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Flexible payments!

- 0% interest monthly payments

Price match promise

- if you find a like-for-like stag do for less, we'll match it!
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Apartments: Our friendly ground agents in Bratislava are well placed to find the best place for your stag group to stay. All of the apartment premises have a private bathroom and a fully equipped kitchen, so everything will be available to help you and the rest of the lads to make the most of your stay. Linen and towels are provided so you’ll have more room in your suitcase to pack what you fancy! Most of the apartments also have free WiFi so you can post hilarious photos of the weekend at your leisure! The premises will be within 20 minutes’ walk from the city centre so you won’t have to trek too far to get back for a rest after a day of exploring or a night on the town. In addition, a friendly and knowledgeable rep will be on hand for your group, to ensure that you will always have someone who can offer peace of mind during your stay.

Bratislava Transport

Heading to Bratislava for the stag do? Then public transport is a solid choice for your big weekend. It's convenient and an easy way to get around the city with your crew.


Whether you’re using buses, trams or trolleybuses, Bratislava's public transport system has got your back! These transport options will cover off all the major spots you'll want to check out during your weekend. Plus, they run frequently, so you won't have to wait around for ages, meaning more time for beers!


When it comes to tickets, you can grab them from ticket machines, at bus or tram stops, or even from newsstands. Make sure to validate your ticket once you board, unless you're using a contactless card, in which case you're all good to go. Just tap and you'll be set.


Travelling around Bratislava using the city’s public transport network won't burn a hole in your wallet. The fares are very reasonably priced and will fit right into your budget. Whatsmore, you can buy a ticket for a specific duration, like an hour or a day, so you have the freedom to ride as much as you want during your time here! Nice and easy. 

Parking in Bratislava

We can’t imagine that you’ll be taking a road trip all the way from the UK to Bratislava, but never say never! If you are planning on driving in this Slovakian city, then do be aware that it will be challenging, due to narrow streets and heavy traffic. Also, bear in mind that there are lots of one way streets and road construction sites in the city centre, which can make navigation difficult. 


There are several car parks in Bratislava, including the Aupark Bratislava-Petržalka, which has over 2200 parking spaces in five zones. Some zones are free for the entire week, while parking in other zones is free for the first three hours and then costs €3 for every additional hour. Other car parks in Bratislava include the Eurovea, Central and Techpark car parks. Do make sure you do your research on these parking zones and car parks beforehand to avoid any hefty fines. 


We would always recommend avoiding driving around Bratislava to eliminate any stress; you’re on a stag do afterall, and don’t want to spend your time driving around, trying to locate a parking space. It’s far easier to fly to Bratislava and use the excellent public transport network to get around for the big stag weekend! 

Types of Accommodation

When it comes to finding a decent place to stay in Bratislava, look no further than our top selection of accommodation options! Whether you’re looking for chilled and friendly hostels, comfortable hotels or a luxury apartment, you can rely on The Stag Company to sort out you and your crew! 


Hostels in Bratislava are an awesome choice for those budget-conscious lads. There’s a great choice of cool spots that offer dormitory-style rooms or private rooms for you and your group. Expect the likes of social spaces where you can meet fellow travellers and hang out before hitting the town. Plus, they're super affordable and located in prime locations, so you won't have to stumble too far to find a watering hole.


If you're after a bit more comfort and privacy, then not to worry! Bratislava boasts some great hotels too. You can find options for every budget, from cosy boutique hotels to larger chain hotels. These places hook you up with comfy beds, private bathrooms, and cool amenities such as bars and onsite restaurants. Plus, they're often situated near to, or within the city centre, so you'll be close to all the action.


And finally, there’s self-catered apartments! This type of accommodation offers the ultimate freedom and gives you and your stag pack the chance to take things at your own pace. Here, you’ll have all the amenities you need, including a kitchenette where you can cook up your own meals, along with living areas, bedrooms and bathrooms. 

Accommodation FAQ

Stag Hotels In Bratislava

We know how important it is for your stag group to make the most of your time in Bratislava, so the hotels we use here are within 20 minutes' walk from the city centre. The premises have a staffed reception and there is a private bathroom in every room. WiFi will be available throughout your stay and those holiday essentials like hairdryers and irons are either stored in the rooms, or available upon request from reception. In addition to the reception staff, our ground agents in this location supply a friendly and knowledgeable rep for each of our groups, so you will always have someone to hand who knows the city and can offer you peace of mind during your stay.

How Easy Is It To Travel Around?

It's not too difficult, but it can be made a whole lot easier if you get yourself a Bratislava Card. This gives you free access to public transport, as well as discount at a number of tourist attractions, making it a popular option for those that are prepared when visiting.

If I Just Get A Bit Of Time Doing Touristy Bits, What Should I Do?

Your stag weekend will undoubtedly be full of wild activities, from beer bikes to white water rafting, gun firing to strippers, but considering you're travelling half the way across Europe, it can be tempting to sneak in some sights before you head home. If you're working on a limited time availability, then we would first recommend seeing Bratislava Castle, as it will be the thing you would get asked about visiting the area. It's free to go to the castle, while you get views across the whole city, making this an absolute must. Old Town is also very distinguished, with stunning architecture and makes for some great photos. Walking along the cobbled streets, alongside the colourful buildings and with the castle in the background, you couldn't feel further from home. You could also have a walk up the Tower of Michael's Gate, offering some more great views. Whatever you do, make sure to book your lunch or dinner with us, especially if the group is pretty big. Hoping to find a venue that can cater for 12 people on the day is near impossible and you don't want the whole group going starving, so then you can fit the tourist attractions and activities around your set meals. Plus the set meals often come with a cheeky beverage, winning!

Where Is Best To Stay?

We will always try to find the best option to fit your budget and your needs. With stag parties, you're slightly more limited than your average holiday, as the majority of hotels and stag houses will turn you away if they realise you're a stag group, which is why we work closely with our hotels and apartments to ensure they're happy to cater and won't let anyone down. The Old Town is a popular spot for many, just a short walk from the historic centre. You will find a number of bars and restaurants, so you can easily pop out for food and a few beers when the group needs. This can be useful if people are getting up at different times the next day and a few people want to head for breakfast while the others lay in bed recoveringOf course, Old Town does attract the tourists, so an alternative option is Palisady, which certainly offers some style with the Presidential palace on your doorstep. We're not promising you'll be joined on your stag do by the President of Slovakia, but you can't rule it out! This area has a number of parks, great if you feel the need to get outside the morning after. There are also a fair few hostels offering decent rates in this area. Petrzalka is the communist area, definitely short on tourists and more full of locals, but it offers much cheaper prices, so if budget is your main goal then this can be an option to consider. Considering you'd be a little further from the main town, you would then take the tram or a bus to get to town in just a few minutes.

Is 3 Days In Bratislava Enough?

It all depends on how many activities you want to include in your wild weekend. Every group is different, some are happy to spend most of the time in bars getting off their faces, while others want to action-pack the whole weekend with go karting and bubble football. Whatever you want to do, our expert planners can help build out the timings and work out what you can fit in on each day, which will shape how long you should stay for. One thing to remember is that you should do the active adrenaline-packed activities preferably on the first day, when you don't have a hangover. Leave it till the last day and all the beer will be sloshing around, it's not a good plan. Of course, there are more slow paced hilarious activities that could be done on the final day, such as car smash, where you literally smash a car to bits! Or a 5-a-side football match can be a great way to burn off the hangover, before the beers start flowing again.

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