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If you live for sport and love the thought of doing something active with your mates then we’ve got a great variety of sport based activities for yo . . .

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Put the pedal to the metal and go through the gears as you and the boys take your choice of a range of vehicles. Because have we got a range for you t . . .

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This is it. The main event. Where Stag legends are made. The big night out. It’s an essential ingredient in the mix of what makes a great stag do. . . .

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Food & Drink

Stags may all be about fun activities and great nights out, but none of that would be possible without food and drink to keep you going. That is why w . . .

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These activities all have one thing in common: they will get the blood pumping as you flirt with great heights and attempt to conquer your own fears, . . .

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There'll be plenty of time for back-slapping and bromantic declarations of love later on in the night. Because in the first instance there's no better . . .

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A stag do is all about sending your best mate into married life with a big smile on his face. A chance for him to really enjoy his last days of freedo . . .

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If you’re the best man you’ve got one very, very important task. It isn’t keeping hold of the rings or any of that noise. It’s making sure tha . . .

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We aren’t all cut from the same cloth. Not every stag do is built the same. If you’re the kind of guys who start a legendary experience with the w . . .

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When it comes to stag dos there’ll always be a time for actual male bonding and affection, usually around the time the 12th pint goes down the hatch . . .

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Top 10 Stag Do Activities

We’ve put together a list of our favourite Stag Do ideas that are guaranteed to keep the whole team happy

1 Bubble Football from just £29 pp
2 Indoor Go-Karting from just £46pp
3 Nightclub Entry from just £9pp
4 Beer bike from just £24pp
5 Dinner Reservation from just £25pp
6 Clay Pigeon Shooting Experience from just £46pp
7 Treasure Hunt Pub Challenge from just £12pp
8 Xtreme Footgolf from just £35pp
9 Paintballing from just £9pp
10 Pre club bar from just £23pp

Top 10 Stag Do Locations

Looking for the best Stag Do locations?

1 Prague from just £199 pp
2 Bournemouth from just £179pp
3 Bristol from just £169pp
4 Benidorm from just £209pp
5 Newcastle from just £159pp
6 Cardiff from just £186pp
7 Amsterdam from just £229pp
8 Brighton from just £169pp
9 Liverpool from just £196pp
10 Birmingham from just £176pp

Alternative stag party ideas


Five Alternative Stag Do Activity Ideas

If you’ve recently been given the task of planning an unforgettable stag do for someone close to you, then first and foremost, congratulations! . . .

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The Adventure Stag Do: Something Different

Our fourth and final blog post in The Adventure Stag Do series has arrived. Over the past few weeks, we’ve featured some of our most popular sta . . .

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Zombie Boot Camp Activity

Zombies seem to be a common fear among people but do you think you are prepared for it? If you are a fan of the many TV shows around Zombies or maybe . . .

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Zip Wire Activity

Adrenaline-seeking is one of the stalwarts of a great stag weekend. Attaching yourself to a wire and simply whizzing down it may seem simple, buy god . . .

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Cheap stag do ideas


Five Tips on How to Make Your Stag Weekend More Affordable

We understand that there is so much to consider when it comes to planning a stag weekend. Determining a set budget that’s affordable for the who . . .

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Where to Find the Cheapest Pint in Europe on Your Stag Do (2019)

If you and the lads are in the midst of planning an epic stag weekend for the groom-to-be but you’re unsure on which location to pick, then this . . .

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Paintball Activity

Paintballing is an out and out stag classic – and why wouldn’t it be? Running through the woods, hiding behind trees, painting your face w . . .

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Nightclub Booth Package

We all like to feel like VIP's and on a night out for your stag, you should be making it special. Having a booth package will give your night out . . .

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Funny stag do ideas


Stag Do Dares

Stag dos are a rite of passage when a man is transformed from a single bachelor into a respectable married man. It's pretty obvious, but we're . . .

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Stag Do Forfeits

You've already written down and listed your stag do dares for the weekend, now you need a list of forfeits and punishments for anyone th . . .

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Bubble Football

The only way we can think to easily describe bubble football is that it’s part zorbing and part five-a-side football, but that still really does . . .

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Stag Fake Arrest

The general gist of this activity is that the stag gets 'arrested' by fake Police. He is terrified, wishing he never went away as the fake Pol . . .

