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Go Karting stag weekends: What to expect

About Go Karting

Race to the finish as you and the lads compete for the podium places on our indoor go karting sessions. There must be a reason why go karting is so popular for stag weekends and we can see why that is. What’s not to like about burning round the track and leaving all your mates eating dust in the process?  It’s not that you don’t like them, nah. You love your mates and would do a lot for them (we say a lot because let’s face it, there’s some things we wouldn’t.) It’s just that when it comes to driving – and driving fast. We have to prove to our mates that we’re the best. So whilst the realm of racing actual Formula fast cars is beyond the reaches of most of us. We don’t care: we’ve got go karts the poor man’s Ferrari. So buckle up and brace yourself for stag weekend that’s all about speed (the legal kind) and fun times with your favourite mates. 

Go Karting
available destinations:

What to expect

All the safety kit and the karts are supplied for you. So don’t worry about bringing your own helmet (don’t be filthy) or your own kart if you’re rich as hell. Just remember to wear flat shoes that you feel comfortable driving in and trousers that follow for optimum pedal reaching movement. Expect to hear a safety briefing before you drive and an indoor course that will allow you and the lads to drive for approximately one and half hours. Some courses also allow for test laps before the real event.*

*Details may vary from venue to venue. For exact details please contact our party planners 

What our customers had to say about it...

These guys were great and really helped us out at late notice! Had a brilliant stag weekend in Bournemouth. Hotel was good and the Karting was awesome, really would recommend to anyone thinking of going. Would definitely do the whole weekend again ( minus the massive hangover!) Top job Stag Company! - Kerry Alford (Stag Company Trust Pilot)

If you and your mates want to kick start the weekend with an adrenaline junkie activity, then Go-Karting is a great way to start. No matter how many times you have previously participated, it never gets old and promises to bring out the big kid in everyone.  It's a certainty that the day will be filled with crude jokes, loaded jeering, and competitiveness but it guaranteed to be enjoyable. If you're a little apprehensive about choosing something wild just in case it's not what you expected, then stick to what you know is good! 

Is Go Karting difficult?

Go Karting is very easy to get the hang of so have no fear even if you’re all complete beginners. Some are automatic, some manual, but other than the gears, you just need to operate the accelerator and brake pedals, and steer. And of course remember the track rules, which the instructor will brief you on fully. All the training you need is provided, so that within 30 minutes of arrival you’ll be blasting confidently around the circuit, living out all your F1 fantasies.


Do we need driving licenses?

You don’t need a driving license for Go Karting in the UK, and no experience is needed behind the wheel, although it certainly can help. A comprehensive training session and safety briefing is given to all participants, and your racing will be monitored by professionals who will pull you over if they see you’re not driving sensibly.


Can we combine it with other activities on the same site?

Depending on which city you’re in, it may be possible to take part in several awesome stag do activities in the same location. For instance, Go Karting is often combined with Paintballing, Laser Tag or Bowling. Alternatively, it may be only a short drive from one venue to another allowing you to easily do two activities in the space of a day. On a Newcastle stag do you can combine the go karting combat karts with mini bowling.


Our helpful and knowledgeable stag do organisers can tell you what can be done and where, and also advise you on any special combo deals that can save you money.


Can we drink and kart?

Alcohol and Go Karting are not a good mix, and you will not be allowed to get behind the wheel if the organisers believe you have been drinking, or if you’re under the influence of anything else for that matter. Although this is a thrilling activity, safety is the highest priority.

We know that many stag groups do like to celebrate with a few drinks after the end of an activity, which is why we suggest using our convenient door-to-door transfer service for Go Karting rather than making your own way.

Having said that, if you're booking a Cologne stag do then the go karting includes a beer for everyone in the group, those Germans know how it's done!


Who’s in charge of the helmets?

Steady on old chap. Oh, those helmets. All of the safety equipment, including helmets and overalls, is provided for you by the venue. Obviously you will need to wear your helmets at all times while behind the wheel.


You will want to have a clean visor for the best visibility down the track - if you do have any smears on the glass, ask one of the friendly staff to polish your helmet for you.


How fast do Go Karts, er, go?

Go Kart speeds can vary, but most adult karts can reach speeds as high as 40 miles per hour. Which may not seem super-fast at first, but when you’re that close to the track, it definitely won’t be long ‘til it feels plenty zippy enough.


What happens if it rains?

Most of our Go Karting stag do activities take place at indoor venues, so the weather outside doesn’t matter in the slightest. If you are karting outdoors, then it will usually continue in the face of a light shower, but heavier rain may mean the racing has to be paused or cancelled.


What do we need to bring?

You don’t need to bring anything for Go Karting, as all of the equipment is provided at the venue. Comfortable shoes will be needed though, not flip-flops, and we’d recommend old clothes that you’re happy to put a set of dirty overalls on over.


What about weight and height limits?

Some height and weight limits may apply. Our stag do planners can provide you with information relating to restrictions at the Go Karting venue you’ll be visiting.


How do we get to the venue?

In most cases, Go Karting is not more than a 30-minute drive from wherever you’ll be staying. It’s entirely up to you how you get there, however we always recommend letting us organise transfers for you. There are several good reasons for this.


Booking transfers saves you the hassle of driving, and means everyone can relax, perhaps with a few drinks afterwards. It ensures you’ll be at the venue on time since our drivers know exactly where they’re going and how long the journey takes. And these are door-to-door transfers between your accommodation (or wherever you want picking up from) and the Go Karting venue - no need to worry about parking.


What are the rules about ramming?

Steady!! You’ll receive a full safety briefing at the venue before being shown to your karts. Rule number one is always that safety is the top priority. That means: no ramming your mates off the track, even if you think it will be really, really funny. Because it won’t be, because someone could get hurt. And then they’ll tell you to leave, and maybe the rest of the group will have to leave as well. And then you’ll cry. Stick to the rules, look out for your mates, have an awesome time.

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