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Human Table Football stag weekends: What to expect

Yeah you could rent out a pitch and have a game of five-a-side football but this is a stag do so why not make things a lot weirder and a whole lot more interesting by shrinking yourselves down and becoming the poor guys you spin around in table football? We know it sounds like we’re pulling you’re leg but it’s true. You and your mates will be placed inside a huge inflatable arena, where you will be will be locked onto place on a wire. Trust us, this quirky stag activity is great for even people who aren’t as sporty as they used to be; not to mention the fact that it’s hilarious fun and a real must try for all the footie fans!

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It’s a totally unique stag do activity that’s perfect for large groups of lads as it gives you plenty to talk about. And hey, this is football, so it technically counts as exercise right? So you don’t have to feel even a little built guilty about having a post-game beer, or two, or three… right?

It is a totally unique and unusual game with team sizes ranging from five to eight a side and can be played indoors or outdoors depending on location. A soft football is used but there are strict rules and referees will send people off for playing offences. Wearing the right kit is also required, so bring along some gym kits and trainers to change into. As for the actual activity, it takes place on an inflatable “field” where you’ll be split into two teams. Your aim is to play a game of footie without being able to move from your “pole” position. It sounds easy right? But you’ll soon see that not having your arms for balance and not being able to move from your position makes the game more challenging than you initially thought it would be. If you have a large group then you might have to split up and take turns playing, which isn’t a bad thing really. Because then you’ll also have people cheering you on!

Football is a popular sport played by many all around the world and we know that most men love it! Human Table Football is a twist on the classic game of football and it means that whoever is normally the best at the sport, may not be this time. Players on our Inflatable Human Table Football are attached to an aluminium bar to simulate the original game of Foosball and maximise the game play. Players must work as a team, communicating effectively to achieve a goal, so it's a great opportunity for members of your group to get to know each other if they don't already. If the player next to you moves left, then you must work together and move at the same time as them. Team-work is the key to success! 

Details may vary from venue to venue. For exact details please contact our party planners. 

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