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  • Pool Party

    No running. No powerbombs. No heavy petting. Once upon a time a visit to the pool wasn’t that fun, due to the fact that you weren’t allowed to do all the fun things. This will not be the case on your stag do. We’ll set you up with access to a local pool, so remember to bring your speedos! There’s few better ways to nurse a hangover than with a gentle float as you soak up some sun and top up that tan. And for when you’re ready to get back on it, head to the on-site bar to quench your thirst.  From there it’s up to you, whether you want to go for a gentle swim or maybe just relax and make the most of the view – remember that there’s going to be plenty of bikinis on parade, so there’s a lot to take in and only a little left to the imagination. Whether your pool experience is a casual affair or a late night party that goes wild until the early hours probably depends on when you go during your stag weekend. But what’s guaranteed is a huge amount of fun that’ll leave you wanting more.

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  • Stag Fake Arrest

    What is a great stag activity? Well, it varies. Sometimes it’s something boozy, sometimes it’s a crazy and wild activity, and sometimes it means having a laugh at your stag’s expense. Your soon-to-be-groom will get stitched up as we’ll set him up to be arrested by the ‘police’ – and he’s the only one that isn’t in on the joke. So you and your mates will have to do your best to keep a straight face when your stag is bundled into a police car. Actors will ‘arrest’ the stag and blindfold and handcuff him. As he’s driven to the police station God knows what will be going around his head! The pay-off comes when your terrified stag is bundled into a private room where you and the guys are there for the reveal it was all a set-up. Remember to get a picture of his face for the payoff!  

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  • Buggies

    For those stags wanting something thrilling and exhilarating for their weekend away, then why not consider hopping in some awesome buggies and steering them round a fantastic track which has been designed to challenge you and your group of stags? It’s a truly action packed activity, and these buggies have been created with simply one thing in mind; fun! You and the rest of the stags will have to navigate some challenging bends and tracks with this one, so put on your safety helmets and get ready to put your driving skills to the test, all whilst enjoying some massive amounts of adrenaline. We offer a range of buggy sessions such as rage buggies and mud buggies, and some are even combined with other thrilling activities such as quad biking, clay pigeon shooting and paintballing in various locations, so you’ll be able to enjoy a selection of some classic stag activities all in one day – does it get much better than this? You’ll be able to enjoy some buggy action in some favourite stag destinations up and down the UK in addition to Marbella too, so get yourself warmed up and ready for some serious buggy fun!

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  • stag do bubble football

    Bubble Football

    Bubble football is a great option as a daytime activity for the stag weekend, but if you’ve never played it before, here it is in a nutshell for you. You and your group of fellow stags will throw on giant inflatable and transparent spheres (there is an open space at the top of the bubble football, so you’re not completely sealed in) and take part in a series of fun and challenging games. But without having the use of your hands to help you balance, you will discover that playing the beautiful game this way is a lot more difficult, but it’s also a lot funnier too! So try you best at running, tackling your opponents and attempting to score a goal in this giant bubble and see who will be the champion of bubble football! Maybe if you win, you could perform a celebratory somersault? You’ll be provided with a banter loving host who will referee the games and provide some top laughs along the way for you and your group of stags! We offer bubble football in a large variety of destinations up and down the UK in addition to several locations abroad, so you’ll have a massive choice of destinations which offer this super fun and hilarious stag weekend activity! 

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  • Binocular Football

    Binocular football – what can we say? It’s great fun, but if you’ve never played Binocular Football before, then we’ve got it right here for you in a nutshell. So it’s kind of the same as regular football, however with this version, each member of the stag group will be wearing goggles which mess with your perception and impair your vision - It certainly makes playing the beautiful game a lot trickier, that’s for sure, as it will feel like the football is much further away or closer than it truly is! Have a go at scoring a goal, but do beware that when you attempt, you may end up kicking the air. So what are you waiting for? Come and give this one a go and see if you can score more goals than your fellow stags, and enjoy some hilarious fun along the way. This is one activity that is actually funny to watch as well as take part in, so you know it’s going to be a right laugh. Your group will be provided with an instructor, who will give you an introduction to the game and referee the game – your instructor will also be filled with some good banter, so you’ll be in some good hands here! Please remember to bring your own appropriate clothing for this game as kit will not be provided.

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  • Paintballing

    It’s the classic. The quintessential stag do activity. And we can see why, at heart men are just grown up kids and paintballing is the perfect way to go nuts in the great outdoors. We know it’s popular. That’s why the Stag Company goes out of its way to source only the most incredible locations for paintballing. Wherever you are we’ll give you a barrel full of laughs and high-octane action What sort of paintball-er are you? Will you be the one taking everything too seriously, planning out tactical manoeuvres and military plans? Or are you hopped up on watching too many action films and your only plan is to go in guns blazing? Whichever you go for make sure that covering the groom-to-be in paint is priority number one – it’s a different type of stag hunting. We’ve found that paintballing is the perfect activity for the bigger teams of lads, who may not all know one another. It provides the perfect ice-breaker to do early on in a trip. Across a few hours of emulsion-based warfare you’ll forge bonds that’ll last through your weekend and beyond. After your event you can compare bruises and war stories with one another.

