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Our Payment Plans

We like to make things as easy as possible for everyone involved with a stag weekend, which is why we've got a number of payment options to make paying off your space on the stag do as simple as possible.

Option One

Full Payment

If you've got the cash in hand you can pay off your place in full with a one-off payment. Quick, simple, and painless.

You just log into your Party Hub account, and pay away. Then you're done, with nothing else to worry about until closer to the date of your weekend. We say worry, but all you'll really be worrying about is the weather!

Option Two

Instalment Plan

Our most popular way of paying, an instalment plan is perfect for those who want to spread the payment for their place.

If your booking qualifies for paying in instalments you'll be presented with that option after paying your initial deposit. Choose the instalment plan payment option and your remaining balance will be spread across the amount of months you have between booking the stag and your final payment deadline.

The date on which you make your first deposit will also be the date that your instalments are collected in the following months. It doesn't matter if everyone in the group pays on different days, each payment will go out on the date the individual paid their deposit.

Option Three

As and When

If you're planning on paying off a bit here and bit there towards the stag, you'll be pleased to know that you can do just that with us.

After paying your deposit you can log into the Party Hub and starting chipping away at your outstanding balance. You can make payments from £1 right up to the full amount left outstanding.

Perhaps you have a bit of wedge, but not the full amount. If this is the case then paying this way could well be for you.

Options to Suit

These payment options provide you with the flexibility needed to ensure that each and every one of the group is able to attend the weekend. We're all different, so are our finances, but that should never be the reason that someone's good friend can't join them on one of the best weekends of their life.

The Details

When you confirm and book your party package you'll pay a £50 deposit. This secures the full weekend for you and everyone else.

You'll then get access to The Party Hub, which is where you'll manage your entire booking. This includes inviting people to the weekend, and making payments on the weekend. You can also keep tabs on the other members of the weekend and what they've got left to pay.

After you've sent out your invites via the Party Hub everyone has two weeks to secure their place with a £30 deposit.

At this point, dependent on certain conditions (your party planner can inform you on which of these options are available to your group based on your booking), you'll be able to pay for your place in one of these three ways.

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