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Zorbing stag weekends: What to expect

Have you ever wanted to run around in a wheel like your pet hamster? Didn't it look like so much fun? Well, now we have something for a stag weekend that could be right up your street - Zorbing.

If the idea of hurling yourself down a hill inside a plastic ball is your idea of a good stag weekend activity, then look no further. On this stag weekend you will be strapped inside a ball and rolled down a hill. This is quite an intense sensation so not for the faint hearted as you are bumped around.

You have the choice of doing this with someone or on you own and with or without water. If you are an adrenalin seeking junkie, then this is the stag weekend activity for you.

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The funniest thing is that you're strapped to the inside of the ball and they're made transparent so you can see where your heading (out of control).

As David from Glasgow said:

"I couldn't stop laughing and almost pissed myself. Once strapped in I couldn't move and the ball, with me in, just got faster and faster. I didn't know which way was up and my head was spinning; I so almost puked but managed to hold it in."

It sounds ridiculous but it is also insanely good fun. Zorbing, sphereing or globe-riding is the practice of people like you and me travelling down a hill in a transparent plastic sphere. The steeper the hill the faster you go bouncing along like a maniac. It sounds nuts but as a stag do activity, it has to be tried. Most spheres are for a single rider but some hold two or three people and the longer runs are approximately half a mile long. They can also be used on water.

It's no surpirse why this is popular with folks down under but you will be spinning out of control on this hilarious stag weekend activity. Give it a go.

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