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- if you find a like-for-like stag do for less, we'll match it!
Belfast Stag Do's

Belfast Stag Do's

Embrace the luck of the Irish with wild stag do activities and a cracking nightlife!

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Belfast stag do guide

Belfast is great if you are looking for

  • A vibrant, lively city

  • Super friendly locals

  • Top activities & nightlife

Historic Belfast blends endless Irish charm with a vibrant modernity, making it a fantastic destination for stag groups looking for an unforgettable weekend. This city boasts a massive selection of epic daytime activities, with something every group will love. As for the nightlife, you and your stag crew will be spoiled for choice. Here, pubs and bars line the streets and offer a fun, laid-back atmosphere that’s packed with culture.

Getting around

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Reaching Belfast  and getting around couldn’t be easier; there’s plenty of regular, daily flights running from mainland UK to Belfast International Airport, along with a ferry service from Liverpool. Once you’re here, the city’s reliable and efficient transport network will be able to help you and your group make your way around. 

Airport Transfers 

Take the hassle out of getting to and from Belfast International Airport by booking airport transfers through The Stag Company. We’ll arrange for you and your mates to be picked up straight from arrivals and whisked off to your accommodation, so you can unpack and get the stag do started! On the day of departure, we can organise for your group to be picked up outside your accommodation and taken to the airport, all in good time. Both one way transfers and return transfers are available. 

Metro and Glider 

The city offers an excellent bus service, which is operated by Metro. These buses cover Belfast city centre and the suburbs. Services are fairly frequent and great for both short and longer trips. Paying for tickets is a doddle - you can either use a smartcard or pay onboard the bus. 

There’s also the Glider. This is the city’s bus rapid transit system, which connects East and West Belfast, in addition to the Titanic Quarter via the city centre. Operated by Translink, the Glider was introduced in 2018 and provides a sustainable and efficient mode of travel. These vehicles are sleek and modern and can hold a larger capacity of passengers in comparison to a standard bus. Glider services are regular and there’s frequent stops, making it great for hopping on and off. Tickets must be purchased before boarding at a vending machine. Alternatively, you can download the mLink app to pre-purchase your tickets. 

NI Railways

There’s also Northern Ireland’s Railways, however these services are more for those who are looking to visit a different town or city in Northern Ireland for the day. If you’re just looking to get around Belfast, then the buses, glider or taxis are your best bet. 

Bike Hire

Fancy hiring bikes and embarking on your very own adventure with the lads? If so, then you’ll be able to take advantage of Belfast’s bike hire scheme. There’s over 30 docking stations dotted around the city and you can register as a casual user, so perfect for your weekend in Belfast. Prices start from just £5 and the first 30-minutes of the hire is free. 


If you and your group prefer more of a door to door service, then opting for a taxi will get you from A to B quickly and efficiently. There’s many taxi companies that operate around Belfast, which are pre-bookable for ease. Some taxi companies have apps, making it effortless to book and order your cab. Visit Belfast recommends Value Cabs Taxi Service, one of the city’s largest taxi providers. Value cabs offer wheelchair accessible vehicles available, in addition to seven seaters too. Taxis can be booked by phoning the taxi company directly, or by downloading the Value Cabs app. 


And finally, there’s walking! The city centre is compact and easy enough to navigate by foot. Why not head out for a little tour of the city and soak up the sights such as St George’s Market, The Big Fish, Albert Memorial Clock and Belfast City Hall?

Tips and ideas

Whatever you and your mates are into, whatever your tastes and budget, you’ll find it in Belfast. This diverse city has everything the groom-to-be and his best mates could want. Here’s a rundown of our top stag do activities in Belfast that we think you’ll love: 

1. Bar Crawl

Are you ready to dive headfirst into Belfast's legendary nightlife? You’re in for a wild night out. But, let's face it, navigating this party paradise can be a challenge for non-locals and you might feel like you’re drowning in options. Fear not, lads, because we’ve got the ultimate solution, a bar crawl! A lively guide will take you on a journey through the city's best watering holes. This is your VIP ticket to the best pubs and bars, armed with insider knowledge and ready to spice things up with free shots and exclusive drink deals.

2. Beer Bike

Gear up for the ultimate lads' adventure with a beer bike that you’ll pedal yourselves! Forget the age old dilemma of choosing between the pub and sightseeing, now you can have both in one epic ride through Belfast's buzzing streets. You’ll all take control of the pedals on your beer bike while your dedicated chauffeur streets and navigates, pointing out the hotspots you pass. Your beer bike could come fully loaded with beer to drink or make pit stops at pubs. It’s also a great workout if you’ve neglected leg day recently! 

