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Flexible payments!

- 0% interest monthly payments

Price match promise

- if you find a like-for-like stag do for less, we'll match it!
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London Stag Do Accommodation

If you’re planning a London stag weekend, bring your motion sickness pills, because this is a city that never stands still. But while London keeps going 24 hours a day, your group will need the occasional bit of shut-eye - and that’s where we come in.


Since 2004, The Stag Company has been helping people like you to organise amazing stag do’s in London. And during that time we’ve built up solid relationships with many recognised hotel brands across the city, so that we can offer your group brilliant deals. Whatever your budget looks like we have something that will appeal, from no-frills budget hotel brands that offer comfy beds, plump pillows and en suite bathrooms, to more luxurious properties.


Another accommodation option for your London stag is a self-catering apartment in too-cool-for-school Stratford. This way, you and the lads will have the freedom to sink a few beers in the communal kitchenette, whilst listening to your own tunes and sprucing up for the night ahead. You can also cook whatever you want for brekkie the next day, without the pressure of having to stick to hotel breakfast timings.


We only use accommodation options that are close to all the main areas that stag groups generally want to be in. So, there’s no need to worry about getting stuck in the back of beyond with a long transfer into the city every night.


Check-in for an epic London stag weekend is now open!

London Transport

London, the ultimate playground for stag do revelry, offers a public transport system that's your VIP pass to a legendary adventure. From South to North, East to West, the city's transport web ensures you and your squad conquer every corner, hassle-free. For those late-night escapades, London's buses are your 24/7 companions. The iconic double-deckers cruise through every nook and cranny of the city, ensuring you make it back to your base with ease. Night buses are your knights in shining armour, guarding your squad's journey back after the party ends.


When the night calls for luxury, London's iconic black cabs await. Hail one down for a stylish entrance or a comfortable cruise back to your accommodation. These drivers are your guides to navigating the city's nightlife in impeccable British fashion. As you weave through London's neighbourhoods, remember that Oyster cards and contactless payments are your magic wands. With a simple tap, you're free to explore London's legendary landmarks, from Buckingham Palace to the Shard, and everything in between. In a city pulsating with energy, London's public transport is your trusty wingman. It not only gets you from A to B but unveils the city's soul, a melting pot of cultures and experiences. Let us break down how to get around each iconic area:


West London Transport

Turn on the Westside charm with the District Line, stopping at Earl's Court and West Brompton. These stations offer quick access to the vibrant Chelsea and Fulham districts, perfect for indulging in upscale dining and chic bars. Hop onto the District Line, your chariot to West London magic. Earls Court Station welcomes you to a hub of excitement, with Chelsea's chic bars and Fulham's vibrant scene just a stroll away. Picture this: a pint in hand, squad by your side – you're unstoppable.


Need a royal vibe? The Piccadilly Line is your ride to Hammersmith, where riverside pubs and entertainment reign supreme. Catch a comedy show or share a laugh at local joints. And when the night's young, rest assured the night buses are your trusty steeds, guarding your journey back. But if you're craving a touch of elegance, London's iconic black cabs are at your service. Hail one down for a stylish ride, fit for stag legends. West London's public transport wraps the city in convenience, whisking you through its dynamic neighbourhoods, unforgettable experiences, and electrifying nightlife.


East London Transport

For a taste of the eclectic East, the Central Line is your ride. Hop off at Liverpool Street Station to immerse yourselves in trendy Shoreditch, a mecca for hipster hangouts and art-infused vibes. If you're up for a scenic route, the Docklands Light Railway (DLR) zips you to Canary Wharf's sleek bars and waterfront dining, perfect for lads looking to toast their last night of freedom in style. Jump on the Central Line for an East London adventure like no other. 


When the party's in full swing, don't worry, night buses have your back. They'll ensure your squad cruises back to your den, safe and sound. And for that touch of London class, iconic black cabs are at your service, whisking you away in style. East London's public transport is more than a ride; it's an adventure waiting to be embraced. From art-infused streets to waterfront revelry, the journey is as exciting as the destination. 


South London Transport

Dive into South London's vibrant scene with a ride on the Jubilee Line or Northern Line. Clapham Junction, the busiest train station in the UK, is your gateway to energetic Clapham and Battersea, home to lively pubs and bars. Heading further south, the Victoria Line opens doors to Brixton, where the nightlife is second to none. And when the night's winding down, London's night buses have your back, ensuring you roll back to your base without a hitch.


