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Hovercrafts stag weekends: What to expect

Hovercrafts are half-futuristic, half-retro and all cool. There’s just something about the ability to seamlessly glide over land and water that captures the imagination. And now on your stag do you can get behind the wheel of one of these beauties. You’ll quickly realise that they can be challenging to master, the steering in particular is hard to get the hang of – it’s like steering a car on ice, but more difficult. And you won’t be helped by all your mates watching and taking the piss at your coordination or lack thereof. But once you’ve got the hang of things you’ll be throwing your weight around like a natural.

This is the perfect activity for a group of thrill-seeking lads who want to try something new. With powerful 4 stroke engines these unique vehicles are deceptively fast. And once you’re up to speed you’ll be taking to the course, which covers both land and sea. Each member of your group will get a go at this activity, and everyone’s timed – so naturally, as a bunch of guys; things are likely to get a little competitive. Just keep that in mind that if you come in last place, you’re likely to be the butt of more than a few jokes for the rest of the weekend.

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Ok, if you hadn't guessed already I'm not talking about the type of skirts that make your legs the envy of women, but the skirts of a hovercraft that allow you to float, fly, drive... whatever you call it across and over pretty much anything. Stag do ideas don't come much more crazy.

You will have the necessary safety briefing and crash course before being set free on your new found love mobile. Let me tell you that controlling a hovercraft is a complete nightmare and by the end of the session your craving for skirts will be replaced by a longing for wheels and tires. Well maybe...

Once you get the hang of controlling the hovercraft you can tackle the specially designed course or go head-to-head with other stag party hovercrafters. These light weight machines can be pushed in excess of 30mph which will get your adrenaline boiling over, not to mention a monkey grin appearing from ear to ear.

For three to four hours hovercrafts will be your best friend delivering pure excitement and every stag do needs excitement... and skirts.

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Quad Biking, Hovercrafting and Clay Pigeon Shooting were great fun, the venue I went to (Bristol) was definitely not bottom of the barrel, the staff knew what they were doing and all my guys were happy with the experience. No one had tried hovercrafting before and everyone had a blast! We all got our money's worth. - Marcos De Jesus (Stag Company Trust Pilot)

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