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Shark Fishing stag weekends: What to expect

We’re gonna need a bigger boat, because this isn’t just any old fishing down the local canal – oh no, this is shark fishing in the deep blue sea! So if you like Jaws, get set to get a taste for it yourself as you fish for sharks. It doesn’t sound like the smartest idea does it? But it is safe… seriously!

All joking aside, you won't really need a bigger boat on this stag weekend because it is only in the movies that a shark is big enough to chomp its way through a whole boat and use all the seamen as toothpicks.  It would be great if you landed a Jaws size monster but the sharks you will be fishing for will be much smaller. Don't be fooled by their size though: their teeth are still sharp and dangerous!

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Picture this, a beautiful sunny day on the high seas. You're surrounded by your mates and everyone is excited about the prospect of landing a shark. This isn't a relaxed affair where you discuss the weather tough: the air is charged and chances are the catch at the end of your line isn’t gonna let you casually reel them in without a fight! So cast your line, sit back and wait for a bite and before you know it you’re the first to feel a tug at the end of your line. Before all hell breaks loose! It’ll feel massive as its pulling away from you at 100 knots. Consider it a real test of strength as you fight to reel in this beauty and an unforgettable stag weekend!*

*Details may vary from venue to venue. For exact details please contact our party planners 

What our customers had to say about it...

Superb fun and I didn't even catch a shark. One of us did which was awesome as I've never seen one up close and personal. I know when fishing nothing is guaranteed but we were told we could catch tuna and swordfish. The only thing I caught all weekend was some poor lass with a limp. - Derek from Totnes (Stag Company feedback call)


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