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Gaelic Games stag weekends: What to expect

When in Rome do as the Romans do. Well, when in Ireland do as the Irish do. Taste what constitutes as a sport on the emerald isle with Gaelic Games. Play Gaelic football and see if it really is as easy as football but able to use hands. Hurling is a terrifying sport with an insane skill ability. It is like hockey in the air. The ball flies around at incredible speeds and the best players in the world have unbelievable ball control. Gaelic handball is a similar game to squash but instead of a racquet, you use your hand instead. With knowing all this one thing is needed to take part in Gaelic games, and that is hand-eye coordination.

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The activity starts with a look at the games and how they are played. You will also get to review some video packages so you understand how the sports are played and what is expected of you. Then you hit the pitches to try them for yourselves. There will be plenty of stag related fun, but the main aim is for you to immerse yourself in Gaelic sport. If you are a group of sports-mad lads then it is always exciting learning about a new one to see how you fare. Well, this is your chance!

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