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Spent a week in Prague for a our stag, Charlotte was the event planner very helpful with any changes, Ditta was the tour guide who was excellent, showing us around the city and the best clubs suited for stags. Recommend this site and Prague to everyone!

- dan

Trending stag activities in Prague

Prague, the City of a Thousand Spires, has a Gothic, old-world charm, which blends perfectly with the crazy activities and free-flowing beer that make it so enticing for stag groups.

Trending Prague stag weekend packages

For those of you who can’t decide what to do whilst in this incredible city, why not check out our stag package options? Our popular Prague Shooting & Nightlife Stag Weekend Package includes an exhilarating AK-47 shooting experience, a crazy city bar crawl and entry to a sexy and sophisticated lap dancing club. You’ll also get return transfers, in addition to 2 nights' accommodation. On the other hand, if you prefer something a little more unique, then take advantage of the Prague Jelly Wrestling Stag Weekend Package, where you’ll watch some weird and wonderful jelly wrestling, partake in some boozy bar trips and enjoy some of Prague’s sexiest ladies with a visit to a gentlemen’s club. You’ll also get transfers and accommodation thrown in to top it off!

Most popular Prague stag accommodation

Prague stag do guide

Offering more unique stag activities than many British cities, and arguably most other European cities too, stag do's in Prague have developed an incredible reputation over the years and we’re proud to have played a part in so many of them. The city continues to be one of our most popular stag weekend destinations in Europe and it’s not hard to see why.

What with the super-cheap beer prices (about £1.60 a pint, £3.50 for a kebab) and a pretty relaxed attitude to those coming to party hearty, Prague is the place to be for alcohol-induced stag shenanigans. It’s also the place to book some seriously weird and wonderful activities, with everything from female jelly wrestling, stripper river cruises and awesome gun firing sessions at the shooting range on the menu.

Great if you are looking for

  • Cheap beer – like seriously cheap beer…
  • Activities that are more spicy, weird and exciting than you’ll get in the UK
  • Easy and inexpensive to get to, and a breeze to get around the legendary nightlife
City image

Getting around

Depending on which airport you fly from, Prague is around two to three hours from London, and it’s also well-served by other regional airports from Birmingham to Manchester. Your group should have no problems at all booking inexpensive flights at good timings. 

Once you’ve landed, and managed to get the groom through passport control in his comedy outfit, the easiest way to get from the airport into central Prague is by taxi. It’s about 11 miles to the Old Town, 30 minutes longer in rush hour. Expect to pay around 750 Czech crowns, equivalent to £26.50 and will take around 35 minutes, and similar price for an Uber. Important to note guys: In Prague, the currency is CZK, though some places will accept Euros. Make sure you have both to be on the safe side.

The cheapest way into town is aboard the Airport Express shuttle buses, which leaves from outside Terminal 1 where you’ll land if arriving from the UK. The public bus / Metro is also cheap, but a bit of a hassle. Or - simply let us arrange your airport transfers for you. Cost-effective, convenient and no waiting around. Of if you want to really splash the cash, we can arrange your pick-up to be a limo with a stripper waiting inside to surprise the groom! You'll even get a bottle of bubble in the limo ready to pop.

Prague is a wonderfully walkable city. In fact, most visitors prefer to get around on foot because there are so many pedestrian zones and interesting architectural sights that you might miss if you were in a car. If you do decide to walk around, remember that in the Czech Republic it is illegal to cross at a pedestrian crossing on a red man. If you are caught doing this, you’ll incur a fine.

You can also make use of Prague’s excellent public transport network. 120CZK will purchase you a 1-day travelcard which allows you to use the trams, buses and Metro with unlimited switching between them. Remember to validate your ticket in one of the machines either inside trams and buses, or at the Metro entrance. 3-day, and 90-minute passes, are also available. The Metro stops running at midnight, but there are night trams running a select few popular routes every 30 minutes from then on until 4.30am.

Public transport travelcards also cover the Petrin Funicular, which takes you from the Lesser Town (across the river from the Old Town) up to the summit of Petrin Hill. You’ve got landscaped gardens to explore, a lookout tower, and a maze. The views, of course, are lovely. Nice thing to do on a clear day if you want a chilled one.

Lastly, a quick note about taxis: you won’t have any problems hailing them on the street, but make sure it’s an actual taxi, and agree the fare before you get in. Sadly it’s not uncommon to get taken for more of a ride than you anticipated.

