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Football stag weekends: What to expect

Been stuck to living out your dreams of football fame on FIFA for far too long? Well now it’s time to dust off those boots and make your name on the biggest footballing stage in the world (to you and your mates): the stag do. Whether you’re a Cristiano Ronaldo or a Vinnie Jones, this is a foolproof stag weekend activity to choose!

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5-a-side Football Stag Weekends

Don’t settle for jumpers for goalposts. We’ll set you up with a proper pitch, proper referee and bring some proper competition to your stag do. Having a kick-around on your stag do is always a cost-effective way to bring some fun to the weekend, and it’s always something that’ll go down well with the lads. And strictly speaking, it counts as exercise right? So when the folks back home ask what you’re up to you can tell them ‘Exercising mostly’ and it’s barely even a lie.

Even if your football glory days are long behind you and you’re less Cristiano Ronaldo and more fat Ronaldo a kickabout is always a laugh. Wherever your stag do is, in the UK or abroad we can bring a football experience to your stag.

To add some extra incentive and competitiveness (as if bragging rights aren’t enough), why not add in some forfeits for the losing team to go along with their shame?

Football Match Stag Weekends

Okay, maybe you’ve realised that you’re slightly past it. Your deadly left foot has transformed into a slightly-better-than-awful one. That’s fine. Some things are best left to the professionals.

At the Stag Company we work with the biggest clubs from across the world, and can set you guys up with full hospitality at some of the real theatres of football, the best and biggest stadiums on offer. This means we’ve got you access to some truly top class executive facilities in places like Old Trafford.

You’ll be able to get into the time-honoured traditions of watching the footie. Turn up half an hour early, sink a pint or two, watch the first half, have a pie, watch the second half. It’s a guaranteed blast.

Admittedly, we aren’t so sure how good the pies are in Madrid, but we’re sure that Madrid matchday football tickets make up for it.


Bubble Football Stag Weekends

What’s that you say? The good old classic game of football isn’t enough for you? The only way you’d consider playing the beautiful game is if you were strapped into a mini-zorb that encased your upper half? Well… that’s an odd request but we can handle it.

At The Stag Company, bubble football has quickly become one of the very most popular stag do activities around. And we offer it in most locations, so you can play bubble football in Bournemouth or Berlin. Basically it’s what it sounds like – you’re strapped into a mini-zorn that covers your upper body and arms in a bubble. This has a few effects – namely that you will fall over a lot and your body control is pretty much gone, but also it means that you can bounce off one another easily. This generally makes things get a little more wild. You might have lost the ability to do a flawless slide

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