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Idea Guide for Your Dream Stag Weekend

If you’ve recently been given the task of planning an incredible stag weekend, then congratulations! It’s a huge honour to be trusted with such an important role. We understand that it can feel a little daunting but don’t panic, we can help ensure that you pull off an epic weekend. If you’ve decided to take the reins and organise your own weekend but you’re feeling unsure where to start, you’re not alone. We’re here to help!

Whether you’re an active bunch who are keen on trying out unique activities that will get your hearts racing and adrenaline flowing or if you’d all love nothing more than a weekend centred around beer and classic stag do activities, we have something for every stag group. You’ll find that there’s a huge amount of choice on offer that will cater for everyone’s interests.

How to Pick the Right Activity?

We understand that sometimes the sheer amount of choice can feel a little overwhelming. If you’re planning the stag on behalf of the groom, we’d recommend thinking about what he enjoys, it is his big weekend after all! You could always speak to the groom-to-be before you make any plans and try to gage his expectations of the weekend.

If he’s super laidback and is happy for you to make the decisions, then consider what he enjoys generally. Does he love sport? If the answer is yes, then the hugely popular Bubble Football could be a fantastic choice. Or maybe he has a passion for music? If so, then you could consider the Rockstar for a Day activity. Whisky Tasting could be a winner if this is his tipple of choice. Choosing activities that are based on his interests are a way of ensuring that the weekend is a success. Having said that, if the groom is always keen on trying new things, then it might be a good idea to check out some of the more unique activities on offer. If you’re not sure what the groom would prefer, or if you’re a group that likes the best of both worlds, then you could consider booking classic stag activities as well as a unique activity or something that the group has never tried before.

If you’re the groom and you’re planning the stag weekend yourself, then you may already have an idea of how you’d like to spend your weekend. You’ll also most likely have a pretty good idea of what type of weekend the rest of the group will enjoy. If you’re feeling unsure, then we’d recommend starting a group chat and making a few suggestions. Your Event Planner can help you put a few ideas together to present to the group.

We know that planning a stag do can feel particularly daunting when you have a large group to cater for, or if you’re not familiar with everyone in the group. Icebreaker activities are a fun way of helping the group get to know one another. A little healthy competition never hurt anybody! So, why not split into teams and compete against each other in a Treasure Hunt? You could mix the teams up so that people who have never met will need to work together. The fun challenges are a great way of banishing any initial awkwardness. As an added bonus, you’ll find some great pubs along the way. If the idea of an icebreaker activity sounds appealing but you’d prefer something a little more active, then you could consider an Assault Course. This a great way of creating, or strengthening, a bond between the group. If you’d like some more ideas on these types of activities, then speak to your Event Planner who will be happy to help!

If you know that the lads are a bunch of thrill-seekers who are expecting a weekend jampacked with adrenaline-inducing activities, then we can help. An activity like White-Water Rafting or Coasteering could be perfect for your group. Or, if you embrace heights rather than fear them, you could try an activity like High Ropes or Bungee Jumping! There’s something for every type of adrenaline-junkie.

For a lot of groups, there’s nothing like bonding (or bantering each other) over sport. If you’d like to incorporate sport to the upcoming stag do, then we have a variety of ways for you to do so. If you’re a bunch of football fanatics, then you may want to book tickets to a game or take a Football Stadium Tour. If you think that the lads would prefer to actually play the beloved game, then this can be arranged too. It doesn’t even have to be playing football in the traditional sense either! Footgolf and Binocular Football are hilariously fun options. If football isn’t your thing, then don’t worry. From Gaelic Football to Ice Hockey, there are so many sport themed stag activities for you to choose from.

Fancy Dress Ideas

Fancy dress is often recognised as a vital part of a stag weekend amongst a lot of groups. You will most likely have seen images of stags dressed in hilarious (and some quite frankly genius) fancy dress costumes pop up on your social media timelines. Or, you may have seen a bunch of stags dressed in weird and wonderful outfits whilst on a night out. If you’re struggling to think of stag do fancy dress ideas, then the following could help!

For many groups, stitching up the groom-to-be with a hilarious fancy dress costume is almost like a rite of passage on a stag weekend. An extremely popular costume choice is to dress up the stag in the rival kit of his favourite football team. This could work with other sports too! It’ll be hilarious to watch him squirm as you take out your phones and snap away for ‘memories’.

Whilst this may be extremely funny, you might find that it’s more fun to get the whole group to dress up. Choose a theme that works for the group and encourage everyone to get involved. If you’re stuck for ideas, then you could have a think about popular television shows and classic movies, for example, you may decide that you all want to dress up as characters from Peaky Blinders or Game of Thrones. Or, you could get t-shirts inspired by catchphrases from the hit shows. You could even take the idea of a theme even further and book stag do activities that fit perfectly with your chosen theme.