3. Go Karting

Rev up the stag do excitement with the ultimate adrenaline-fueled classic stagtivity, go karting! Just imagine the roaring engines, hairpin turns and a track that'll challenge even the speed demons in your squad. It's pedal to the metal action as you and your mates go head to head, battling for pole position. Feel the rush, experience the thrill and let the competitive banter ignite the track. No need for F1 driving skills, just do your best and unleash your inner racer, drift those corners and leave your buddies in the dust. It's high-octane fun that'll have you craving victory!

4. Bubble Football

Prepare for belly laughs and bubble chaos with bubble football, the ultimate twist on the beautiful game. You’ll split into teams to go head to head and score as many goals as possible. But there's a twist; you'll be wearing massive, inflatable zorbs, turning the game into a hilarious challenge. You’ll be bouncing, barging and tackling like oversized beach balls in stitches as you navigate the pitch. Forget any worries as you roll, tumble and attempt to outmanoeuvre your opponents. It’s not just about scoring goals but also whether you can stop laughing long enough to aim straight! It's bonkers, bouncy mayhem that guarantees unforgettable moments.

5. Nude Life Drawing

Get ready for a cheeky twist on your Belfast stag do with nude life drawing! Led by a professional art teacher, it's a laid-back art class with a side of mischief. Your muse is way more interesting than the bowls of fruit you used to draw in school. She’s a totally nude female model, striking poses for your inspiration. Don’t worry if some nervous laughter comes out. She's a total pro and won't bat an eye. Once the giggles subside, channel your inner artist, sketch away and enjoy the view! It's a masterpiece in the making, blending an arty activity with a hint of stag do cheekiness. 

6. Strippers

Unleash the stag legend within by spicing things up with a cheeky surprise for the main man! Embrace the stag mischief with options like a sizzling strip club visit or bring the party to you with a private female stripper. Who wouldn’t love tucking into a steak and chips dinner with a side of sultry striptease, or maybe a fake arrest with a sexy lady in disguise as a policewoman. The stag shenanigans are endless! If you're on the hunt for some eye candy and lapdance action with the lads, this is the stag do essential. Brace yourselves, as these stunning ladies are here to turn your party into a legendary tale as they undress and dance for you. You won’t believe your eyes! 

7. Paintballing

Ditch the city chaos and embrace the wild side for an action-packed outdoor escape! It’s no surprise that paintballing is one of the most popular stag do activities. You’ll all be armed with paintball guns for a no holds barred battle against each other. The venue’s staff will help you gear up with all equipment provided. You just need to show up, ready to get those guns blazing for a day of pure, unadulterated fun. Dive behind obstacles, dodge enemy fire and unleash havoc on your rivals as you splat everyone in your path with paint. It's a paintball showdown where strategy is king. Hit those targets, work as a tight-knit unit and claim victory. Are you up for the challenge, lads? 

8. Nightclub Entry

The clubbing scene in Belfast is simply amazing! Whether you're into retro dancefloor anthems or classic bangers, R&B or rock, cheese or house, the city's got it all. Hit iconic venues, mingle with friendly locals and dance like no one's watching because on a stag do so you've got the ultimate licence to party. With drinks flowing, tunes pumping and your best mates by your side, it's a club night that'll go down in stag do folklore. Let the beats drop and the good times roll!

9. Golf

Swap the hustle for the fairway on your epic Belfast stag do with a round of golf that's more legendary than your buddy's dodgy swing! Let loose and blow off some steam with pristine greens, cheeky banter and the sweet sound of cracking drives. Whether you're a golfing pro or more of a happy hacker, Belfast's courses are a stag do haven. Revel in the scenic views, unleash your inner Tiger Woods (or attempt to) and bond with your mates over mulligans and birdies. Expect lots of laughs and a dash of competitive banter. 

10. Kayaking 

Ditch the norm and dive into stag do greatness with a fun session of kayaking where adventure meets banter! You’ll take on a man-made lake where rookies become legends. No need for Olympic-level skills as this activity is suitable for beginners and all fitness levels. You’ll use sit on top kayaks so you won’t have to worry about how to get in. Once you’re in, you’ll glide through the waters and feel the adrenaline pump through your veins as you take in the views. It's kayaking mayhem, Belfast style, because on a stag do, we paddle hard and party harder!


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Brace yourselves, because Belfast is about to show you a stag do like no other! When it comes to nightlife, this Northern Irish gem doesn't mess about. It's a party paradise that'll leave your heads spinning and your laughter echoing through the cobbled streets. So, grab your mates and get ready for a one hell of a night out.

We can’t stress this enough: nightlife in Belfast is a real must see when it comes to the fact that it is one, if not the only place you can still have some tipple in untouched Victorian pubs and standing at the top of these is Belfast’s most famous pub – The Crown Liquor Saloon (the only pub in the UK owned by the National Trust!) Aside from this there is of course modern clubs to round off your night with, such as the Bambu, LGBTQ+ Boombox or Shine among a whole load of others!

