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Trending Riga stag weekend packages

We’ve got a great range of stag packages to choose from if you’re having trouble selecting some ideas from our hefty activities list! Our popular Riga Four Play Stag Weekend Package is comprised of thrilling quad biking, casino entry, an incredible guided pub crawl and a visit to one of the hottest gentlemen’s clubs in Riga! You’ll also get transfers and 2 nights’ accommodation thrown in as well. Alternatively there’s our Riga Locked and Loaded Package, where you and the rest of the stags will enjoy an exhilarating fire arms shooting experience, discover  Riga’s best boozy hotspots and enjoy a cheeky visit to a lap dancing club in addition to transfers and accommodation. 

Riga stag do guide

Riga is great if you are looking for

  • The quintessential European stag experience

  • Exciting and varied nightlife

  • Bobsledding, shooting ranges and brilliant stag pranks

Some call it the ‘Baltic Berlin’ for its edgy, bohemian ambience, along with a swathe of seriously cool bars, boutiques and clubs. We know Riga as one of our most popular stag do destinations in Europe, loved for its range of classic stag do activities, low prices and welcoming atmosphere.

The Lavian capital is brilliant for stag do’s at any time of year. In winter there’s bobsledding and snowmobile safaris, in summer you can take a booze cruise with strippers or hit the beach. Plus there’s a range of extreme experiences on offer, from firing an AK 47 to putting the groom-to-be through a scary (for him) and side-splitting (for you) ordeal. And then there’s the stag-friendly Riga nightlife scene, offering a great mix of bars and pubs, where you and the lads can get your kicks until the early hours of the morning.

Getting around

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Getting to Riga is not difficult. Regular budget flights to the Latvian capital operate from London, Manchester and other major cities, as well as Scotland. The airport is about seven miles out of the city centre. Expect to pay around 3 Euros for a bus into town, or grab taxis. Of course the most convenient way is to let us arrange door-to-door airport transfers for you direct to your Riga stag hotel. No standing around waiting for a taxi, just hop in as soon as you walk out of the terminal, and off you go.

Public Transport

Riga has a very good public transport network made up of trolley buses, trams and buses. All accept the e-ticket (e-talons), which can be bought on board with cash or from vending machines around the city and ticket offices. When you’re boarding just remember to scan your e-ticket on the yellow device on every vehicle. A multi-day ticket costs around 10 Euros for three days, but you will rarely need it to be honest. Riga is so easy to get around on foot, and such a beautiful city to wander, that walking is definitely the best way.


Taxis can be flagged down easily enough, and they’re not expensive - do make sure the meter is running though. And naturally, if you’re booking Riga stag activities that are outside the city centre, we can take care of transfers for you, so that you don’t need to faff about working out how to get there, or be dependent on taxis turning up. Just ask your Riga stag do planner for details.

Tips and ideas

The Best Stag Do Ideas in Riga

1. Shooting Experience

Lock and load, lads! Eastern Europe's got this laid-back vibe when it comes to unleashing some firepower, and Riga's the perfect place to let loose. You, your mates will take aim with a range of guns including a semi-automatic Glock or Makarov, Kalashnikov, Margolin 22 and Pump Action 12 calibre. Get ready for a stag do showdown with a fun-filled shooting competition where you aim to destroy as many targets as possible. Bullets, expert guidance and a safety briefing are all in the package. Why not kick off your stag do with a bang? It's a wild ride you won't find back home.

2. Bar Crawl

Get ready to paint the town red as you hit all the hotspots with a guided bar crawl. You’ll start on the cobblestone streets of the Old Town, pulsating with energy and neon lights. Dive into the heart of the action at Livu Square, where the bars are like hidden gems waiting to be discovered. Brace yourselves for a night fueled by Latvia's finest brews and spirits. Hit up the swanky spots in the Art Nouveau district or embrace the hipster vibes in Miera iela. Your guide will even throw in a few drinks to make things fun from the get-go. The locals know how to party so make sure you can keep up!

3. Beer Bike

Swap the mundane for the magnificent and hop onto a beer bike, the ultimate boozy party on wheels! Forget walking around the city, constantly checking maps on your phone and dive straight into the fun instead. You’ll pedal, swig beer and laugh your way through the city with your wolf pack for 90 fun minutes. Your bike includes a whopping five litres of beer for you to drink as you cruise the streets and take in the local sights. Some beer bikes even let you blast your favourite party playlist through their speakers so everyone will hear you coming! It’s a great way to explore and celebrate without ever letting go of your pint.

