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Hungary Stag Do's

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Why is Hungary good for a Stag Do?

Hungary is a stunning country with a rich history and plenty of cultural attractions located in Central Europe. Hungary is well-known for its epic nightlife and huge range of excellent stag do activities. Here’s a little more information about Hungary and a summary of why it’s such an incredible stag do location!

What’s the culture like in Hungary?

If you have a few hours spare in between stag do activities and you fancy exploring the city, or if you’re a cultural bunch, then you’ll be pleased to know that Hungary is brimming with culture. You’ll find that there’s plenty of interesting sights to see, exciting activities to try and delicious food to taste. If this sounds like something you and the lads would be interested in, then we’d highly recommend heading to Budapest, the vibrant capital city of Hungary. Budapest is divided by the Danube River and is split into two sections ‘Buda’ and ‘Pest’. On both sides of the city, you’ll find that there’s stunning architecture, plenty of interesting cultural attractions and exciting things to see and do. Head to the famous Ruin Bars and enjoy a beer in quirky surroundings! Or, if you’re feeling a little fragile from a heavy night out, then take a trip to the Thermal Baths and have a little downtime. We’ve written some information which might help if you’re keen on finding out more about the nightlife, food and festivals available in Hungary. We’ve also included some useful Hungarian phrases!

What’s the nightlife like in Hungary?

Here at The Stag Company, we truly understand the importance of great nightlife on a stag weekend. So, if finding a location with excellent nightlife is high on your priority list, then we’d certainly recommend heading to the capital of Hungary, Budapest. Whether you’re interested in quirky bars, vibrant pubs or incredible nightclubs, Budapest is a lively city that truly offers it all.

How much is a pint of beer in Hungary?

Dreher, Arany Ászok and Sorproni are popular beer choices available in Hungary. However, you’ll find that there are lots of other choices available. Depending on what part of Hungary you visit, the prices of a pint of beer may vary. On average, you’ll find that a pint of draft beer can cost between £1.50 - £2.00. In Budapest, you may find that prices are slightly higher depending on the venue and location.

What’s the food like in Hungary?   

Hungarian food is hearty, tasty and perfect for lining your stomach in preparation for a big night out! One of the most popular, national dishes in Hungary is Goulash. Goulash is a rich, well-seasoned stew made with meat and vegetables. Chicken Paprikash, well-seasoned chicken in a creamy sauce, is another hugely popular dish served in Hungary. If you’re craving something hearty and delicious, Lángos is a great option. Lángos is a deep-fried dough which can be served with a range of toppings. Traditionally, Hungarian Lángos is seasoned and then topped with sour cream and grated cheese. If you have a sweet tooth, then you’ll find that there’s plenty to snack on. Visiting one of the many fantastic food markets in Hungary is a great way of sampling some delicious, traditional food.

What’s the weather in Hungary?

The climate in Hungary typically consists of warm, dry summers and cold winters. January is usually the coldest month of the year whilst July is often the warmest. Winters in Hungary are often harsh with the chance of snow and temperatures dropping below zero. On average, temperatures are around 20-25°C in Hungary during the summer. However, temperatures can rise to around 30°C and above.

When are the festivals on in Hungary that are suitable for a stag do?

If you and your stag group love a festival and you’d like to coincide your stag weekend with one, then here are a few great festivals in Hungary…

  • Budapest Spring Festival (3rd – 19th April)
  • Gourmet Festival (21st May – 24th May)
  • Budapest Craft-Beer Festival (10th June)
  • Sziget Festival 2020 (5th August – 11th August)
  • Budafest 2020 (4th September – 6th September)
  • Budapest International Wine Festival 2020 (10th September – 13th September)
  • Oktoberfest Budapest (1st October – 4th October)
  • Pálinka and Sausage Festival in the Buda Castle 2020 (2nd October – 4th October)

Useful Phrases in Hungarian

  • Yes = Igen
  • Please = Kérem
  • Thank you = Köszönöm
  • Good Morning = Jó reggelt kívánok
  • Good Afternoon = Jó napot
  • Good Evening = Jó estét
  • Hello = Helló
  • How are you = Hogy vagy
  • Fine thanks and you = Jól, köszi, és te
  • I understand = Megértem
  • I do not understand = Nem ertem
  • Do you speak English? = Beszélsz angolul
  • I do not speak Hungarian = Nem beszélek magyarul
  • Nice to meet you = Örvendek
  • Pay please = Fizessen kérem
  • Where is the bathroom? = Hol van a fürdőszoba

Stitch up Phrase

Can I have a pint of cat sick please = Kérhetek egy korsó macská

Popular Cities in the Hungary for a stag do


If you’re looking for a stag do location that offers a huge range of stag do activities, incredible nightlife and plenty of cultural and historical attractions, then Budapest could be the perfect stag weekend destination for you. This vibrant capital city truly has so much to offer every type of stag group! Here’s a little more information on how to spend your stag do in Budapest. 

What can you do in Budapest?

If you fancy exploring the city, or if you simply need a little respite in between stag do activities and epic nightlife, then here are eight great things to do in Budapest…

  1. Buda Castle
  2.  Ruin Bars
  3. Szechenyi Spa Baths
  4. Central Market Hall
  5. Jewish Quarter
  6. Váci Street
  7. House of Terror
  8. Budapest Castle Hill

Popular Stag do activities in Budapest

Check out our most popular activities in Budapest…