festivals that you may like to attend on your stag weekend in 2020…

  • Sofia International Film Festival (10 – 20th March)
  • Whiskey, Rum and Wine Festival (3rd April)
  • Rose Festival (29th – 30th May)
  • Meadows in the Mountains (4th– 7th June)
  • A to JazZ (3rd – 5th July)

Useful Phrases in Bulgarian

  • Yes = да (da)
  • Please = Моля те (Molya te)
  • Thank you = Благодаря ти (Blagodarya ti)
  • Good Morning = добро утро (dobro utro)
  • Good Afternoon = добър ден (dobŭr den)
  • Good Evening = добър вечер (dobŭr vecher)
  • Hello = Здравейте (Zdraveial)
  • How are you = Как сте (Kak ste)
  • Fine thanks and you = Добре, благодаря а ти (Dobre, blagodarya a ti)
  • I understand = разбирам (razbiram)
  • I do not understand = не разбирам (ne razbiram)
  • Do you speak English? = говориш ли английски (govorish li angliiski)
  • I do not speak Hungarian = не говоря унгарски (ne govorya ungarski)
  • Nice to meet you = приятно ми е да се запознаем (priyatno mi e da se zapoznaem)
  • Pay please = плати моля (plati molya)
  • Where is the bathroom? = къде е банята (kŭde e banyata)

Stitch up Phrase

Can I have a pint of cat sick please? = Мога ли да имам пинта на болна от котка, моля

(Moga li da imam pinta na bolna ot kotka, molya)

Popular Cities in Bulgaria for a stag do


Sofia is the vibrant capital city of Bulgaria which is bursting with incredible stag do activities, interesting cultural attractions and bustling nightlife. Here’s a bit more information on how you can spend your stag weekend in Sofia…

What can you do in Sofia?

If you need a little break from all of the partying and thrilling stag do activities, or if you have a little free time and fancy doing something more lowkey, then here are eight suggestions on how to spend your stag weekend in Sofia…

  1. Visit St. Alexander Nevski Cathedral
  2. Vitosha Boulevard
  3. Flea and Street Markets
  4. Paradise Center
  5. National Historical Museum, Bulgaria
  6. National Theatre
  7. Lyulin Mountai
  8. Iskar Reservoir

Popular Stag do activities in Sofia

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