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Flexible payments!

- 0% interest monthly payments

Price match promise

- if you find a like-for-like stag do for less, we'll match it!
Stag do Pranks

Stag do Pranks

Because every stag needs to be pranked

Every stag needs one

What else is a staple on the stag do other than the drinks and of course, the stag? The pranks. Not many stag weekends will pass by without a single prank, no matter how big or small it may be, every stag needs a prank. He’s on cloud 9, he’s about to get married, he’s about to head off on a honeymoon – he needs to be brought back down to Earth… but how?

Pranks come in all shapes and sizes, and right now you might be feeling a little bit lost, but don’t worry because we’ve compiled a definitive list of the best stag pranks from our own minds (and even activities) to those sent in from our conniving customers! So pull out your notepad and take them down…

0ft Bungee Jump

Aren't videos always better than silly old text? Especially when describing a prank. So here you have it, the fake bungee jump:

Kidnap the Stag

Okay, those first two are pretty straight forward, so here’s a curve-ball that will take a little more planning – especially if you’re intending on doing it all yourself. Put simply: trick the stag into thinking that he’s just been kidnapped and scare the living feces out of him! Working much better in a foreign country where even the police can help (check out our ‘Kidnap the Stag’ activity!) you’ll be driving down a quiet road when… OH MY GOD WHAT ARE THOSE MEN IN BALACLAVAS PLANNING ON DOING TO US? OH GOD THEY’VE PUT A SACK OVER THE STAG’S HEAD AND ARE BUNDLING HIM INTO THE BACK OF A VAN. WHAT THE… Scary, right? Well you need to ensure it’s believable, is within the law and with this becoming more popular – isn’t too unoriginal. If you’re going to get him, get him good.

Roly Poly

It isn't a stag do until the stripper arrives! You could go for an absolute stunner, or maybe something a bit more kinky, but nothing will make you laugh more than the 'roly poly' stripper. I genuinely feel a bit guilty, but you can't help but laugh your socks off as a massive girl comes out and rides the grooms lap...while he is tied up of course. This might be his last chance to experience a BBW, so remember to grab a cheeky photo.

Fake Married

This one is easier to pull off when you are a bit closer to somewhere like Vegas, but you can pull this one off if prepared ahead of time. Place a ring on his finger, print off a fake certificate, get some ridiculous photos and put on your blagging shoes. It's not like he will remember anything from the night before anyway, might as well wake him up with a scare!

Standing Out

If you've gone for a paintball weekend, then make sure everyone else is aware and buy him a hi vis jacket and trousers, as well as wrist bands, a head band and anything else you can get your hands on. Hats off if you find a luminous jockstrap! 

Hi Vis Jacket

The Dwarf

There are many stories of little people being hired for these events, often in fancy dress. Possibly the most well known is the little man who dressed up as a smurf and held the grooms hand the entire night. You can have fun with the theme, so have a think of what you'd like them to dress up as.


Fake Tan

He has no choice in the matter anyway. Buy the most dark orange colour possible and lay on a thick amount, making sure to leave it on way too long on the face. He will look like someone straight out of TOWIE...perfect!

fake tan

Fake Visa

If you are leaving the country then you can really get his nerves up high. Have someone create a fake visa document, with everyone's details written down. As you are on the way to the airport, check everyone has their visa document. As the main man claims he doesn't have one, all try to convince him it should be fine but discuss potential alternatives if you can't get through. Try to hold the joke for as long as possible. If he goes the entire holiday not knowing he didn't need a visa, well done! Most cave in once you arrive at security.

fake visa


Hire a stripper with a hidden surprise. As long as she is convincing, don't let her reveal the truth until late on. As long as he has had a good few drinks, he shouldn't notice straight away, as many of them really do look the part. Or you could go even further and make it very obvious she is a he.


Lost In Translation

This will work best if you are celebrating somewhere a bit further from your home town, but the aim is to convince him that he is in the wrong area. Whether standing on his own at the airport terminal or at the wrong train station, call him up and sound frustrated that he is late and no where to be seen. 

lost in an airport

Food Challenge

Now this is the kind of prank I would appreciate. If you don't feel like being too harsh and you want everyone to get involved, why not setup a food challenge. Get yourself to a restaurant and lay down the challenge to everyone. 

food challenge with burgers

Chilli Him Up

Make sure not to get any on yourself, but place it under his nose, on his hands and...well, you know where. If you don't want to accidently touch anything, just chuck the whole thing down there. 

hot chilli prank

Bringing the Wife-to-Be Along

With all of this ‘prank’ talk, it goes without saying that there is going to be unexpected things taking place throughout the stag weekend, and on the stag’s list of things he would least expect, it has to be the appearance of his wife-to-be… so just like some sort of twisted episode of ‘Sun, Sea, Sex and Suspicious Parents’, have her turn up and scare him more than being kidnapped would!

bring the wife along

Getting Legless 

Now this is one we’ve seen floating about the internet quite a lot, so we thought it warranted a place in our own guide – but is admittedly going to be very hard to pull off. During the stag do, the stag is probably going to drink so much he gets ‘legless’, but how about really making that happen… sort of. Obviously you’re not going to cut his legs off, but instead hope for him to pass out in the hotel and then (very carefully) proceed to wrap his leg in a cast – filling him with stories of how he broke it during the night when he wakes up. Sourcing materials, keeping him asleep and getting him to believe it all for more than 20 seconds may be tough – but if it works, it will be legendary!

There you have it, more than enough pranks to get your teeth in to and keep the stag looking over his shoulder… But we know that there is a whole load more out there, and so don’t hold back and let us know, because you could see it highlighted right here. Or even better, film or photo yourself doing one, and you could become a #StagLegend yourself! 

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