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This year the iconic 'El Capitan' mural of Bruno in the North Laines was removed causing outrage amongst Brighton and Hove residents, especially Albion fans - but now he is BACK!

Bruno gives the thumbs up to his new mural

The mural design winner whose submission was anonymous was chosen by Bruno himself. Bruno, who is pleased with the finished mural has been involved with the campaign from the start. He also helped pick the final design, which features him in the BHAFC stripes clapping the fans, his famous quote ‘once a seagull, always a seagull' and a seagull flying above him. He says:

“I love the new mural. Thanks to the Stag Company and Glimmer Twin for bringing it back to the city I know it hasn’t been easy”

We, The Stag Company, ran the community campaign to find a new design for the mural on the 7.5m wall in October and Street Artist Glimmer Twin was set the challenge to paint the mural behind sheeting during the Winter months. Rob Hill our CEO says “Our main aim was to bring the mural back to the city and celebrate a legend. A lot of work has been put into this community project and we are really happy that Bruno likes it”

Bruno also added: “I feel the new mural represents the new chapter of my career and I love that I am clapping the fans”

The new wall!

"I was really upset when [the mural] was taken down... especially in his retirement year as well."

Rob Hill, The Stag Company CEO

Our nationwide campaign to Bring Bruno Back!

Our CEO Rob Hill (of The Stag Company) is a long-standing loyal supporter of the football club and he was particularly disappointed about the removal of the mural.

Watch the video to find out Rob's and fans of BHAFC reactions on the removal of the much-loved mural and what Rob intended to do about it.

Under Rob's leadership and passion for the local football team, the Stag Company decided to replace the mural and #BringBrunoBack!

We launched a nationwide campaign to find a design for a new Bruno mural which has now been painted on a prominent wall in the city - owned by Rob.

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