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Bubble Football stag Do's

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Bubble Football stag weekends: What to expect

The only way we can think to easily describe bubble football is that it’s part zorbing and part five-a-side football, but that still really doesn't do it justice. Because the football aspect is also pretty loose, and because you'll soon find that bumping into your mates and sending them rolling around the floor is a hell of a lot of fun as well! Trust us, it is. It may sound like a simple joy but as an adult we feel like we’re denied the simple, childlike joys. So this is your chance to enjoy a kick about with your mates, but with a twist. That twist being no use of your arms for balance or protection and trying to run and coordinate the ball – with a giant clear ball covering your upper body. 

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There should always be a briefing before the event starts so everyone is aware of how the game will go. There will also be a referee and staff on hand to make sure that the game is fair and that you’ll have someone to help you get out of your bubble. Sounds simple right? Well… you’d think so but it’s actually a lot harder than you but and more fun than you could possible imagine! It's also fun for all ages.*

*Details may vary from venue to venue. For exact details please contact our party planners 

What Actually Is Bubble Football?

Still feeling confused? Alright, basically imagine those big zorbs people climb in and roll down hill's in. Well, you're in a half sized one of those, where they just cover your upper body, so you can run around and play games in them. This also means you can charge into each other without feeling it. Also nicknamed bubble soccer, you will normally play on a football pitch or inside a gymnasium (imagine the PE room at school). You will also have an instructor, who will run through each game. One of the funnest games is the bowling ball, where you charge into three others and see if you can knock them all over (my personal best is 2 people knocked down).

What Do You Wear To Bubble Football?

This activity requires you to move around – a lot. So make sure you bring a gym kit and some old trainers to change into. The activity usually takes place outdoors as well but (obviously) that’s dependant on weather so please keep that into account.

What Do You Need To Play Bubble Football?

Don't worry, we provide everything you need, including bibs, the zorbs, referee and the venue, meaning all you need to do is turn up. All of the equipment is of the highest quality, through our trusted suppliers.

How Old Do You Have To Be To Play Bubble Soccer?

You must be at least 16 years old to play bubble soccer. You can however turn up and cheer on your friends if you are younger, but you won't be able to participate in the games.

Is Bubble Soccer A Thing?

Remarkably, it is a huge thing! Ever since it was seen on TV in Norway on a comedy show, it has gradually taken the world by storm, becoming a huge sport in the USA and with it's very own world cup, managed by TheStagCompany.

The rules in each country do vary, but the principles remain, in how you play and how you score points.

What our customers had to say about it...

Brilliant weekend, even for an oldie like me. Mixing with the youngsters, I did not look out of place completing the bubble football. Brilliant stag do, well organized and great value for money! - Crouchy (Stag Company Trust Pilot)

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