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Flexible payments!

- 0% interest monthly payments

Price match promise

- if you find a like-for-like stag do for less, we'll match it!
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Southampton Stag Do Accommodation

Sorting out the right place in the centre of a city for different pockets of friends can often be a difficult task, but not when you've found The Stag Company. We offer plenty of options for your group across Southampton, no matter the budget you're working with. And you'll know you're in safe hands because we've been organising epic stag weekends and creating fantastic memories for two decades!

Our range of Southampton hotels are centrally located and have excellent transport links, making it easy for all of your group to get there together or separately, depending on preference. We can help with car parking, breakfasts, and ideas for where to eat nearby - just about the only thing we don't do is set your alarm for you (but you can always ask reception - or Siri - for a wake-up call).

We have great budget options for parties not looking to spend too much, as well as our standard accommodation, which promises a few more amenities and a touch of extra comfort. And of course, if you’re looking to splash out we can also help you to find a little bit of luxury. Let us help you find the perfect place, and sort out all the rooming complexities for you, while you get on with planning the really important stuff, like voting on what highly humiliating fancy dress costume to purchase for the groom...

Southampton Transport

When it comes to orchestrating an epic stag do in Southampton, the city's efficient and versatile public transport system is your best mate. From seamless train connections to reliable buses and convenient taxis, Southampton ensures your stag group experiences a memorable and hassle-free adventure. Kick off your stag do journey by hopping on a train from various UK cities, as Southampton boasts excellent rail links. Arriving at Southampton Central Station, your group can smoothly transition to exploring the city. The Bluestar and First Bus services criss-cross the city, effortlessly taking you from the medieval charm of Bargate to the lively energy of Oxford Street.


For total convenience, taxis are readily available, allowing your group to travel directly to wherever you want to go. Whether it's a ride to the iconic SeaCity Museum or a quick trip to the historic Titanic Quarter, taxis offer a comfortable and efficient mode of transport. Whether you're raising a toast at Bedford Place's bustling bars or exploring the city's maritime heritage, Southampton's public transport ensures your stag do is brimming with excitement. So, let Southampton's transport network be your guide, ensuring your stag group navigates the city effortlessly, making your celebration an unforgettable experience.

Parking in Southampton

If you're gearing up for an epic day and night out in the heart of Southampton, parking your car doesn't have to be a puzzle. As you set sail for adventure, consider anchoring at WestQuay Multi-Storey Car Park or Bargate Street Car Park. These parking spaces are conveniently located near the action, ensuring you're just a stone's throw away from all the excitement of the pubs, bars, restaurants and activities. 


For those who prefer a touch of luxury, consider parking at the Ocean Village Car Park, where you can dock your vehicle while enjoying stunning marina views. If valet service is your style, some venues offer this perk, allowing you to make a grand entrance with your squad. Remember, camaraderie is key on a stag do, so why not carpool with your crew? It's a win-win as you save on parking costs while creating epic memories on the journey.


When the night's festivities come to a close, plan ahead for a designated driver or explore local taxi services to ensure everyone returns safely. So, set your GPS for Southampton's city centre, where parking prowess is your ticket to an unforgettable stag do. From WestQuay to Bargate, Ocean Village to valet perks, your parking adventure ensures your celebration sails smoothly into the books of stag do history. 

Types of Accommodation

For those looking to revel in comfort and style, Leonardo Hotels and Travelodge are your go-to choices. These hotels don't just provide a place to crash after a night of shenanigans; they offer a sanctuary of relaxation. Leonardo Hotels boast a touch of affordable luxury with plush beds that promise to cradle your post-celebration selves. Travelodge, on the other hand, offers budget-friendly rooms without compromising on quality, ensuring a rejuvenating sleep to fuel the next day's adventures.


If your crew is more about camaraderie and communal vibes, hostels are where the party meets affordability. You can bond over shared dorms, swap stories in common areas, and keep the laughs rolling 24/7. For the ultimate stag do pad, self-catering apartments are a winner. They let you call the shots, whether it's an all-night poker game, breakfast buffets that resurrect even the wildest party animals or a cosy hub to recount the previous night's shenanigans. 

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