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Tank Driving stag weekends: What to expect

What’s the manliest vehicle out there? A high-powered Harley? Not close. A souped-up Muscle car straight out of Bullitt? Nope. It has to be a Tank. And on this more manly than most stag activity you’ll be put behind the driving stick of this vehicular monstrosity. As you tear your way around an outdoor track you’ll feel the visceral sense of power as your treads rip across the earth. You’d be surprised at how fast these tanks can go when the reach maximum speed.

It was probably every little boy’s dream to climb into the compartment of a tank and feel its automotive awesomeness. And now you can make that dream a reality by climbing into the cabin and letting loose. That said, we do have one hint – do try not to hit the booze too hard before your tank driving experience. Drunk driving is bad enough, but when you’re behind the wheel of a tank it can go a lot worse. Luckily there’ll be plenty of opportunity afterwards as you can compare war stories with the rest of your stag party at the local watering hole.

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We've all day dreamed of our car miraculously turning into a World War 2 tank so that you can drive over every other car and find that park spot. Well now is your chance to turn that dream into a reality with a tank driving stag weekend.

You'll be creeping around the course believing that you're leading a renegade group of rebels (the stag party) into war

Unfortunately you won't be let loose to career around the city streets leaving mayhem and destruction in your wake, but you will have the chance to see how these monsters handle as you drive around a specially designed course.

Whoever designed the first tank was a genius. I know they were instrumental in winning wars but combining a car (blokes love cars) and a then mount a huge gun on the roof (blokes love guns), you have the perfect vehicle for any man. Imagine cruising around town in a tank and asking a girl - 'Fancy a ride in my tank?'

Unlike action stars who can just jump into one and drive it around like they've been doing it for years, tanks are not that easy to handle. There are no creature comforts, like a steering wheel or leather seats but who needs that when you have a massive gun on the roof for your stag weekends.

By the end of the session you'll be creeping around the course believing that you're leading a renegade group of rebels (the stag party) into war. Great stag weekend fun.

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