4. Stag Fake Arrest

Get ready for the ultimate stag do prank that'll leave all of you in stitches and the groom-to-be with a very red face! In Riga, we're turning the tables with a fake arrest that'll have your whole crew in on the joke. Your groom will be blissfully enjoying the view in a lap dancing club when suddenly, chaos ensues! Enter the pretend policemen causing a ruckus, making him the prime suspect. The stag gets read his rights, but here's where the hilarity kicks in. He’ll then face a steamy interrogation by a sizzling female officer. Handcuffed to the chair, he'll get a sultry strip show that'll have the whole squad roaring with laughter.

5. Bobsleigh Experience

Gear up for the ultimate adrenaline rush on your Riga stag do with the wildest experience in town, bobsleighing! Feel the thrill as you hurtle down the legendary Sigulda run, the same track conquered by Olympic legends. Whether you're sliding on ice in winter or tearing down the tarmac on vuchkos in summer, it's a heart-pounding ride. Two piloted runs for each lad are included, with safety gear and briefings, plus city centre transfers. Be ready for 10 curves and a special bridge section that'll have you climbing vertical walls and feeling the G-forces. When in Latvia, go bobsleighing. And don’t forget to take photos. You’ll love every minute!

6. Strippers

Let’s face it, this is a stag do tradition that’s perfect for the groom-to-be’s last night of freedom. It’s time to meet the hottest female strippers in Riga! Get the VIP treatment at a premier lap-dancing spot, where jaw-dropping erotic stripteases and mind-blowing pole dancing steal the show. These seductresses will drive all the lads wild as they undress and perform. Not feeling the club scene? No worries! Bring the sizzle to your accommodation with a private female stripper or revel in an X-rated girl-on-girl show that’ll have your jaws hitting the floor! Just remember that what happens in Riga, stays in Riga!

7. Paintballing

Get ready to unleash your inner action hero with the classic activity, paintballing! Around 40 minutes outside the city, this Riga venue is primed for war. Imagine your group turning into stealth-like snipers, tearing around and pelting the stag senseless with paint for half a day of pure mayhem! Suit up in gear and listen to the safety briefing from the venue’s friendly staff before you set off on your adventure. To kick things off, they’ll throw in 100 free paintballs, but fear not, more ammo can be snagged on-site. Then, it’s time to battle! To top off your experience, you’ll get return transfers for ultimate convenience.

8. Dwarf Hire

Get ready for a stag do prank of epic proportions! Imagine the groom-to-be, handcuffed to a pint-sized mischief-maker for a night of uproarious shenanigans! The look on his face will be priceless. Your dwarf turns the evening into a side-splitting escapade of laughter and unforgettable moments. Humiliation has never been this entertaining! The groom-to-be won’t have a minute to himself! From classic smurfs to mini superheroes, the dwarf is the ultimate prankster, injecting a hilarious new dynamic into the night and ensuring loads of laugh-out-loud photos. It's a testament that great things come in little packages, lads!

9. Clay Pigeon Shooting

Elevate your Riga stag do with the ultimate blast, clay pigeon shooting! Head to a shooting centre where qualified instructors have the ammo and expertise to turn your squad into sharpshooters. With 15 clays and up to 30 shots, it's trigger-happy heaven. This experience includes return transfers from your accommodation, all the equipment you need and an experienced instructor to fine-tune your aim. You’ll have full tuition so this activity is suitable for all experience levels from beginners to pros. Even if you’re a total newbie, you’ll soon be smashing the clays in no time, giving you a pure adrenaline rush!

10. Nightclub Entry

This city knows how to celebrate, and when the sun sets, the Old City transforms into a legendary nightlife hub. Hit the heart of the Old Town, where the clubs pulse with energy, surrounded by pubs and bars. A dedicated hostess is on standby to meet and greet, ensuring your squad steps into the nightclubs of Riga like VIPs. Once inside, it’s time to let the stag do shenanigans commence! Get the drinks in, hit the dancefloor and mix and mingle with fellow party goers and those gorgeous local girls. You’re in for one hell of a night out!


More Riga Stag Do Tips

Riga is a gorgeous city to walk around from place to place. The Old Town is famed for its Art Nouveau architecture, with some 800 buildings, many of them apartment blocks, that are very grand. The majority of them survived the heavy bombing Riga suffered during World War II, and decades of Soviet occupation, but many of the city’s most historic buildings were lost in the 20th century. One of the most significant buildings in the city actually dates only to the 1990s: Cafe Osiris, long a place where Riga’s artists, bohemians, intellectuals and elite would gather and mix. 

Also worth seeking out on a wander through Riga is the massive Central Market - the largest in Europe and made from five Zeppelin hangars. You’ll also regularly spot the TV Tower on the horizon. This is reckoned to be the tallest building in the EU. It’s closed until 2023 for renovations, after which it will feature a restaurant offering sky-high views.