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  • Quad Biking

    Quad Biking has always been the perfect stag do activity for all those lads who are grown up kids. Think about it, you get muddy and messy in the great outdoors and you’re left exhilarated and out of breath. You’re just a kid playing with his toys. Admittedly, in this case said toy is a high powered quad bike that will blast you across any landscape at high speeds. Quad bikes really define the term ‘all terrain vehicle’. They’re designed to conquer all types of ground, from wet sloppy mud to battered dried out earth. We’ll provide all the equipment, from overalls to helmets - so for those with delicate sensibilities you won’t have to worry about getting too dirty. If you’ve never been go-karting before it’s the bigger and bulkier version of go-karting. Where the courses are rougher and more challenging, and where the vehicles are bigger and more powerful. A Quad Biking stag do guarantees laughs in the great outdoors. There’s a reason it’s an absolute stag classic, so saddle up and find out why. At the end of it all you might be a little bruised from hitting the rough terrain too hard, but you’ll have made some amazing memories with your mates and that’s what a great stag do is all about.

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  • Clay Pigeon Shooting

    If you’ve got a good aim and you like shooting things, then why don’t you get a session of clay pigeon shooting arranged for the highly anticipated stag weekend? The boys will love it and will really enjoy letting off a bit of steam by blowing clays out of the air! It’s a fun and exciting experience, although you must remain calm so you’re able to concentrate and ready to take your best shot - It is a really challenging sport, and is a lot harder than it looks so don’t feel too overconfident when you begin! We offer clay pigeon shooting at many locations in the UK and aboard, and some of the experiences come complete with other activities too, such as axe throwing, rage buggies and many others!  The great thing about clay pigeon shooting is that you don’t need to have had any previous experience as the sessions are for everyone regardless of their ability. After getting involved in this session, you and the rest of the group will be nicely fired up for the big night out ahead – you just know that it’s going to be a great and unforgettable weekend!

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  • Human Table Football

    Human Table Football

    Human Table Football is exactly what it says on the tin. It’s Table Football, but... well…human-sized. We’ve all played table football, but this time you get to be one of the players! You and all of your mates are strapped onto the bars and set loose to play. A referee will be included to ensure that all of the rules are followed, but inevitably you and your mates will try and cheat where you can. It’s all part of the fun! You’ll quickly find out that Human Table Football is one of the most fun activities out there, and you’ll probably spend half of your time doubled over laughing. It’s also ideal if you aren’t quite as sporty as you once were and couldn’t hack a full game of ‘proper’ football anymore. Basically if you’ve grown a bit of a beer belly since your glory days.  

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  • Gin Tasting

    Let’s get straight to it, if your opinion on gin is that only your grandmother drinks it – you’re way out. Gin’s been popular for centuries with the Great British drinking public. The term ‘Dutch courage’ comes from English soldiers fighting the Spanish in the Netherlands and getting drunk on Dutch genever gin beforehand. And since then it’s been a popular drink with men. The likes of Hemingway and Humphrey Bogart drank it. It’s even a key ingredient in James Bond’s favourite cocktail. Still think it’s only your nan who drinks it? This is a perfect activity for a big group of lads, for example family as well as friends, who might not all know one another. The hands on atmosphere (and plenty of gin) has a way of getting chins wagging and the good times flowing.

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  • Gun Firing

    Want to be equal parts John McClane, Dirty Harry and James Bond? Then your stag do needs a gun firing experience. A stag do is all about embracing the best of being a man. So it makes perfect sense for you and the guys to head down to the range and blast away some targets. And for the groom-to-be to let off some pre-wedding stress in the build up to the big day. So if you’re the best man who want an explosive addition to a stag… this is the one. Of course we won’t just let you loose (as fun as that could be). We’ll ensure that you go over expert instruction and the highest levels of safety are maintained throughout – there’s a lot that the bride to be will forgive when you come back from a stag do, but we aren’t sure that a bullet hole would be one of them.  With all your safety briefings done, you’ll set your sights on the target. With a load of guys – and with the increased testosterone of the weapons you’re holding – things are gonna get competitive as in turn you each get a go to fire down the range. And if you’re doing your stag do right, and adding in some forfeits, there’s more at stake than just bragging rights! Now, exactly what you are firing depends on one thing. Your location!

