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Popular Cities in Scotland for a stag do


If you’re planning on heading up to Scotland for an epic weekend away, then Edinburgh is a fantastic choice of location. The city is bursting with interesting cultural and historical attractions, unbeatable stag activities and epic nightlife. Here’s a few ideas on what to do on your Edinburgh stag do…

What can you do in Edinburgh?

If you have a little free time in between stag activities, or if you just want a few tips on how to spend your stag do in Edinburgh, then here are 8 ideas…

  1. Edinburgh Old Town
  2. National Museum of Scotland
  3. Princes Street
  4. Visit a Whisky Distillery
  5. Salisbury Crags
  6. Scottish National Gallery
  7. Pentland Hills
  8. Beer Tasting

Why is Scotland good for a Stag Do?

Scotland is well-known for its stunning scenery, rich history and vast amount of cultural attractions. It’s also a fantastic country to visit on your stag weekend as it’s full of thrilling activities and excellent nightlife. Here’s a summary of why Scotland is such an incredible stag do location!

What's the culture like in Scotland?

If you’re a cultural bunch, or if you just fancy a little breather from all of the exhilarating activities and entertainment, then you’ll be pleased to know that Scotland is bursting with culture. Edinburgh, the capital, is brimming with interesting tourist attractions and things for the group to see and do. As you explore Edinburgh, you’ll find plenty of stunning views like Arthur’s Seat and grand architecture to appreciate including St Giles’ Cathedral and Edinburgh Castle. If you’re into arts and entertainment, then you could always time your trip to coincide with the incredible and hugely popular Edinburgh Fringe Festival. We’ve written a little information which should help if you’re interested in learning some more about the nightlife, food and festivals.

What's the nightlife like in Scotland?

We understand that great nightlife is often considered an integral part of any stag weekend which is why we’d suggest heading to the lively city of Edinburgh on your Scottish stag weekend. You’ll find that there are plenty of vibrant pubs, bars and clubs for you to get acquainted with and spend your evenings in!  

How much is a pint of beer in Scotland?

If you fancy trying a pint of Scottish beer, then you could sip on Caledonia Best or Tennent’s Lager. However, you’ll find that there are plenty of other delicious, locally brewed beers available.
Depending on what part of Scotland you visit, the cost of a pint may vary. The average cost of a pint in Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, is around £4.19. Whilst this may be slightly pricier than some other locations, the atmosphere, huge range of things to do and incredible nightlife certainly make up for this.

What’s the food like in Scotland?

If you’re heading to Scotland on your stag weekend, then you may want to try the national dish Haggis. Haggis is seasoned meat mixed with onions and oatmeal and is traditionally accompanied by boiled and mashed turnips and potatoes (commonly referred to as “neeps and tatties”). You also mustn’t forget a wee dram (glass of whisky) to wash it down! If this traditional Scottish dish doesn’t take your fancy, then fill yourselves up on a full Scottish breakfast. If you’re a veggie or vegan, then you’ll find that there are plenty of delicious options available too.

What’s the weather like in Scotland?

January and February are considered to be the coldest months of the year in Scotland. Whereas June, July and August are usually the warmest months of the year. On average, the temperature in the summer can be around 17 degrees. This makes the summer months an excellent time to visit Scotland on your stag weekend.


When are the festivals on in Scotland that are suitable for a stag do?

If you and the lads love attending a festival, then you’ll be pleased to know that Scotland is home to some fantastic festivals. You could always coincide your stag weekend with a festival and make it extra memorable.
We’ve put together a list of festivals in Scotland that you might like to attend on your stag weekend in 2020…

  • Edinburgh Chinese New Year 2020 (20th Jan – 2nd February)
  • The Edinburgh Festival of Sound (21st February)
  • Breakout Film Festival 2020 (2nd April)
  • Ultimate 90s Rave (4th April)
  • Big Big Gin Festival (25th – 26th April)
  • Edinburgh Whisky Festival 2020 (6th June)
  • Edinburgh Food Festival (1st July)
  • Edinburgh Craft Beer Festival (17th July)
  • Edinburgh Jazz and Blues Festival (17th - 26th July)
  • Edinburgh Fringe Festival (7th – 31st August)


Useful Phrases

  • Wee = Small
  • Blether = Chat
  • Boke = Gag/Vomit
  • Scran = Food
  • Bairn = Baby
  • Boggin’ = Dirty
  • Crabbit = Moody/Grumpy
  • Greet = Cry
  • Awa’ an bile yer heid = Go away and boil your head
  • Baltic = Cold
  • Bevvy = Alcoholic drink
  • Bonnie = Beautiful
  • Heed = Head
  • Lass/Lassie = Girl
  • Och aye! = Oh yes!
  • Blootered, Wrecked, Oot yer face, Steamin’ = Drunk
  • Yuptae = What are you up to?

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