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Popular Cities in Latvia for a stag do


Riga, the vibrant capital city, is brimming with cultural attractions that will keep the whole group entertained. From thrilling stag do activities to unbeatable, buzzing nightlife, Riga has it all. Here’s a few suggestions on how to spend your stag weekend in Cardiff…

What can you do in Riga?

If you’re a cultural bunch and you fancy doing a spot of sightseeing and visiting some of Riga’s fantastic cultural and historical attractions, or if you simply need a breather from the epic stag do celebrations, then here are 8 great suggestions on how to spend your time in Riga…

  1. Riga Central Market
  2. Riga Old Town
  3. Riga Town Hall Square
  4. Riga Castle
  5. St Peter’s Church
  6. Cape Kolka
  7. Riga Motor Museum
  8. Rundāle Palace

Why is Latvia good for a Stag Do?

Latvia is a beautiful country that borders Lithuania, Estonia, Belarus and Russia. The combination of epic stag do activities, fantastic nightlife and plenty of cultural attractions ensure that Latvia is an incredible stag weekend destination. Here is a little more information on Latvia and why it’s such a great location for every type of stag group.

What's the culture like in Latvia?

If you and the lads enjoy soaking up a little culture, then you’ll be pleased to know that there are plenty of interesting sights to see, delicious food to taste and great activities to try in Latvia. So, if you’re keen on embracing Latvian culture on your stag weekend, then we’d highly recommend visiting Riga. Spend a little time wandering around the city and visit the most popular tourist attractions that the city has to offer. Here’s a little more information about Latvia which should help if you’re interested in finding out a little more about the nightlife, food, festivals and useful Latvian phrases.

What's the nightlife like in Latvia?

We understand that excellent nightlife is often considered to be a crucial component of creating a fantastic stag weekend which is why Latvia is such a great choice of location. In particular, we’d recommend heading to the vibrant city of Riga. There are plenty of buzzing pubs, bars and clubs for you and the lads to enjoy. This city truly has something for every group to enjoy!

How much is a pint of beer in Latvia?

Malduguns Tumšā Puse and Labietis Lentenu Kāvējs are popular beer choices in Latvia but you’ll find that there are plenty of other options for you to choose and enjoy. Depending on what part of Latvia you visit, the prices of a pint of beer may vary. However, on average the cost of a pint of beer is around £2.72.

What’s the food like in Latvia?

Latvian food is hearty and flavoursome which is perfect for lining your stomachs before a heavy night on the town. Karbonade is commonly referred to as the Latvian take on schnitzel. The dish is made up of thin pork cutlets being coated in flour, eggs and breadcrumbs then fried. A creamy mushroom sauce is poured over the pork cutlets and it’s usually served with potatoes, fresh vegetables and rye bread. Another popular dish in Latvia is beetroot soup served with rye bread. If you’re a fan of rye bread, then you’re in luck as rye bread is extremely popular in Latvia.

What’s the weather like in Latvia?

The climate in Latvia is very warm and dry during the summer months with cold winters. During the summer, temperatures typically tend to reach 20-25°C. However, highs of around 30°C or more have also been recorded. July is often the hottest month of the year whilst January tends to be the coldest. Latvia sees harsh winters with the temperature dropping far below zero. Rain, snow and strong, cold winds can be expected in the winter months. With this in mind, if you’re considering travelling to Latvia for your stag weekend, we’d certainly recommend visiting during the summer months.


When are the festivals on in Latvia that are suitable for a stag do?

Whether it’s all about music, food or beer, who doesn’t love a festival? We’ve compiled a list of festivals in Latvia that you might like to attend on your stag weekend in 2020…

  • Riga Whisky Festival (9th May)
  • Under Festival 2020 (21st – 24th May)
  • International Beer Festival; Latvia Beer Fest 2020 (22nd May)
  • Riga Jurmala Music Festival 2020 (10th July)
  • Riga City Festival (14th – 16th August)
  • Riga Food (9th – 12th September)


Useful Phrases

  • Yes = Jā
  • Please = Lūdzu
  • Thank you = Paldies
  • Good Morning = Labrīt
  • Good Afternoon = Labdien
  • Good Evening = Labvakar
  • Hello = Sveiki
  • How are you = Kā tev iet
  • Fine thanks and you = Lielisks paldies un jums
  • I understand = Es saprotu
  • I do not understand = ES nesaprotu
  • Do you speak English? = Vai tu runā angliski
  • I do not speak Latvian = Es nerunāju latviski
  • Nice to meet you = Prieks iepazīties
  • Pay please = Maksā lūdzu
  • Where is the bathroom? = Kur ir vannasistaba

Stitch up Phrase

Can I have a pint of cat sick please = Vai man var būt pinti kaķu slims, lūdzu

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