The Cathedral Quarter

This place is the heartbeat of Belfast's nightlife scene, and trust us, you don't want to miss it. The cobbled streets are lined with pubs, bars and clubs that cater to every taste. From traditional Irish pubs serving up the finest Guinness to swanky cocktail joints with mixologists that could rival Tom Cruise in that 80s classic movie Cocktail. The Cathedral Quarter has it all.

One spot you absolutely have to hit up is the Dirty Onion and Yard Bird. This bar is within a historic building with rustic charm where you’ll discover live traditional music and a beer garden that's practically begging for you and your mates to make it your own. It's the kind of place where the craic is flowing as freely as the drinks and you might just find yourself dancing a jig with a pint in hand.

If you're after a bit of sophistication mixed with a dash of debauchery, head over to the Merchant Hotel. This place oozes class with its lavish décor and exquisite cocktails. The cocktail lounge is where the magic happens as you sip on something fancy while plotting the night's adventures. It's the perfect spot to kick off the evening in style.

The Golden Mile

No stag weekend in Belfast is complete without a trip to the infamous Golden Mile. This strip of road is a party animal's dream come true, made up of the university area, City Hall, Dublin Road, Bradbury Place and Great Victoria Street. Here you’ll find a range of great pubs, clubs, theatres, live music and late-night venues. It's like a stag do playground where you can hop from one spot to another, creating a legendary trail of memories. Filthy McNasty's is a must visit with its quirky décor, live music and eclectic crowd.

Another thing that makes Belfast's nightlife a force to be reckoned with is the people. The locals are some of the friendliest you'll ever meet. They're up for a laugh, always ready to share a story and will make you feel right at home. The huge variety of venues is staggering, from historic pubs to modern clubs, making sure that there's something for everyone. And let's not forget the live music scene. It's alive and kicking, adding that extra layer of excitement to your night out.

Strip Clubs

It’s time to add some sizzle to your night out, lads! Strip clubs are a stag do staple, and if you’re looking to spice things up, Belfast has got the goods. Places like Belfast Stag and Hen Entertainment and Cabaret Supper Club are a solid choice for top-notch entertainment. Just imagine chilling out with the lads, a cold pint or whisky in hand, and some seriously sexy performers on the stage or working the pole in a strip club. 

Want to start your morning with a bang? Why not head for breakfast where you’ll be served by a topless waitress? Yes, you heard that right. It’s a thing here. There's nothing like bacon and eggs with a side of, well, you know, to kick start your stag do shenanigans. 

And for the main event, lads, you’ll love the classic steak and strip activity. You'll be feasting on a juicy steak and chips while being treated to a 15-minute striptease. I mean, who wouldn't want a bit of entertainment with their dinner? It's like killing two birds with one stone as you satisfy your taste buds and your visual appetites. Remember, it's all in good fun and the name of the game is making the stag do as unforgettable as possible. Enjoy the show, lads!


Why is Belfast good for a stag weekend?

Belfast is an awesome destination for groups celebrating a stag do. It’s close to home,  yet offers something different for your big weekend. Plus, the locals are super friendly, so expect great chit chat and endless Irish charm. With plenty of stag activities, a cracking nightlife and loads of culture, it’s safe to say that Belfast is one top-notch city! 

What’s the nightlife like? 

In one word, we’d say Belfast’s nightlife is buzzing! With great restaurants and more watering holes than you can shake a stick at, we’re pretty certain you’ll love a night out in this city. From traditional Irish pubs and stylish bars, right through to epic nightclubs where you can party ‘til the wee hours, there’s something for all groups here.

What kind of activities are on offer here?

There’s all kinds of fun to be had in Belfast! From stag do staples such as paintballing, go karting and bubble football, right through to  bar crawls, strippers and nightclub entry, there’s everything you could possibly want here! 

When’s the best time to visit Belfast for a stag do? 

Belfast is an epic city to visit all year round, but if you’re looking to get stuck into some outdoor stag do activities, we’d recommend planning your trip during the summer months when the weather is a little warmer. 

How do you get around Belfast?

Belfast is a compact city, so you and your group will be able to walk around with ease. However, there are bus and glider services, in addition to taxis too if you’re looking to reach your destination a bit quicker. 

What’s the accommodation like in Belfast?

There’s stag do accommodation in Belfast to suit every group. From cheap and cheerful hostels and standard hotels, right through to hotels with fitness centres, there’s something here for all tastes and budgets. And don’t forget; all the accommodation options you see listed on The Stag Company website are stag friendly, so you’ll be welcomed with open arms! 

What currency is used in Northern Ireland? 

The British Pound Sterling is the currency of Northern Ireland.

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