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  • Indoor go karting stag weekends

    Go Karting Indoor

    Go karting – it’s a bit of a classic stag do activity isn’t it, and one which everyone loves getting stuck into. So if you’re opting to do the stag do in the chilly winter, you might fancy booking in for a session of go karting that’s conveniently located indoors so you don’t have to face the brunt of the weather! We’ll arrange for you and the rest of the boys to go and visit a top indoor go karting centre, where you’ll be able to compete against one another at full speed around those tracks. Each member of the stag party will be provided with all the essential safety equipment for the session such as helmets and overalls, before meeting your host who will give you a full safety briefing and introduction to the session. We offer a variety of different go karting options at many different locations across the UK and overseas too, with some sessions consisting of a mini Grand Prix, where a variety of trophies will be up for grabs for the winner and the runners up, in addition to a bottle of bubbly for 1st place too! So get ready to take those tight corners and crazy chicanes with this action packed and fun stag activity.

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  • Tobogganing

    Bobsleighing isn’t just an activity performed by athletes in the Winter Olympics, it’s also a popular stag do activity for those visiting Prague, Budapest or Riga, and we just know that you’re all going to love every second of it! It’s such a fun and thrilling activity, and you’ll really feel that adrenaline pumping through your veins as you speed around the tracks. It’s a truly great way to spend your stag do, and will see you and your group of stags hit those ice slopes on traditional bobsleighs, whizz around and experience an immense rush – you’ll love it! Depending on where you go, you can choose a variety of different amounts of slides for you and the guys during the experience, and some even include transfers to and from the venue, so that’s one less thing that you’ll have to worry about!  So guys, get ready to channel your inner Olympian, as you hit those tracks for an adrenaline packed session of bobsleighing! After all this excitement, you’ll be ready for the big night out and you'll be ready to enjoy a beer or two…or three

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  • Assault Course

    How about taking part in a series of active and physical challenges for the highly anticipated stag do? It’s something that will really get that heart of yours pumping and will truly put your mind and body to the test; if this all sounds good, then opting to get involved in an assault course for the stag weekend is a great choice, and will really separate the men from the boys. Working at times as individuals, and other times as a team, you and your group of stags will certainly be put through your paces with this one, as you’re presented with obstacles in which to navigate and get through, such as tyre runs, tunnel crawls in mud and other such fun challenge. We offer a great variety of assault courses for stag parties in selected destinations up and down the UK, in addition to a couple abroad. Of course it’s not all about physical fitness - some of our assault courses require using your wit and logic to unravel a set task in addition to all the nitty gritty action stuff, so it’s a bit of everything thrown in! Overall, it’s pretty safe to say that taking part in an assault course is a great way to bond with your fellow stag group members, and really makes for a fun and memorable stag weekend away.

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  • Extreme Dodgems

    Extreme Dodgems

    Let’s face it, you’ve done go-karts before. You might even have done quad biking. If they both leave you wanting more motor mayhem, then extreme dodgems are the ultimate activity for your stag. These extreme dodgems are a far cry from the sort that you saw as a kid when you went down the local funfair. They’re bigger, badder, and well – more extreme. You and the lads will be driving around a real track in real saloon stock cars. Especially popular with our stag dos in Birmingham, extreme dodgems actually encourage you and the lads to drive and crash into one another! Now maybe you’re seeing where the ‘extreme’ comes from.

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  • White Water Rafting

    Stag dos are fantastic for doing activities that you’d never get to try otherwise, and great for activities that get you out of your comfort-zone. White Water Rafting is a fantastic activity for a close-knit bunch of mates because you’ll have to work together; after all it’s you against the elements with only a paddle and a raft to your name. And if you don’t work together? Well your outdoor adventure will be a lot more wet than wild (and not in a good way!). Our white water rafting experiences offer challenging rapids all across the globe – but what they have in common is expert instruction. Novices need not worry as you’ll be crashing through the waves like an expert in no time. Supervisors will be on hand throughout to ensure that when you inevitably fall into the water you’re totally safe and back on your white knuckle adrenaline junkie experience in no time. White Water Rafting is fun throughout for you and your lads, but it might not be the best activity around if you’re all feeling a little fragile and sorry for yourselves after the previous night’s fun. That said, there aren’t many better hangover cures that blasting through some freezing cold water. It’s sink or swim!

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Stag do weekend activities

Now, like every other bloke, we love a few pints down at the pub with our mates but when it comes to stag dos nowadays it's not enough to just meander down to the local and "hope for the best." Think about it, stag weekends are for bonding with your best mates, experiencing new & weird things and for making memories that will last a lifetime.

So gather your herd of stags and break the ice with some competitive sporting action like go-kart racing or put your Call of Duty training to good use and decimate your mates at paintball. We've also got some fantastic activities that are far too exciting for the daytime. Like nail biting casino nights, dance till you drop VIP clubs, seductively sinful strip shows and we've got all these activities and much more both here in the UK and in Europe's hottest cities.

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