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All our action stag weekend activities

From stag do classics like paintballing and go-karting through to something off the beaten path like extreme dodgems these are activities that get the pulse racing, the heart pumping and other nouns verbing.

So whether you’re a bunch of adrenaline junkies after the next rush, or just looking to up the pace on an otherwise chilled weekend, these are the activities for you guys!

  • Airsoft

    There’s paintball and then there’s airsoft – the one where you still get to pretend you’ve been dropped inside a mission on Call of Duty or the climactic scene in the latest blockbuster of a war film, but don’t have to deal with the splattering’s of paint ruining your hair for the night out. The two are very similar though, however many say that airsoft is more “serious.” We’re not too sure about that, what we are sure about is that if you get hit by one of the pellets (on exposed skin) it hurts.

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  • Archery

    If you and your merry band of men like the idea of hamming around like Robin Hood, then you will love this stag weekend activity. More difficult than it looks to even hit the target though, you’ll never a steady hand and will need to everything the instructor says. So that definitely means watching the booze the night before this one!

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  • Assault Course

    Most of us have been on an assault course in our younger days. If you’ve never experienced one then all you need to know is that it’s a special sort of trail that combines running and exercising and is definitely not for the faint hearted. Especially the ones that make you run through mud and walk across very high rope bridges. Each assault course at each venue will be different. Some put emphasis on fun and overcoming obstacles, whilst helping your mates along the way. Whereas some may seem simple but you may find that they are more physically demanding than they look!

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  • Go Karting Indoor

    Race to the finish as you and the lads compete for the podium places on our indoor go karting sessions. There must be a reason why go karting is so popular for stag weekends and we can see why that is. What’s not to like about burning round the track and leaving all your mates eating dust in the process?  It’s not that you don’t like them, nah. You love your mates and would do a lot for them (we say a lot because let’s face it, there’s some things we wouldn’t.) It’s just that when it comes to driving – and driving fast. We have to prove to our mates that we’re the best. So whilst the realm of racing actual Formula fast cars is beyond the reaches of most of us. We don’t care: we’ve got go karts the poor man’s Ferrari. So buckle up and brace yourself for stag weekend that’s all about speed (the legal kind) and fun times with your favourite mates. 

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  • Go Karting Outdoor

    One of the all-time classic stag do activities. Outdoor go karting is a well-loved, adrenaline-fuelled, pedal to the metal exciting activity from start to finish. Except for the fact that nobody likes finishing last (go karting for otherwise) especially on a stag weekend where bragging rights count for everything. It’s also a chance to show everyone in your group that when it comes to driving, you’re not to be messed with. You know how to drive and you know how to drive well. You had a dream where you beat Schumacher in a race once. That’s how good a driver you are, but you’re not going to tell your mates that part (not sober any way!)

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  • Power Boats

    Zapcats aren't tame pussies,  there were in fact developed from lifesaving surf rescue crafts and have been designed to cope with pretty much all sea conditions from flat calm lakes to large breaking surf. Seriously, they rocket across the water at breakneck speed and unless you’ve done zapcatting before then we’re pretty sure you won’t have experienced anything quite like this!

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  • Rally Driving

    If you have ever fancied yourself as a Sébastien Loeb, then this activity is for you! You and your mates will be taught some real rally driver techniques before being given the chance to try them out for yourself. So prepare to get behind the wheel and rev your engine because this stag weekend will be all about living in the fast lane. 

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  • Tank Driving

    Most of us have driven a tank in Grand Theft Auto but how many of us have actually driven one in real life? Chances are not many. So if you’ve always wanted to make that wartime fantasy a memorable reality then this stag do activity can make all your badass, tank driving, Band of Brothers day dreams come true!

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