Tips and ideas

Prague is absolutely brimming with weird and wonderful stag experiences for different types of groups to enjoy. From an AK-47 and Pistol Shooting Experience to a Brewery Tour, you’ve got all your classic European stag do activities in Prague. However, we strongly suggest that you absorb some of the culture that Prague has to offer, lads. We’re not suggesting that you spend an afternoon going around the museums of course. Instead, we recommend that you book a sightseeing River Cruise with Unlimited Drinks.

Keep an eye out for all the odd baby sculptures dotted all around town, from the crawling babies in Ostrov Kampa to on the side of Zizkov tower. These are all a creation of David Cerny, a legend of the city and feels very horror film based.

The city does boast some stunning sights and interesting history though, from the castle to the Charles Bridge, the iconic Lennon Wall to the astronomical clock and the bizarre Dancing House. Keep your eyes open while walking around in the daytime. We're happy to say all the construction work on the Astronomical Clock has finally finished, as many people over the past few years didn't get to see it with the clock hidden behind a sheet, but it's now out and about. Heads up though, I wouldn't go out of your way to see this landmark, there are many more unique and unusual things to do. 

If you fancy trying something a little different on your weekend away, then you could purchase some Czech League Ice Hockey Tickets - it’s one of the country’s most popular sports so a good atmosphere is assured. Or, if football is more your thing, then Czech League Football Tickets can be easily obtained as well.

Thrill-seekers can book Bungee Jumping or a Sky Diving Experience on a Czech Republic stag do. Another activity worth considering is an Escape Room. Well-known now, the clue is in the name. They see you and the lads locked in a room where you’ll have to solve a series of puzzles, challenges, riddles and find keys so that you can get out. The catch? You have to do it in 60 minutes. This is great fun and with plenty of different rooms to try out, so you could split into two teams and race to see who gets out first. It’s a great icebreaker if not all the members in the group know each other that well.

Of course, given the price of a pint in Prague, we know you’ll probably want at least a few activities built around drinking, so the Beer Bus is a great way to explore the city, have a laugh with the whole group and drink copious amounts of beer as you go. This activity lasts 2 hours, and unlike the old school Beer Bikes you won't have to pedal your way through town, instead you can pour youself a beer, whack on that stag do playlist you've created and take in the sights that Prague has to offer. Don't worry, you won't be in charge of the vehicle, so you don't  have to worry about getting a bit tipsy because there will always be a driver included.  This is easily one of the most popular stag do activities in Prague, so we'd strongly recommend it.

The newcomer to the beer/vehicle combo is the Beer Cycle Boat, take in the views and pedal your way down the famous Vltava river with 30 litres of beer included to keep you all going. 

If we've learned anything about Prague, it's that the beer in the Czech Republic is second to none and you're spoilt for choice while in this beautiful city. If you've had a few Staropramen and appreciate the flavour, then you might want to give the Staropramen brewery tour a try. This is a good day time activity and normally takes the group around one hour to get around, while you will also have a couple of beers included with your ticket. If you want, you can also consider adding in a two-course meal to your brewery trip, helping you to soak up the beers a little and prevent the group from peaking too early.

All stags need food, so let us help you out and pre arrange a meal on your stag weekend. Sound a bit boring? Not only will you each receive a delicious steak meal and two beers, you will also be treated to a 15 minute strip show to spice things up. Well you are in Prague after all!


The best stag do bars in Prague are gathered around two key areas: the Old Town, and the New Town (actually a misleading name, it dates to the 14th century. Feel free to impress the lads with that little factoid on the taxi into town). The two areas are situated close to each other, with Wenceslas Square in the New Town just a 15-minute walk from the Old Town. If you get separated, the statue of St. Wenceslas on his horse tends to be a popular meeting spot.

We always recommend that guys on a Prague stag do book a Guided Pub Crawl through us at least for their first night, to ensure that they get safely from place to place without any hassle. Our friendly, knowledgeable and all-round fantastic guides will take the time to get to know your group and escort you to bars and clubs that they think everyone in the group will enjoy. So, expect an awesome ‘catered to you’ nightlife experience if you book through us!

Wenceslas Square is lined with cool bars and clubs. Names to look out for include Anonymous Shrink's Office, a stylish cocktail bar, and Duplex, which is without doubt among the best nightclubs in Prague. If you’re having a summer stag do in Prague then you can sit out for lunch or dinner on the terrace before it transforms into one of the city’s hottest nightspots. Wenceslas Square is also where you’ll find the legendary Goldfingers, the city’s most famous gentlemen’s club. 

In the Old Town (Staré Mesto) you’ve got no end of traditional pubs, mixed with a number of upmarket joints, for a slightly more refined ambience. This, in our opinion, is the best area of Prague for a stag night. Here, think about venues including what we think is the coolest bar in Prague: Hangar. Harking back to the golden age of aviation, it’s a blend of cocktail bar, restaurant and wild club vibes - fire-breathing bartenders only add to the madness. 

