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The Joker Inspired Stag do weekend that lets you and your mates clown around like Arthur Fleck

Even if you haven’t seen the latest Gotham City flick, ‘The Joker’, you’ll undoubtedly have heard the rave reviews, seen hundreds of Insta photos of the famous Bronx steps, and learned about Joaquin Pheonix’s incredible portrayal of Arthur Fleck, aka The Joker.

Now you and your mates can have the chance to re-create what has been dubbed a cult classic, by tapping into your inner dark clown - and in true rebellion style, you could expect to smash up cars, spend a night in prison and soak up the atmosphere at a comedy club – and it’s the kind of weekend that gags, adrenaline and thrill seeking are made for!!

So, if you and the lads are up for a Joker inspired weekend, we’re now offering the following Joker inspired packages.

Amsterdam - The Joker Package


The Joker Tribute Package consists of some of the weird and wonderful delights that Amsterdam has to offer and is perfect for fans of the hit blockbuster movie that burst onto our screens this year, Joker. You’re bound to love this two-night stay in the vibrant city of Amsterdam with excellent activities that mirror Arthur Fleck’s complicated journey into becoming Joker, and it’s a fantastic excuse to dress up!
You’ll go back to where it all began for Arthur, as you mark the creation of Joker at a hilarious night in a comedy club where the stand-ups are bound to get a better reception than poor Arthur did! Channel your inner Joker and unleash any pent-up rage as you and the lads try Car Smash, an activity that allows you to do exactly what it says on the tin. We’ll also arrange an Escape Room for your stag group to enjoy. You’ll have to work together and complete a series of puzzles, questions and riddles in order to escape within the given time limit. Joker managed to escape from the police, will you manage to escape too?

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Riga – The Joker Package


The Joker Tribute Package in Riga consists of a two-night stay in the city and some wonderfully dark and unique activities that will allow you to emulate scenes from the hit blockbuster film, Joker. Plus, a Joker themed stag weekend is a great way of ensuring that the stag embraces fancy dress because who wouldn’t want to dress up as the Joker?! Once the stag adopts his new identity as Joker, the Kidnap the Stag activity will ensure that the stag has a real glimpse into how Arthur Fleck felt as he was apprehended by the police. If you and the lads are keen on stitching up the stag, then this activity will definitely do the trick! Don’t worry, the stag is not the only one who will be living the (faux) criminal lifestyle. The Night in Prison activity is an extreme, unique stag do experience that the whole group can embrace. You'll all be taken to a former Russian military base and prison where you’ll be interrogated as prisoners, subjected to medical assessment and put through your paces during inmate exercise! After this, you’ll be set loose to occupy original cells and locked up for the night. The package also includes a trip to an Escape Room where your logic, common sense and teamwork skills will be tested. Arthur Fleck, AKA Joker, managed to escape after being arrested, but will you escape the room in time?

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Bristol - The Joker Package


Fans of the hit blockbuster sensation, Joker, should head to Bristol for our Joker Tribute Package. Not only will you get a two-night stay, but you’ll also be able to take part in some fantastic activities that emulate some of the scenes from the film. Go a step further and embrace the themed stag weekend by ensuring that everyone dresses up!
Head to where it all began for Arthur Fleck and spend an evening in a comedy club. Get ready for a night of side-splitting comedy that is bound to get a better reception than Joker did! You’ll also be heading to a Horror Escape Room which is a thrilling and terrifying activity amongst stag groups. You and the lads will have to work together in order to escape before time runs out. During the hit film, Joker set our pulses racing as he did his upmost to escape from the police, he succeeded. Will you proved that you’re as skilled and that you can escape too? Finally, to tie in with the theme of rebellion, we’ll arrange an Axe Throwing, Clay Pigeon Shooting and Quad Biking Experience for you to enjoy.

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Brighton – The Joker Package

Brighton Joker Package

If you're a fan of the hit blockbuster movie, Joker, then you need to head to Brighton and try our fantastic Joker Tribute Package. You’ll get a two-night stay in the vibrant, sea-side city as well as some exciting activities that will give you a chance to mirror some of the scenes from the film! Don’t forget to bring your costumes and really make the most of this Joker themed stag weekend.
To honour Arthur Fleck’s true passion, comedy, you’ll be spending an evening in a comedy club. Get ready for a truly hilarious evening with stand-ups that are bound to get a better reception than Joker did! As well as this, we’ll organise you a trip to an Escape Room in Brighton where you and the stag group will try your best to escape as well, and as quickly, as Joker managed to when running from the police! Arthur Fleck embraces his new identity as Joker and falls into a life of crime. But, as we all know, no crime goes unpunished. So, you and the lads will be heading to the incredibly fun and unique Alcotraz for a Prison Cocktail Experience.

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Bratislava - The Joker Package


With our Joker Tribute Package in Bratislava, you’ll get a two-night stay in the city as well as some thrilling, super fun activities that will allow you and the rest of the stag group to channel your inner Joker. This package is perfect for stags who are fans of the hit movie and who would love nothing more than a themed stag weekend.
Arthur Fleck had to learn how to handle a powerful weapon, and you will too! You and the lads will get to try a Shooting Experience on your Bratislava stag weekend which is one of our most popular activities. One of the last scenes in Joker shows the anarchy erupting over the city as the Joker’s followers take to the streets to unleash their rage, you and the stag group will have the opportunity to emulate this scene with the Car Demolition activity. Finally, we’ll arrange for you to head to a Hostel Escape Room which is truly an escape room like no other! You’ll spend an exhilarating two-hours in a setting which is designed to terrify even the bravest of the group.

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