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As the biggest city in the Baltics, Riga is where East, West and Northern Europe meets – and parties. With plenty of incredibly activities, and a spectacular Art Nouveau old town, you know you’re in for some mad times in beautiful city!

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Popular Riga stag weekend packages

We’ve got a great range of stag packages to choose from if you’re having trouble selecting some ideas from our hefty activities list! Our popular Riga Four Play Stag Weekend Package is comprised of thrilling quad biking, casino entry, an incredible guided pub crawl and a visit to one of the hottest gentlemen’s clubs in Riga! You’ll also get transfers and 2 nights’ accommodation thrown in as well. Alternatively there’s our Riga Locked and Loaded Package, where you and the rest of the stags will enjoy an exhilarating fire arms shooting experience, discover  Riga’s best boozy hotspots and enjoy a cheeky visit to a lap dancing club in addition to transfers and accommodation. 

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Accommodation in Riga

Standard accommodation

Opting for this accommodation will mean a fuller wallet, it won’t necessarily be the ultimate luxury, but offers everything you should require from basic accommodation at a good price. Furthermore, the premises will be centrally located so that you are close to the action.

There will be breakfast included as standard, but make sure you check this with your party planner before proceeding if this is a prerequisite for your group. The premises each have a 24-hour front desk and Wi-Fi is usually available. Linen and towels are provided per guest.

Our ground agents in this location supply a friendly and knowledgeable representative for each of our groups, so you will always have someone close by who has good knowledge of the city well enough for directions, or any other queries.

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Riga Stag do guide

If you’re up for a great selection of activities and buzzing nightlife all for a great price, then a Riga stag do has your name written all over it

Riga offers you the chance to fire an AK-47, hop in a bobsleigh or experience free-fall flight! There’s an array of activities for you and your mates to partake in. Then by nightfall, Riga turns into a European playground. A brilliant clash of culture and bars and drinking venues that are open until the early hours of the morning

Looking for  Great if you are looking for

  • A real European stag experience
  • Nightlife that’s varied and interesting
  • Bobsleigh experiences, firearms shooting and kidnap the stag pranks

Getting around  Getting around

Cars aren’t allowed in Riga’s Old Town where you’ll probably be spending a lot of your time, so exploring that area on foot is best. However, the city does also provide buses, trams and trolley buses so getting around shouldn’t be a problem, especially as they all accept the e-ticket (e-talons). A single fare covers a ride on any one route (regardless of distance.)  The e-tickets can be bought on board with cash only or from vending machines around the city and ticket offices. 24-hour cards cost €5.00 and 3-day cards cost €10. When you’re boarding just remember to scan your e-ticket on the yellow device on every vehicle – every time you board. When travelling for activities though, we recommend booking private transfers.

Tips and ideas  Tips and ideas

Riga’s signature drink is the unique Black Balsam and it’s a real ‘Marmite’ experience: Black Balsam is a seriously strong herbal nip with a murky ingredient list but if you’ve never been to Riga, then it’s a must try during your stag weekend away!  It’ll either be a case of one taste and you’re hooked! Or you’ll never touch it again… This liquor can be found in most bars in the Old Town. Speaking of bars, remember not to go to bars recommended to you by strangers (even if they’re gorgeous ones!) Latvia is home to some pretty dodgy tourist scams that target male visitors to the city. These are run by local mobsters and are essentially traps to extort money from you.

If you go to Latvia in winter time then, you must book the professional winter bobsleighing experience with us: it’s one of the few places in the world where you can do it.  Just keep in mind that the season runs from November to March! If you don’t fancy seeing the famous Art Noveau buildings or seeing the Laima Clock then you could always just do what most stags do in Riga. Go to the firing range to shoot some real high powered firearms!

Nightlife  Nightlife

They call Riga the city which will never finish being built, and since gaining independence from the Soviet Union and joining the EU, Riga has worked on packing in some intense nightlife experiences into its old town. If you’re heading here for a stag do then we strongly suggest you book a guided bar crawl with us. That way you don’t have to worry about the language barrier. We also have Sexy Pool Parties for you to book (you and lads relaxing in a plunge pool whilst a stripper dances for you – what’s not to like?)

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Spotlight: Dan An interview with one of our Stag Destination Experts

Dan’s top tip for organising a killer stag do

Dan’s top tip for organising a killer stag do:

“If you can afford it, it's always nice to pay for the stag. When it's split between groups, it usually won't work out too expensive.”

Your Party Trick

I’m famous for a dance move which I believe the correct gymnastical term for is ‘The Pike’ but many refer to it as ‘The Dixon Bum Drop’. It works really well with any song that has the word ‘down’ in it, my personal favourite being Pitbull and Kesha’s ‘Timber’. You basically jump up and then go down into a sitting position and bounce back up. It looks painful, but at the same time particularly great in fancy dress!

Favourite Stag Do drinking game

My favourite is a drinking game that my mates and I made up. It basically involves a pyramid of cards and gets more severe the longer it lasts. I’ve had mates not even make it out after pre drinks! Failing that, ring of fire is always decent.

Stag fancy dress costume

I’m known for my cow outfit. I’ve taken it everywhere around the world with me! It’s basically a good shout for a few reasons. Girls love playing with the udders, so it’s a great ice breaker in a bar, and it allows for some pretty decent photo opportunities. Plus, a dancing cow is a pretty good crack.

Why Riga?

I’ve visited many popular Stag cities during my time in the industry, and I have to say Riga is without a doubt one of my favourites. For a start, it’s cheap, meaning you get way more for your money than you might elsewhere.

It’s worth mentioning it’s good for stag parties to book as many meals as possible in advance as it’s often hard to get a table at peak times, and it also saves the hassle of splitting the bill. Plus, when you’re abroad in an unfamiliar city, it saves you researching the best places to grab a bite to eat, because our ground agents do all the hard work.

The best Riga activities

I recommend every group visits the Olympic Bobsleigh track. It’s home to the Latvian Olympic team, so it’s a really unique experience. You get to try it out for yourself and you can book it with return transfers from your accommodation so it’s a really hassle free activity.

Gun firing in Riga is also an incredible experience. The four gun mega shooting package is a great option. It takes place at the police’s shooting range, and you get to shoot a glock, AK-47, Margolin and a pump action. 

In the evening, a steak and strip always goes down well with the lads. I recommend the VIP dinner with an erotic show. You head to a gentleman’s club where you get a three course meal including a prime fillet, all whilst dancers perform.

Riga reviews

QuotePlease thank kieran peacock for recommending Riga, Latvia. Everyone enjoyed themselves.

- Steven Downs

QuoteFantastic from start to finish. Everything ran smoothly. Very much reccomend this company

- Andrew Wintle