The Pub Praha - don’t be fooled by the bland name - is always popular with our groups. It’s among the top stag restaurants and bars in Prague, showing the footie on big screens, with great burgers, jukebox access from your own touch panel and, best of all, your table has its very own beer tap, so there’s no need to worry about whose round it is next. 

Finish your night in Karlovy Lazne, a massive (five floors!) housed in an ancient bath house. Each room features a different type of music so all the gang can do their own thing if preferred. But, reputedly, this is the biggest nightclub in Europe, so we suggest arranging a rendezvous before you arrive.


Why is Prague so good for a stag do?

Prague stag do’s enjoy a legendary, well-earned reputation. Not entirely without controversy, it has to be said, and they have cracked down in recent years on badly behaved groups. But overall the capital of the Czech Republic is very welcoming to stags. 

As for why it’s so famous: the beer is good, and very cheap. The bars and clubs are some of the best in Europe. There’s beautiful architecture all around making it feel very special. And of course you’vre got all your traditional stag do activities in Prague along with many that are a lot crazier than you’d get in the UK. Think shooting ranges, strippers on party boats, even beautiful women wrestling in jelly for your entertainment.

Where is your Prague stag accommodation?

We’re well aware that the location of our Prague stag hotels is all-important. No-one wants to be stuck too far away from the action, which is why we’ll accommodate you within a 25 minute walk of the main stag areas in Prague: the Old Town or Wenceslas Square. At most, you’ll be a short taxi ride away. 

And in case you were wondering, yes we do have a wide range of Prague stag accommodation to suit every budget. So no matter when your group is coming and how much you have to spend, you can be confident we’ll find you the right hotel in the right place.

Best bars in Prague for a stag do?

Yikes - if we were to answer that question fully we’d need a couple of hours. Essentially, the best stag do bars in Prague are clustered around two key areas: the Old Town (Staré Mesto), and Wenceslas Square in the New Town. There are no end of stag-friendly bars and clubs between the two areas, which are located a short walk from each other. Among our favourites are Hangar, with its super-stylish aviation-themed cocktail lounge, and the Pub, which offers beer on tap right at your table! 

Our Prague stag do planners are at hand throughout the lead-up to your trip, and they have up-to-date information on all the best nightspots in Prague for stag groups. We also suggest booking a guided bar crawl for your first night, as it will help you get your bearings, and ensure you have no problems getting into venues.

Do your Prague stag do packages include flights?

No, we never include flights in any of our stag do packages. The reason for that is very simple: it will save you money. Why pay us to spend time browsing the web for the best flight deals when you can very easily do it yourselves through a site such as Skyscanner

Start your search around four months before departure to find the cheapest deals, and remember that if your Prague stag do falls in peak season such as August or around Christmas, flights get more expensive.

What to do on a stag weekend in Prague?

As our Prague stag do organisers can often be overheard telling people on the phone, the difficulty in Prague is not so much choosing what to do, so much as what to leave out. Prague has all your classic stag do activities: Go Karting, Casinos, Quad Biking. But also many that go way beyond what you’d find in the UK: think Shooting Range Experiences, or Party Boats with strippers aboard.

You can catch a game of ice hockey or football, as we can easily arrange tickets for you and the lads. Or another ever-popular stag do activity in Prague is the Brewery Tour, which naturally includes a couple of drinks at the end. 

Where to eat on a Prague stag do?

There are stacks of great, stag-friendly restaurants in Prague to choose from. Some of our favourite places include the summer terrace at Duplex, which transforms into a club in the evenings, and the Pub, which serves delicious burgers - ideal when you’ve got our own personal beer tap at your table. Got something specific in mind? Our expert stag do planners are always happy to recommend somewhere based on their years of experience and can even pre arrnage a meal for you as part of your package. 

What should we eat in Prague?

We have a number of venues who are stag-friendly and can serve your group some tasty grub before the drinks come in, whether you're looking for something traditionally Czech or want something a bit more wild such as Hooters.

One of the most famous dishes in the country is Sví?ková, which is a creamy sauce made from cream and root vegetables, while it's often served with some bread dumplings. This tastes amazing and is a great light eat, whether as a starter or for someone who's feeling a bit fragile the morning after the night before.

Prague is also known for steak tartare, a popular dish but it won't suit everyone. The raw ground beef is served with a raw egg yolk, as well as a number of other ingredients such as onion, pepper and Worcestershire sauce.

But for those less risky, leave it with us to plan out your burgers and chips or cheesy Mexican dishes, all will taste sublime without the risk factor.

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