But that's not all; iconic black cabs await your command, ready to whisk you away in style. South London's public transport is more than just a ride. It's your ticket to legendary stag moments, seamless travel and endless laughs. Sometimes some of the funniest memories are made when you’re on your way home from a big night out, kebab in hand! 


North London Transport

Embrace the buzz of North London via the Northern Line, where you'll discover Camden's iconic music scene and edgy markets and immerse yourselves in its electric energy. And for Tottenham Hotspur fans, White Hart Lane Station is your match-day pit stop. Alternatively, the Overground Line offers a scenic route to Hampstead Heath's green tranquillity and Highgate's historic pubs where you can have some laid-back pints. 


London's black cabs await your call, offering stylish rides for your stag squad. And don’t forget those Oyster cards wherever you’re headed, from Camden's cool beats to Highgate's relaxed charm.

Parking in London

Here’s the lowdown on the best places to part in this world-famous party city. If you’re headed to West London, NCP London Edgware Road car park is your golden ticket to the heart of West London's action. Conveniently located, it puts you in the spotlight for shopping sprees, pub hopping and unforgettable nightlife adventures. Need a prime spot near Hammersmith? NCP London Olympia car park has got you covered. It's a stone's throw from riverside pubs and entertainment, ensuring your stag squad has a roaring good time. And when the night's young and the party's in full swing, fear not; NCP London Soho car park is your late-night guardian angel. Nestled in the heart of the vibrant West End, it ensures your journey back after the revelry is as smooth as can be.


For East London, roll into the City of London car park, your ticket to prime access for exploring vibrant Shoreditch and trendy Brick Lane. Park here and you're steps away from hip bars, art-infused streets and a night of legendary revelry. Need a spot for your East End adventure? NCP Whitechapel car park is your go-to. It offers easy access to markets, food stalls and the energetic vibe that defines East London. When the stars come out and the party's still roaring, NCP Aldgate East car park has got your back. Located near the lively streets of Aldgate and Spitalfields, it ensures your journey home is smooth as your favourite whisky. 


If you’re celebrating in South London, head to Q-Park Pimlico, your gateway to chic South London adventures. Strategically located, it's a great place to exploring trendy Clapham and bustling Battersea, where pubs, bars, and unforgettable memories await. Craving a slice of the action in Brixton? NCP Brixton Station car park is your go-to. Park here and you're immersed in electric nightlife, live music and a unique urban vibe that only this area of London can offer. When the night's young and the city's alive, NCP London Victoria car park ensures your stag squad's journey back is seamless. Found in the heart of Victoria, it's a beacon guiding you home after an unforgettable night out.


Finally, if you’re heading out in North London, there are plenty of parking options. NCP Islington Angel Building car park, nestled in the heart of North London. This is your prime spot for exploring trendy Angel and lively Upper Street. Park here and dive into an unforgettable night of laughter and memories. Want to party amongst Camden's iconic beats? Camden Town car park is your go-to. Park in the heart of music history, ready to explore quirky markets, live shows and the vibrant energy that defines North London nights. As night falls, NCP Covent Garden Parker Street car park ensures your stag squad's journey back is as smooth as your dance moves. Found near the lively streets of Covent Garden, it's your beacon guiding you home.


Whichever part of the city you’re headed to for your stag do in London, make sure to arrive at your chosen car park early to avoid disappointment, and always thank the designated driver. He’s a hero!

Types of Accommodation

Get ready to dive into a realm of comfort, style, and pure awesomeness as we explore stag do accommodation in London. Travelodge hotels are your golden ticket to affordable luxury. With prime locations scattered across the city, Travelodge hotels offer comfy beds, top-notch amenities, and easy access to iconic sights. They're your ultimate affordable base for a legendary stag do. Looking for vibrant vibes and modern flair? Moxy Hotels are your jam. From playful design to lively communal spaces, they redefine chic. Perfect for the stag squad that loves to party and unwind in style. 


If you’re after a more budget option, choose a hostel, such as YHA Hostels, that brings your crew closer. Bunk up, share stories and create memories in lively communal areas. It's a recipe for epic stag adventures, laughs and banter. For the ultimate freedom, self-catering apartments are your go-to. Whip up pre-game feasts, chill in your private space and own the city of London on your terms. It's like a home away from home, tailored for your stag squad. Wherever you want to stay in the Big Smoke, The Stag Company has somewhere amazing for you.

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