We know that a lot of our stag groups like a little history and culture on their trips away, and Riga has a fascinating day-trip to the Hill of Crosses over the border in northern Lithuania. Many thousands of makeshift crosses, crucifixes and effigies, left by Catholic pilgrims, form a unique shrine. 

Another popular Riga day-trip for stag groups is nipping over to the beach resort of Jurmala, which is less than an hour away by train. There’s a 25km-long white sand beach to swim off, a boardwalk along the Great Kemeri Bog, and the Livu Akvaparks, which is one of the largest water parks in Europe with several saunas and more than 20 slides. Planning a Riga stag do in summer? A day in Jurmala should be on your list.

The Tallinn Street Quarter, a revitalised industrial area now becoming a creative space for the hipster crowd, is another good place to visit if you have an afternoon free and fancy a little culture. You’ll find graffiti artists at work, pop-up street food eateries, and offbeat bars such as the Hedgehog in the Mist.

All of your classic stag do activities are available in Riga, from Paintballing to Quad Biking and Escape Rooms. But there are also many unique experiences here that our groups love trying out. How about spending a Night in Prison, at a former Russian military base where your group will be treated like genuine prisoners, interrogated and locked up in the cells for the night? Or visit a disused military base where the groom can take part in an exciting Rabid Dog Chase - essentially he’ll be kitted up in a protective suit and given a head start, before a well-trained (and not actually rabid of course!) dog is sent to bring him down. Hilarious fun - for the spectators of course.

Beer Bikes are another very popular stag do activity in Riga - they’re a great way to see a little of the city, while having a few drinks at the same time. You’ll have a (sober) driver / guide handling the steering, so all you need to do is pedal and not spill your beer. 

Lastly - don’t rule out a winter stag do in Riga. Activities at this time of year include a Bobsledding session - yes, you read that right - on a track used by the Olympic team; a day Snowboarding or Skiing (we’ll get you to the pistes and have all your equipment waiting, including warm clothing if needed), and awesome Snowmobile Safaris out into the beautiful Latvian countryside.


Nightlife image 1
Nightlife image 2
Nightlife image 3

Riga is an extremely affordable city which naturally ensures it has a solid reputation for European stag do’s. A Guided Bar Crawl, or a Beer Bike tour of Riga, are definitely two of the most-recommended ways to get your bearings, or beerings, around the handsome Old Town. At some point in the evening you’re sure to be offered a shot of Black Balsam, the traditional drink. It’s a seriously strong herbal nip with a murky ingredient list, what we call a ‘Marmite’ drink, as people tend to either love it or hate it. Worth a try though, if only to say you’ve had it. 

Another, less-welcome feature of many nights out in Riga is scams. You will regularly be approached by pretty young ladies suggesting you visit certain bars or strip clubs, sometimes with your first drink on the house. We strongly advise you not to take up the invitation, as you are likely to run up suspiciously high bar tabs and it can be difficult to avoid paying up as some of the owners of these places are known to be on the dodgy side.

Instead, follow our stag do guide to Riga nightlife, for some of the best joints to visit while you’re in the Latvian capital. 

Firstly, start your night off in style with a quick one in the Skyline Bar of the Radisson Blu hotel. It’s not cheap, but the views over the city from 26 floors up are unparalleled - come at sunset for a spectacular experience.

Is your team in action over the weekend? You don’t need to miss a single goal, because the Kiwi Bar and Irish Pub Paddy Whelan’s both show live sports. Get there early on match day if it’s a big meeting, or reserve a table, and expect a cracking atmosphere at two of the best sports pubs in Riga.  

By now your evening session is well-underway. We’d suggest spending a few hours in Folkklubs ALA Pagrabs, an underground tavern housed in a former wine cellar with vaulted ceilings. 27 draught Latvian beers and home-distilled moonshine behind the bar, and a very lively ambience. Labietis is another good bet if you like your beer. This popular Riga brewery has several venues around the city including a pub in the Old Town, and a tap room in the bustling Central Market where you can also get some amazing food. 

There are plenty of quirky places around Riga too. The Armoury has quite the reputation, a bar whose walls are lined with (decommissioned, thankfully) guns. The owner has been known to let well-behaved punters handle the firearms. This is the place to come if your idea of fun is supping a few pints while learning how to disassemble an AK47. Be honest, that does sound like fun though.

The Rock Cafe is a Riga institution - come here for live music, pool, and karaoke. And for swinging vibes, don’t miss out on the cocktails and beats at the Cuba Cafe, right in the heart of the Old Town. Salsa, caipirinhas, and DJs at the weekend - a seriously entertaining venue that will have you nodding along to the music with big smiles on your faces.

And when it comes to the end of the evening, allow us to sort you out with Nightclub Entry to a venue that’s stag-friendly. We’ll pop you on the guestlist, so there’s no need to queue up, just straight to the bar, or the dancefloor. 


