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Binocular Football stag weekends: What to expect

It’s like football but not quite as you know it so get ready to have your mind messed up and your perception warped because binocular football will do just that! It’s one of the simple sounding concepts that’s actually a whole lot more fun when you actually play it than when you read it. Because even your most confident mate (you know the mate, the one that’s convinced he could bend it like Beckham and give Ronaldo a run for this money) will probably find this a challenge.  It’s fast paced, mind boggling and a good laugh.

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The session is going to be active so make sure you bring some appropriate football kit and the right shoes. Everything else will be provided to you by the event coordinators, so the goggles, the ball, the bibs and the cones. The venue is something we will organise for you so you don’t have to worry about that either! The event will last about an hour if you’ve got 18 lads in the group. If you have more than that (19+) then the experience will last an hour and a half (you may also be split into two games.) A trained coach will be with you to teach you how to play with the goggles on and to keep score.

What you get

  • Referee
  • Pitch hire
  • Bibs
  • Footballs
  • Goggles
  • Game coordinator*

*Details may vary from venue to venue. For exact details please contact our party planners 

What our customers had to say about us...

Everyone enjoyed the whole weekend and things went smoothly! From the hotel to activities, no hassle with the organisation and the dealings with cash! Everywhere you went, people just asked for the group leaders name and just got on with it! So overall relaxing and enjoyable weekend! Will recommend people to use the Stag Company in the future! - Thomas Hudson (Stag Company Trust Pilot)

This is a great team building activity, so if members of your group don't know each other as well as some others, then this is the perfect opportunity.  We think it's a great opportunity to start the weekend with as you'll be in fits of laughter playing the game as well spectating! 

It can become immensely frustrating so be prepared it is not like any other football you have played before! You’ll find yourself scrambling around trying to kick the ball only to find that it’s actually further than you think and you’ve missed it entirely. Frustrating? For the short-tempered - probably (but that's part of the fun!) Fun? For any footie-loving lad - most definitely!


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