If you’d prefer something slightly simpler, then you could look into getting t-shirts made. You might want to include nicknames or a funny phrase that the individual is known for saying. You could also make the groom’s t-shirt a little different from the rest to ensure that he stands out.

Travel Tips

If you’re still feeling unsure on how to spend the upcoming stag weekend, then here’s a list of some of our most popular stag do activities. Have a quick read through the list and see if there’s anything that sounds perfect for your stag group.

Top Selling Activities

Fancy dress is often recognised as a vital part of a stag weekend amongst a lot of groups. You will most likely have seen images of stags dressed in hilarious (and some quite frankly genius) fancy dress costumes pop up on your social media timelines. Or, you may have seen a bunch of stags dressed in weird and wonderful outfits whilst on a night out. If you’re struggling to think of stag do fancy dress ideas, then the following could help!

For many groups, stitching up the groom-to-be with a hilarious fancy dress costume is almost like a rite of passage on a stag weekend. An extremely popular costume choice is to dress up the stag in the rival kit of his favourite football team. This could work with other sports too! It’ll be hilarious to watch him squirm as you take out your phones and snap away for ‘memories’.

Bubble Football

If you and the lads are a bunch of football lovers, then this activity could be perfect for you. We all have that one mate that reckons he’s just as good (if not better) than some of the most highly rated professional players, right? Well, put his skills to the test and see how great he is at the beloved sport when he has a giant inflatable bubble over him! Even if you’re not huge football fans, it’s still an extremely fun activity.

Indoor Go-Karting

If you’ve got a need for speed, then this classic stag do activity could be perfect for your stag group! Let the competitivity amongst the group loose as you race to see who will be crowned the winner. If you wanted to, you could make it interesting and enforce a ‘loser has to buy the first round’ rule. May the best (and fastest) man win!

Nightclub Entry

End the night in style by hitting an incredible nightclub where you can showcase your best moves on the dancefloor, have a few drinks and toast to the stag. Ensure that you’ve got the perfect mix of fun daytime activities and buzzing evening activities to ensure that the stag do is unforgettable.

Beer Bike

If you’re keen on checking out the sights that the city has to offer but you’d rather not miss out on any vital beer-drinking time, then the Beer Bike could be perfect for you. Sip on a cold beer as you take in the wonders that the city has to offer.

Dinner Reservation

It sounds simple but finding a restaurant that has the availability cater for a big group can sometimes be difficult. We can help you organise a dinner reservation to ensure that all of the group members stomachs are sufficiently lined and you’re ready for the night ahead.

Clay Pigeon Shooting Experience

Think you’ve got good aim? Well, here’s your opportunity to test that theory. Clay Pigeon Shooting is a great stag do activity that the whole group can enjoy. It’s a great way of bonding with your pals, or maybe even getting a little competitive! Don’t forget to pack your flat cap so you can look the part too.

Treasure Hunt Pub Challenge

The Treasure Hunt Pub Challenge is a great stag do activity as it allows you to get familiar with your surroundings and find some great places to have a drink. As we mentioned earlier, it’s also a fantastic way of breaking any ice and helping the group to get to know each other.


A fantastic combination of the two sports you love the most, Football and Golf. This incredible hybrid activity is perfect for sport-loving stags. However, even if you’re not mad about sport, it’s still hilariously fun and is a real favourite amongst stag groups.


Paintballing is an extremely popular, classic stag do activity that is loved by many groups. It’s another activity that allows you to bond with the lads whilst unleashing a little competitiveness. Split into teams and see who comes out on top!

Pre-club Bar

Kickstart your evening the right way on your stag weekend! We’d be happy to help organise your entry into a vibrant bar where you can have a few drinks and get ready for the night ahead.

Unique Activities

If you’d prefer to steer away from classic stag activities and would prefer to embrace more unique activities that you wouldn’t normally get a chance to do, then we have some fantastic and hilarious options for you. If you’re keen on ensuring that everyone has a real, good laugh whilst getting active, then either Sumo Wrestling or Zorbing could be a winner. Welsh Country Games and West Country Games (depending on where you’re heading) are also excellent choices. If you’re planning on stitching up the stag, then a Fake Arrest provides you with the perfect opportunity to do this. If you’re in need of a few more ideas, then get in touch with your Event Planner who will be more than happy to guide you in the right direction.