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All our shooting stag weekend activities

  • Airsoft

    There’s paintball and then there’s airsoft – the one where you still get to pretend you’ve been dropped inside a mission on Call of Duty or the climactic scene in the latest blockbuster of a war film, but don’t have to deal with the splattering’s of paint ruining your hair for the night out. The two are very similar though, however many say that airsoft is more “serious.” We’re not too sure about that, what we are sure about is that if you get hit by one of the pellets (on exposed skin) it hurts.

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  • Clay Pigeon Shooting

    The most gentlemanly way to stand in a field, fire a gun and practice your sharpshooting with absolutely no feathers involved but a whole lot of competition and probably quite a few misses to start with too. Looking the part flat cap, pipe n’all isn’t very hard, but actually hitting something is, so shout pull, focus, shoot and hope you don’t get laughed at!

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  • Gun Firing

    Oui 3 once sang, "you'll never get to heaven with an AK47", but just for your stag weekend - we think you'll be alright! After all, what man hasn’t dreamt of firing a gun? We don’t know many and now is your chance to give it a go and live a little!

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  • Paintballing

    Paintballing is an out and out stag classic – and why wouldn’t it be? Running through the woods, hiding behind trees, painting your face with mud and shooting your mates over and over until they resemble a rainbow of pain? It never gets old! Think Rambo, think Arnold Schwarzenegger in Predator: this is the perfect stag weekend activity and will give you a great chance to bond with the boys as well as show 'em whose boss. Grab some balls of paint and get ready to go wild!

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