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Caving stag weekends: What to expect

This stag weekend activity gives you the chance to explore caves. If you haven't done this since you were 5 and on a holiday with your family, then this is your opportunity to revisit your childhood and step it up notch.

A stag weekend with a bit of caving thrown in will test your negotiation of 'pitches, squeezes and water'. Caving is often very muddy and usually involves quite a bit of crawling through slippery passages.

Caving is a fantastic way of exercising and challenges you too. If you want something different from your Newquay stag do, say, then Caving is certainly that.

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This is definitely not one for all those claustrophobics out there.

Now I'm sure you've all tried to navigate some slippery passages in the dark, whether recently or as a kid but choosing caving for your choice of stag do activities is both rewarding and damn right scary.

"I've never been too keen on crawling through caves," said Justin Banks. "But this activity was great and the instructors were very patient with those of us who lost their bottle in places. I'd love to do it again."

Man has a fascination with caves having explored them out of necessity (for shelter from the elements or from enemies), out of curiosity or for mystical reasons for thousands of years. However, only in the last century or two has the activity developed into a sophisticated, athletic pastime; primarily due to modern protective wear and equipment. Most recently being known as an extreme sport by those searching for an adrenaline fix.

The challenges of the sport of caving depend on the cave being visited, but often include negotiation of pitches (a steep section requiring a rope), squeezes and water. One thing is guaranteed - you'll be crawling on all fours for a lot of the time, in the pitch black with only a head torch for light and be covered in mud.

If this sounds like fun then caving could tick all the boxes of enjoyment, physical exercise and exploration. As an activity it is a little different but is becoming more and more popular amongst thrill seekers wanting to experience something unusual on their stag weekend.

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