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Surfing stag weekends: What to expect

Rad dude! No way! Far out! These phrases and more are what you’ll be saying after you and your stag party are transformed in surfers. There are few cooler activities out there to do on your stag do than a surfing experience. And even though we’re sure you’ll take to the water like a duck to … well… water – an expert instructor will be  on hand to make sure that you spend most of your session above the waves and not tasting sea water too many times.

Surfing is an incredible experience. It’s exhausting work trying not to fall over, and it becomes hilarious work as well when you inevitably do. You also might want to try and avoid the beer the previous night, as you’ll be wearing a skin-tight wet suit and with a belly bloat you might have even more trouble squeezing in. By the end of the day you’ll feel like a surfing expert whose conquered nature, even if you only managed to stand for a few seconds. And you’ll have plenty of stories that you can regale your mates with back at the local watering hole. Like, no really dude… this wave was totally tubular!

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Come on now, who doesn't like Point Break? Get passed Patrick Swayze's bleach blond mullet and after the movie I bet you wanted to dedicate your life to robbing banks... or failing that chasing the 50 year storm.

Surfing is not just a sport dude but a way of life. You have to be at one with the raw power of nature and the elation when you catch you're first tube is awesome man.

Surfing is incredibly knackering, great exercise and a whole lot of fun

This may be a little far fetched but surfing on a stag party is more than great, It's awesome. You'll receive expert tuition, learn how to paddle, how to jump onto the board, how to catch a wave and by the end of the day you'll be standing - even if only for a couple of seconds.

Breath in lads because this stag do activity will involve you squeezing yourself into a wetsuit and if you fancy spending a few hours covered in your own piss then go ahead and see if that 'pee in your wetsuit really keeps you warm' works. Aside from the embarrassment of strutting your stuff in a second skin surfing is incredibly knackering, great exercise and a whole lot of fun.

Did you know that surfing was a central part of the ancient Polynesian culture and the chief was the most skilled wave rider in the community with the best board made from the best tree. So if you want to prove yourself as the real 'chief' of your stag party then surfing is for you. There you go, stag weekends and history - we've got the lot.

By the way it is true about the 50 year storm... Patrick told me.

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