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Everyone loves a wedding, and why shouldn't they? It really is a special day for all involved, least not the bride and groom, who have most likely dropped a fair amount of wedge on the day to celebrate their coming together in holy matrimony. 

However, when the excitement settles after the initial engagement, and after you've somehow survived a weekend in Riga, the realisation that you still need to attend the wedding itself will dawn on you. Especially if you take a look at this infographic and discover, *gulp*, the real cost of attending a wedding:

The Infographic

Costs of weddings

Before The Big Day

Travel - £100

Getting to the church on time can prove costly, especially if part of your journey includes car, train, bus or even a plane.

-- One in five weddings take place abroad --

Accommodation - £200

Travelling a long distance for the wedding? You'll need somewhere to lay your head for two to three days.

-- The average Briton will attend 15 weddings in their lifetime --

Food & Drink - £75

Dining out can soon add up, and if you need to eat over the course of two days, even takeaways will add up.

-- 1 in 10 Londoners spend more than £300 on their outfit --

On The Big Day

Wedding Gifts - £75

The wedding gift registry is a minefield and if you're really unfortunate you may end up paying £200 for a pewter butter dish.

-- 13% of people refuse to attend weddings due to the costs involved --

More Drinks - £60

Yes, the days of the free wedding bar are a distant memory and a £6 G&T is an all too current memory.

-- 44% of us would spend less on a gift if we were hard up --

Best Man / Maid Of Honour - £300

Having a role to play in your best friend's big day is an honour, however more costs may come with it, for example paying your friend's place on the stag or hen do, as well as your new suit or dress.

Childcare / Petcare - £100

Bringing the kids can be an added expense, but then so is arranging care for them if you don't have family to lend a helping hand. Same for pets.

Added Extras

Stag or Hen Weekend - £420

For most people a night down the local just won't cut it for their stag or hen do, including travel and everything else and it's a pretty penny.

-- Women spend, on average, 19% more than men to attend weddings --

Annual Leave - £210

While taking time off work doesn't cost you anything per se, you may have to take unpaid leave if you can't book the dates off.

-- 78% of people feel pressure to spend money on a wedding --

Wedding Photos - £60

And finally, just when you thought that was your lot, the wedding photos do the rounds and you just can't help but buy the ones where you look best.

Total Cost = £1,850

Why book with The Stag Company?

When it comes to the crunch, booking a weekend for your best friend can be a big, nay, gargantuan task! Where to go? What to do? What's good? What's bad? How many people will come? How do I pay for all this?

Relax with The Stag Company

We can answer all of those questions and more for you, so if you were worrying, it's time to stop, and time to speak to those in the know; The Stag Company! We've sorted plenty of stag do's in our time, and now it's time to welcome you to the family.

Reasons to choose us

  • A single £50 deposit secures your weekend
  • We are ABTA bonded; offering your financial protection
  • We've been in the business for over ten years
  • Our PartyHub allows you to manage your booking online
  • Our instalment plans allow you to pay what you want, when you want
  • Above all, we do all of the hard work for you!
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