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Flexible payments!

- 0% interest monthly payments

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- if you find a like-for-like stag do for less, we'll match it!
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Bucharest Stag Do Accommodation

When it comes to planning a stag do that's bound to go down in legend, look no further than Bucharest. This Romanian gem is your gateway to an epic adventure packed with wild nightlife, stunning architecture and a warm welcome. And, when you book your Bucharest stag do accommodation through The Stag Company, you're in for a treat that's going to elevate every bit of your weekend. 

Bucharest, often referred to as the Little Paris of the East, offers everything a stag party could dream of. The city's bustling nightlife, buzzing bars, and incredible clubs mean you're in for unforgettable nights. The Old Town, in particular, is a labyrinth of pubs, restaurants, and clubs, perfect for a bar crawl you'll be talking about for years.

But what about your stag do accommodation? That's where The Stag Company comes in. They've got you covered with a wide range of options to suit your party's needs and budget. Whether you're after a luxurious hotel, a budget-friendly apartment or even a wild weekend in a city centre hostel, they've got all the best places to stay.

The Stag Company takes the stress out of planning, making sure you're in good hands from the moment you land. No worries about confusing bookings, finding somewhere to stay last minute or miscommunications. They've got local expertise that ensures your stag do in Bucharest runs like a well-oiled machine.

So, whether you're looking for a plush penthouse suite, a cosy apartment, or a place to lay your head after partying until dawn, The Stag Company will sort it all out for you. That means more time for epic adventures, wild nights and unforgettable activities! So, book your accommodation, pack your bags, and get ready for the ultimate Bucharest stag do!

Bucharest Transport

Bucharest, the vibrant capital of Romania with its rich history and electrifying nightlife, has conveniently diverse transportation options that make it easy to navigate the city. In fact, getting around Bucharest is a breeze. The mix of trains, buses, taxis, bikes and the occasional party bus will guarantee your stag do is as smooth as the traditional Romanian spirit, Tuica.

Train stations like Gara de Nord are your gateway to Bucharest's railway network. Whether you're arriving from another Romanian city or just need a quick hop around the city centre, trains offer a convenient and efficient way to get around. If you're after a more Euro-trip kind of experience, trams and buses are a great option. The trams offer a scenic ride through the city, allowing you to soak in Bucharest's unique blend of old-world charm. Popular lines like 32, 41 and 21 take you through the city's key points, from the historical Old Town to the stunning Herastrau Park.

Taxis are another good option, especially if you want to arrive or get back from a big night out in comfort. They're affordable and readily available here, making it super easy to shuttle your stag party from one hotspot to the next. Just make sure to pick reputable companies or use apps for a hassle-free experience.

For the adventurous lads in the group, Bucharest also offers bike rentals. You can zip around the city centre or pedal your way through the picturesque parks and tree-lined streets. It's not only eco-friendly but a great way to discover hidden gems off the beaten path. If you want to arrive somewhere in style when the night falls, why not hop on a party bus? These lively mobile discos will ensure the stag do gets wild in the coolest way possible, ensuring you make an awesome entrance!

Parking in Bucharest

The city's bustling centre has plenty of options to keep your car safe while you enjoy your stag do in Bucharest. One popular choice for parking is the Universitate Parking Centre, right in the heart of the city. From here, you're within walking distance of some of Bucharest's most iconic attractions, like the University Square, the stunning National Museum of Art and the lively Old Town. It's convenient and a great starting point for your epic night out. 

Another great option is the Unirea Shopping Center Car Park, which offers secure parking facilities in one of the city's busiest areas. Park your ride here and you'll be steps away from the Unirea Shopping Center and the Unirea Square, known for its lively atmosphere, shops and cafes. This spot is perfect for those who want to mix shopping and sightseeing.

If you're looking for a budget-friendly option, try the Carol Davila University of Medicine and Pharmacy Parking Lot. It's near Carol Park, a lovely place to relax during the day and just a short walk from some buzzing bars and pubs. Plus, it won't break the bank, leaving you with more money for drinks! For a more premium experience, consider the Intercontinental Bucharest Hotel's parking. It's situated in a luxurious area where you can explore posh bars and high-end restaurants in style.

Types of Accommodation

Bucharest, the stag do destination of your dreams, offers a wide range of accommodations to suit every taste, budget and level of party readiness from luxury hotels to wallet-friendly hostels, ensuring your crew will have a blast while celebrating the groom-to-be.

For those who fancy a bit of luxury, Novotel Bucharest City Centre is a top choice. Located smack-dab in the heart of the city, this hotel boasts modern comforts, sleek bars and a rooftop terrace with panoramic views. Perfect for pre-party beers and post-night out wind downs. Peakture Hotel is another excellent option. This boutique gem provides a unique and stylish atmosphere with themed rooms, making it perfect for a stag do group looking for something different. The downtown location means you're within stumbling distance of Bucharest's hottest nightlife spots.

Europa Royale Bucharest is all about elegance and charm. You'll be living the high life in this historic city centre hotel, which is perfect for the stag do squad who enjoys a taste of old-world glamour. The rich decor and top-notch service will have you feeling like kings. Bucharest Comfort Suites offers a mix of spacious suites, ideal for accommodating your whole crew, and it's just steps away from the Old Town. The ample space is perfect for pre-gaming and group gatherings before hitting the town.

For a budget-friendly yet stylish option, Mercure Bucharest Unirii is your go-to. The hotel's chic design and central location offer excellent value, leaving you with more cash for drinks and epic stag do adventures. Hemingway Residence Hotel, located in the historic heart of the city, offers a unique blend of old-world charm and modern comfort. It's a great choice for those who want to experience Bucharest's culture and nightlife simultaneously.

If your stag do party is more of the DIY type, self-catering apartments like Prince Residence Apartments and Matisse Bucharest Old Town give you the freedom to cook up a storm or simply crash between partying. These options are cost-effective and central, ensuring you have easy access to all the action. If you're all about making new friends and partying on a budget, consider one of Bucharest's hostels. They're perfect for a fun-loving stag do crew, offering an excellent atmosphere for meeting fellow travellers and having a blast without breaking the bank.

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