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Croatia Stag Do's

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Why is Croatia good for a stag do?

Croatia is a beautiful country which borders Slovenia, Hungary, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. You can expect stunning views, plenty of cultural attractions and epic nightlife which makes the perfect combination for an unforgettable stag weekend! Here’s a summary of why Croatia is such a great country to visit for a stag do.

What’s the culture like in Croatia?

If you enjoy soaking up a little culture, or if you need a breather from all of the nonstop partying and exciting stag do activities, then you’ll be pleased to know that Croatia is brimming with tourist attractions. Hvar has plenty of interesting cultural attractions and exciting things for your group to see and do. Visit the impressive Spanish Fortress (Fortica) or take a stroll around St Stephen’s Square. If you’d like to get a little fresh air and spend some of your weekend in the great outdoors, then we’d recommend heading to one of Croatia’s picturesque beaches. We’ve written a little information which should help if you’re interested in learning some more about the nightlife, food and festivals available in Croatia.

What’s the nightlife like in Croatia?

We realise that epic nightlife is often considered to be one of the most important components of any stag do. This is why we’d suggest jetting off to the lively Hvar for a stag weekend to remember. Hvar is often referred to as a party town which never sleeps ensuring that it’s the perfect destination for groups who enjoy partying into the early hours. You’ll find that you’re spoiled for choice with a huge range of vibrant pubs, bars and clubs for you to spend your evenings in.

How much is a pint of beer in Croatia?

There are plenty of different types of beer available in Croatia including the hugely popular Ožujsko, Karlovačko and Pan.

Depending on what part of Croatia you visit, you’ll most likely find that the cost of a pint of beer may vary. On average, a pint of beer can cost as little as £1.85!

What’s the food like in Croatia?

Croatian food is often fresh, delectable and rich in flavour. Zagorski Štrukli is considered to be one of Croatia’s most popular traditional dishes. If you’re a seafood lover, then you’re in luck! Popular seafood dishes available include octopus salad, Shrimps na buzaru and fresh, grilled fish. If you’d prefer to dine on meat-based dishes, then you’ll be pleased to know that there are plenty of these options too. Pasticada and Ćevapi as well as mixed grilled meat platters are some of the many delicious meaty options available.

What’s the weather like in Croatia?

The climate in Croatia is very warm and often dry during the summers months and much colder during the winter. In particular, July is usually the driest and warmest month of the year with temperatures soaring to around 28°C. During the winter months, temperatures can fall below 0°C and the chance of snowfall is not unlikely. With this in mind, we’d recommend heading to Croatia for your stag do during the summer.

Useful Phrases in Croatian

  • Yes = Da
  • Please = Molim
  • Thank you = Hvala vam
  • Good Morning = dobro jutro
  • Good Afternoon = dobar dan
  • Good Evening = dobra večer
  • Hello = zdravo
  • How are you = kako si
  • Fine thanks and you = dobro, hvala, a ti
  • I understand = razumijem
  • I do not understand = ne razumijem
  • Do you speak English? = GovoriŠ li engleski
  • I do not speak Croatian = ne govorim hrvatski
  • Nice to meet you = drago mi je
  • Pay please = plati molim te
  • Where is the bathroom? = gdje je kupaonica


Stitch up Phrase

Can I have a pint of cat sick please? = mogu li dobiti pintu mačke bolesne molim

Popular Cities in Croatia for a stag do


If you’re planning on spending your stag weekend in Croatia, then Hvar is a fantastic choice of location. Hvar is brimming with interesting cultural and historical attractions, incredible stag activities and excellent nightlife. Here are a few suggestions on how to spend your stag weekend in Hvar.

What can you do in Hvar?

If you have a few hours spare in between your stag do activities, or if you would simply like to soak up some of culture that Hvar has to offer, then here are 8 suggestions…

  1. Visit Hvar Cathedral
  2. Stari Grad
  3. Beach hop
  4. Pakleni Island
  5. St Stephen’s Square
  6. Beach party
  7. Wine Tasting
  8.   Explore Croatia’s hidden gems

Popular Stag do activities in Hvar

Check out our most popular activities in Hvar…