Is Riga good for a stag do?

Riga is a fantastic city for a European stag do, with cheap beer, a pulsating nightlife, and stacks of brilliant and unique stag do activities. In summer you can hit the beach or the water park during the day, as well as indulging in a host of traditional pursuits such as paintballing and quad biking. In winter, stag groups can try their hands at everything from bobsledding to snowboarding. 

How much is a beer in Riga?

Riga is an inexpensive city for food and drink, with a pint costing around 4 Euros, which is one of the reasons it’s such a popular city for stag do’s. You can expect to pay around 15 Euros for a meal at a decent Latvian restaurant.

Can you arrange a fake stag do kidnap in Riga?

Organising for the stag to be ‘kidnapped’ is one of our most popular stag do activities in Riga. Actually it’s more like an arrest than a kidnap, as a couple of burly actors in convincing police outfits handcuff the hapless groom-to-be, bundling him into a car, and taking him off to a private room at the ‘station’ - where you and the rest of the boys will be there, probably to his great relief! 

Where is the best nightlife in Riga?

Most stag groups in Riga tend to spend their evenings in the Old Town, where there is a wealth of great pubs, bars and clubs to enjoy. The best way to get a feel for the Riga nightlife is with one of our Guided Pub Crawls, during which an attractive young lady will show you around some of the Old Town’s finest drinking holes, with the option of finishing up in a strip club.

Where do your Riga stag do reviews come from?

Our Riga stag do reviews are written by you - our travellers - through the Trustpilot app. Across more than 1,300 independent reviews, we have an average rating of around 9.6 / 10, which shows we’re doing something right. We’d love to hear how you got on with your Riga stag do, so please leave us a review when you get back. The more information you give, the more useful it will be for future stag groups!


Rated 5/5


Dealt with a lady called Beth. She organized a package for us to Riga. She was professional from the start. The value for money was excellent. Couldn't fault it. I would use these guys again for sure...

Matthew Taylor

Brilliant Riga Stag

I have to say it was a brilliant trip, and apart from those going on the trip there was no problems. Only if the stag company could make my friends people pay on time. lol. Riga was a great place perf...

Benjamn Cotter

Book with the stag company

Everything that we had booked in our package had lived up to its expectations and at times more so. Easy to use website and greatly interactive within the stag group. The reps overseas were fantastic ...

Iolo Humphries

Absolutely Mental

We went to Riga with the Stag Company. If you decide to go to Europe, forget the traditional Spain holiday which everyone pretty much does, take a chance and give Latvia a go. The women are perfect, t...

Steve L

Meet Dan

Our Riga Destination Expert

Your Party Trick

I’m famous for a dance move which I believe the correct gymnastical term for is ‘The Pike’ but many refer to it as ‘The Dixon Bum Drop’. It works really well with any song that has the word ‘down’ in it, my personal favourite being Pitbull and Kesha’s ‘Timber’. You basically jump up and then go down into a sitting position and bounce back up. It looks painful, but at the same time particularly great in fancy dress!

Favourite Stag Do drinking game

My favourite is a drinking game that my mates and I made up. It basically involves a pyramid of cards and gets more severe the longer it lasts. I’ve had mates not even make it out after pre drinks! Failing that, ring of fire is always decent.

Stag fancy dress costume

I’m known for my cow outfit. I’ve taken it everywhere around the world with me! It’s basically a good shout for a few reasons. Girls love playing with the udders, so it’s a great ice breaker in a bar, and it allows for some pretty decent photo opportunities. Plus, a dancing cow is a pretty good crack.

Why Riga?

I’ve visited many popular Stag cities during my time in the industry, and I have to say Riga is without a doubt one of my favourites. For a start, it’s cheap, meaning you get way more for your money than you might elsewhere.

It’s worth mentioning it’s good for stag parties to book as many meals as possible in advance as it’s often hard to get a table at peak times, and it also saves the hassle of splitting the bill. Plus, when you’re abroad in an unfamiliar city, it saves you researching the best places to grab a bite to eat, because our ground agents do all the hard work.

The best Riga activities

I recommend every group visits the Olympic Bobsleigh track. It’s home to the Latvian Olympic team, so it’s a really unique experience. You get to try it out for yourself and you can book it with return transfers from your accommodation so it’s a really hassle free activity.

Gun firing in Riga is also an incredible experience. The four gun mega shooting package is a great option. It takes place at the police’s shooting range, and you get to shoot a glock, AK-47, Margolin and a pump action. 

In the evening, a great tasting meal to settle the stomach always goes down well with the lads. I recommend the medieval banquet. You head to a brilliant venue where the staff are dressed in the clothing of the era, while you get a hefty meal, all whilst performers entertain your group.

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