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Beer Bike stag weekends: What to expect

We all know we should embrace a little bit of culture and explore the city we're in when on holiday, but nobody said we can't be paraletic while doing it! All climb aboard the beer bike, where you will work together as a group to push the portable bar along as you neck down ridiculous amounts of booze. This activity is increasing in popularity, with it being offered in more cities every single month, making it a viable option for almost where ever you are going.

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Don't drink and drive, drink while you ride! A beer bike tour is a top activity that gives you and the lads the opportunity to work off those beer bellies by pedalling. Of course, all this pedalling is thirsty work, so you’ll be able to keep hydrated with plenty of beer as you go. It’s a fool-proof system. Basically, you’ll be seated at a portable bar, powered by your pedalling. Don’t worry though, we leave the actual steering up to a qualified professional.

Any of the lads that we send on a beer bike experience love it, it’s popular from Amsterdam to Berlin and offers you a fantastic chance to see the sights without having to do any of the legwork. It’s a fantastic daytime activity to get you and the lads into the party mood before an equally boozy evening.

All the drivers are qualified and professional, often they’ll get involved with the banter and chip in with fun facts about the local area. Who knew that you could exercise, learn something AND get to drink tons of beer all in one fun place!?

Perfect for stag dos, get on board with the beer bike.

What is a Beer Bike?

A Beer Bike is exactly what it sounds like - a bike that you drink beer on, while you’re pedalling around. Actually though, it would be more accurate to call it a Beer Bus, because it’s not just you but the whole group doing the pedalling, so think of it as like a bar on wheels. It’s a fun way of city sightseeing where you can enjoy a few drinks as you go, and you’re guaranteed to get plenty of attention too.


Can we bring our own alcohol?

This depends on the venue, but in most cases yes. It’s useful if someone has an intolerance to beer, or you all want to have different drinks. Many Beer Bikes will have a built-in fridge so you can keep your drinks chilled - just top up whenever you want.


There will also be the option of pre-paying for drinks, saving you the hassle of getting your own. Please note that if you’re bringing your own booze, there will be rules about what strength of alcohol you can consume, as even on a Beer Bike you need to drink responsibly.


Also - this probably goes without saying - any alcohol you bring in glass containers will need to be transferred to plastic before you set off.


How many passengers can we take?

The number of passengers (or pedallers) on a Beer Bike depends on the venue, but usually around 10-12 is the norm. For larger groups, you can hire two bikes. If you have any members of your group with accessibility requirements, let your stag do planner know in advance as some Beer Bikes have adaptable seats.


Can we decorate our Beer Bike?

To an extent, yes. Bunting, banners and balloons may all be allowed but you’ll need to arrange this in advance. Anything that could obscure the driver’s vision will not be permitted however.


Where can we hire Beer Bikes?

You can hire a Beer Bike in cities around the UK and Europe. This kind of sightseeing tour is one of the most popular stag and hen do activities at the moment.


Who’s driving?

Not you, don’t worry! A sober driver / guide handles all of the steering so all you guys need to do is pedal.


How fit do we need to be?

You don’t need to be super-fit for a Beer Bike tour, although many legs make light work! Routes are carefully designed to avoid any steep hills, and if you feel like you need a rest, just stop pedalling for a bit. Don’t be tempted to slack off and let everyone else do the work though, or you might get hit with a forfeit.


Is it possible to hire electric Beer Bikes?

Yes - in some cities there are electric Beer Bikes available that give you a little extra oomph when needed. If that sounds like something your group could use, let your stag do planner know and they’ll see what’s available.


Are there any stop-offs?

Beer Bikes are usually combined with city sightseeing, so your route is likely to feature a few significant landmarks. You can also stop off at a few pubs too if you’d like a rest.


Who’s in charge of the tunes?

Some Beer Bikes are equipped with Bluetooth speakers so that you can stick on your own playlists as you’re riding around.


What about traffic?

Beer Bike sightseeing routes are chosen to avoid streets with heavy traffic. You’ll also be travelling slowly, and be steered by a professional driver. If your Beer Bike is being used on public roads then it will be fitted with lights and turn signals.


Do we need helmets?

Most people don’t wear helmets on a Beer Bike, but if you want to pop one on go right ahead.


What about seatbelts?

Most Beer Bikes are not fitted with seatbelts, so it is important not to slip off your seat. Where seatbelts are provided, these are usually optional. In some cases there may be a bar behind you to prevent you falling backwards, or you may have seats with backs. Generally, however, these vehicles are very safe.


Can we customise the route?

Yes, you can customise your Beer Bike route within reason. If there’s a particular bar or landmark you’d like to stop at, or a scenic route you’d like to take, let our dedicated stag do planners know and we’ll find out what’s possible for you.

Do be aware though that many beer bike routes are set based on permissions, so you may not be able to go miles off your route, especially if it involves a motorway!


I’ve dropped my beer - can we go back?

No, sorry, you need to let it go and pour yourself another. Try to move on and not let it ruin your afternoon.

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