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Popular Cities in Slovakia for a stag do


Bratislava, the lively capital of Slovakia, is a fantastic city with tons of culture, epic nightlife and plenty of excellent stag do activities. Here’s a little information on how you could spend your stag do in Bratislava!

What can you do in Bratislava?

If you’re keen on doing a spot of sightseeing in Bratislava, or if you just simply need a brief breather from all of the partying and epic stag do activities, then here are eight great things to do on your stag weekend in Bratislava…

  1. Check out the hipster cafes
  2. Try some epic street food
  3. Bratislava Castle
  4. St Martin’s Cathedral
  5. Check out the great shopping facilities
  6. Main Square
  7. Michael’s Gate
  8. Find a Free Walking Tour

Why is Slovakia good for a Stag Do?

Slovakia is a beautiful country that borders Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland and Ukraine. You can expect stunning views and plenty of interesting cultural attractions when you visit Slovakia. As well as this, Slovakia is home to thrilling stag do activities and epic nightlife ensuring that it’s a fantastic choice of location for your upcoming stag weekend. Here’s a brief summary on why Slovakia is such a great stag do destination.

What's the culture like in Slovakia?

If you’re keen on soaking up a little culture, or you simply need a breather from the epic nightlife and thrilling stag activities, then you’ll be pleased to know that Slovakia is a cultured country with a rich history. Bratislava, the capital city of Slovakia, is brimming with interesting sights to see and exciting things to do. Take a wander around the city and admire the impressive architecture and famous landmarks. If you’re interested in art, film, music and theatre, then you’ll be spoiled for choice. We’ve written a little information which should help if you’re interested in learning some more about the nightlife, food, festivals and useful Slovak phrases.

What's the nightlife like in Slovakia?

We understand better than anyone that finding a location that offers excellent nightlife is often considered an integral part of planning a stag weekend. This is why we’d recommend visiting Slovakia’s vibrant capital city, Bratislava, on your stag do. You’ll find that the city has plenty of bars, pubs and clubs for you and the lads to enjoy. Bratislava is truly bursting with epic nightlife options that the whole group will love.

How much is a pint of beer in Slovakia?

Zlaty Bazant is often regarded as the most popular beer in Slovakia. However, you’ll find that there are plenty of other great-tasting beers available too. Depending on what part of Slovakia you visit, the cost of a pint may vary. The average cost of a pint in Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, is around £1.54!
If you fancy trying something a little different, then Borovička is a popular, traditional Slovak distilled spirit. Borovička is made with juniper berries and has characteristics similar to gin.

What’s the food like in Slovakia?

If you and the rest of the stag group are keen on lining your stomachs with some hearty, traditional Slovak food, then you might want to try a bowl of Goulash. Goulash is a meat and vegetable stew which is usually seasoned well with paprika and other spices. Bryndzové halušky is another popular, national dish which consists of potato dumplings covered in a sheep cheese. Zemiakové placky, fried pancakes made with potato, flour and garlic, is another popular option in Slovakia. Skalický trdelník is a pastry which is made with soft, rolled dough that has been placed on a roller (trdlo). Once the dough has been placed on the trdlo, it’s then coated with sugar, walnuts and other ingredients, then baked or grilled until golden. Skalický trdelník could be a great option for those of you with a sweet tooth.

What’s the weather like in Slovakia?

The climate in Slovakia is usually warm and dry during the summer months and fairly cold during the winter. July is often the hottest month of the year whilst January tends to be the coldest. Winter months can be very cold with strong winds and temperatures falling far below zero. During the summer months, temperatures often reach around 20-25°C. However, highs of around 30°C and above have been recorded. With this in mind, we’d certainly recommend choosing the summer months to jet off for a stag weekend in Slovakia.


When are the festivals on in Slovakia that are suitable for a stag do?

If you love a festival and you’re keen on timing your stag weekend in Slovakia with one, then here are a few options that you might like to try…

  • Hip Hop Žije Festival Bratislava 2020 (27th March)
  • Salón Piva Bratislava (22nd April)
  • International Music Festival Slovakia Cantat 2020 (23rd April)
  • Slovak Food Festival (1st May)
  • Hip Hop Žije Festival Bratislava 2020 (26th June)


Useful Phrases

  • Yes = Áno
  • Please = Prosím
  • Thank you = Ďakujem
  • Good Morning = Dobré ráno
  • Good Afternoon = Dobrý deň
  • Good Evening = Dobrý večer
  • Hello = Ahoj
  • How are you = Ako sa máš
  • Fine thanks and you = Dobre vďaka a ty
  • I understand = Rozumiem
  • I do not understand = Nerozumiem
  • Do you speak English? = Hovoríš po anglicky
  • I do not speak Slovak = Nehovorím po slovensky
  • Nice to meet you = Rád som ťa spoznal
  • Pay please = Zaplaťte, prosím
  • Where is the bathroom? = Kde je kúpelňa

Stitch up Phrase

Can I have a pint of cat sick please = Môžem mať chorú malú mačku

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