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British Fancy Dress

The question of what to choose for fancy dress will be swimming around your mind more than what to say in the best man speech because there’s just so many options… Do you choose one theme or go for something that’ll solely stitch up the stag? New ideas come up all the time but to get the juices flowing and inspire you, here some below!

Being Brits, and quite possibly Brits abroad when it comes to your stag weekend - why not embrace your heritage and make it a part of your stag do, with plenty of options unique enough to make your stag group stand out from the crowd and make the most of our culture...

Fry Up

One Big Fry-Up

What will you be eating the morning after the big night out? The biggest fry-up you can get your hands on! So get it in your minds early and create one even bigger, by each taking a component of the Great British Fry Up and dressing up as it. For the bigger groups, you can of course make it a 'bumper' breakfast with multiple sausages, eggs, bacon rashers, mushrooms and bean after bean after bean. A sure fire crowd-pleaser!

Union Jack Flag


Another thing the UK is famous for is its music, and this provides a whole lot of scope for a stag fancy dress choice, with Spice Girls being the obvious (and most hilarious) choice, but you do also have the likes of Oasis, Blur, Pulp, The Sex Pistols and many more at your disposal!

British Gentleman

Great British Gentlemen

In the days of snapbacks, tight t-shirts and bling-bling, it might be time to take things back to the days of refined class and become proper English gentlemen for the evening. Think tweed. Think slicked hair. Think flat-caps - and think the kind of guys that smoke pipes and listen to classical music. You'll definitely stand out from the crowd in the club and it might actually end up doing you some favours!

Childhood Characters

As we said at the start of this guide, fancy dress is something that takes you back to the care-free joys of being the kid with not a care in the world (aside from the dilemma of whether to trade that Pokemon card or not)... So why not go for a choice that harks back to these days of the N64 and penny sweets?

Super Mario

Of course the stag should be allowed to be the most famous video game character of all time - Mario, and the Best Man Luigi... But the rest of you have the entire Mario universe to choose from! Donkey Kong, Yoshi, Toad and a whole lot more... Colourful and a little bit different, if you're in the mood to get creative, then this is a great choice!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Don't let the Michael Bay film tarnish the reputation of these heroes in a half-shell, as they are still some of the most awesome characters to grace anyone's childhood. Go as far as you can with the costume and maybe just maybe have the stag be Splinter... or even Shredder!

Power Rangers

Much like the aforementioned Mankini, Morph suits gained massively in popularity in the stag world, and can now be said to be a little unoriginal. A way to reinvigorate this, is to all be Power Rangers, adding to the Morph Suit and bringing it back to your childhood... after all, it is Mighty Morphing Time!

Other Popular Choices

This wouldn't be an article about stag fancy dress if we didn't include the more popular - and in some people's eyes - unoriginal choices of dress up. Always a great go-to staple, there's so many of these and you'll already know what they are, so let's quickly swing through them!

High-School Geeks

Thick glasses, freckles, top button done up and a pen for people to scrawl on your shirt.


There's more than enough out there, so take your pick.


Get the blue paint out and then hug as many people as possible.


Heading to a disco of some sorts? Opt for bright bold colours all over.

Nickname T-Shirts

An old favourite that dates back quite possibly as long as the stag do itself does - get shirts printed with your nicknames (or something awful and offensive) on the back.

Pub Golfers

A fancy dress that comes with a game, you can never go wrong with pub golf, so no wonder it's so popular!

Still drawing blanks?

Well it's time to be a smart-arse about it by reaching for a white T-shirt and a Sharpie - proceeding to write 'Error 404: Costume Not Found' on it. Haw haw.

Do's and Don'ts: Choosing Fancy Dress

Fancy Dress... It's harder than you think!

Weddings can be tense affairs. Everyone is keeping their fingers crossed that it all goes without a hitch. And of course, everyone wants to look their very best in the ceremony. So it's no wonder fancy dress and stag dos seem to go hand in hand; wearing ridiculously silly outfits can be a great way to counter the pre-wedding stress. It can also break the ice - it's hard not to bond when you're all wearing matching onesies. So what are the rules to successful stag do fancy dress?

Make it obvious

It may be tempting to do a spot of DIY and make costumes from items you've found at Poundland. But if you have to keep explaining that your binbag and balloon creation is actually a bunch of grapes, your fancy dress costume has failed. Look online; you can pick up some great value costumes which look fantastic (and you won't have to keep telling people who you are all night).

Choose a strong theme

A good stag unites the male members of the wedding party, and this bonding experience is stronger if you're all wearing the same outfits. From mullet-haired 80s sportsmen to Morris dancers, it's even funnier when you stick to the theme no matter what your activity. The sight of ten Elvis impersonators all playing golf or going abseiling makes for some great photos.

Don't think it has to be expensive

While your attempts at DIY costume-making may fall flat, there are plenty of effective fancy dress ideas that don't cost the earth. You could all go as the groom, to surprise him. Make masks of his face and persuade the bride to lend you embarrassing items out of his own wardrobe. You could even get together a month before the big day and pick different beard and moustache styles out of a hat, then attempt to grow them for the stag night.

Togas are also ridiculously easy to make, for a Roman theme. Just be warned though that they are also ridiculously easy to unravel so wear your best boxers.

Avoid arrest

Tempted to go as a platoon of jackbooted stormtroopers? Remember there's a very real risk that not everyone will get the joke, especially overseas. In a similar vein it may not be such a good idea to dress up as certain seventies DJs these days. You may not spend the night in prison, but you could easily find yourself barred from all the decent spots in town.

Embarrass the groom - just a bit

A little humiliation is key to the whole stag ritual - and even the shyest of grooms may feel like he's missed out if you don't. There's no need to go all the way with a neon green mankini - it could be just as funny to let him think he's wearing his normal clothes, before you whip out a pair of flippers, mask and snorkel and forbid him to take them off.

Ultimately, it's up to you, his most trusted friends, to decide just how much he (and you) can handle. If dressing up as an oversized baby is too much, you could all paint yourselves blue and go as Smurfs, so at least he gets lost in the crowd. After all, when you've had a pint or two you, it will make it easier to spot each other...

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