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The official Bubble football world cup

The Bubble Football World Cup kicks off in the Summer of 2018, just before the real deal in Russia, with a two day event taking place on Saturday the 19th of May and Sunday the 20th of May.

The Details

The World Cup (and its precursor England qualifying tournament) have been organised by The Stag Company. It will be the first bubble football competition of its kind in the UK. We are extremely proud to be hosting such an event and hope it will become the showcase competition for the sport.

There will be 16 teams participating in the Bubble Football World Cup 2018, from all around the globe. These teams are national bubble football teams in their respective nations and are sure to bring a heated competitive edge. There may even be some inter-country rivalry! Don’t worry if any fights break out though, because everyone is surrounded by bubbles.

The winning nation of The Bubble Football World Cup will be crowned official World Champions and win the prestigious Bubble Football World Cup Trophy. Whilst the title and trophy go to the winning country, just by participating the other countries are helping to promote this unique and fun new sport.


The Bubble Football World Cup 2018 will take place on Saturday 19th of May and Sunday 20th May. Saturday will consist of group games throughout the morning while the second round, quarter-finals and semi-finals will take place in the afternoon.

Sunday will be the day of the final and all the glamour that it entails! It will all finish with the Bubble Football World Cup trophy presentation.


The host nation for the inaugural World Cup will be England, more specifically at a multi-pitch venue in Shoreditch, London. After the London 2012 Olympics we think the big smoke is now ready for bubble football and all the pressure that brings!


If you are interested in sponsoring the tournament in 2018 then we’d love to hear from you! We have various packages available allowing you to sponsor individual teams or the website – you can find out more about sponsoring our bubble football teams here.

england qualifiers

The England Qualifiers Tournament is our way of finding a World Cup winning football team from England (albeit in bubbles).

about the qualifiers

It has been 50 years of hurt for the three lions, but the Bubble Football World Cup in 2018 is the chance to reverse our nation’s fortune. The qualifying tournament will take place on the 25th June 2017 and will see the overall winners of the tournament awarded with a bespoke bubble football trophy as well as the right to represent her majesty at the World Cup!

The England Qualifier Tournament promises to be an action-packed day, but there will plenty of opportunities for fun too. Each team is guaranteed to play at least three games. Even if you’re not bubble football enthusiasts you will be after this. Just grab your mates and compete against the other teams to win the title of champions and the right represent your country in all future bubble football tournaments until 2022.

On the day, each team member must wear comfortable clothing and should wear footwear that does not have spikes or cleats. Each team must also wear kit the same colour and bring along alternative clothing of another colour in the event of any clashes.

In order to enter your bubble football team into the England Qualifier Tournament, each team must have 6-8 members (five players and up to three substitutes) all of which must be over the age of 18 years old.

There will be an entry fee of £200 to enter your team in the bubble football England Qualifiers Tournament.


The England Qualifiers Tournament will take place at a multi-pitch venue in Shoreditch, in London on 25th June 2017. The day will consist of group games throughout the morning, followed by the second round, quarter and semi final games in the afternoon. The following day will see the final games take place and the Bubble Football World Cup champions revealed.


The location of the England Qualifiers will take place at Shoreditch in London, however a further venue may be added in a different location should there be a large amounts of teams entering the England Qualifiers.


There will be a minimum of three games played per team with a maximum of up to seven games played. So everyone gets the chance to play. All teams will take part in group games with kick-off taking place at 10.30am and games finishing at 12.30pm. During the group stages, there will be multiple pitches so that many teams can play at once.

The Second Round will take place at 13:00pm and will be followed by lunch. After lunch we will hold the Quarter Finals at 14.00pm, the Semi Finals at 15.00pm and then the final will be played at 16.30pm with the presentation of the soon to be fabled cup taking place at 17.00pm.