Stag Do Drinking Games

Stag Do Drinking Games

Time to get the fun times flowing...

Stag do games

How to change up a regular stag night into a legendary stag party? Well how about some stag do games. It brings together new friends and old mates and ensures that you kick off your nights with plenty of laughs. The drinking games loosen everyone’s inhibitions, and inevitably turn into some of the most memorable moments of the stag. We’ve sent thousands of stags to locations in the UK and abroad – and the games below are some of our very favourite tried and tested stag do games.

Wizard Staff

Wizard Staff

The basic premise is simple here. You’re a wizard who wants to get wise. And, as any bloke down the pub will tell you, drinking beer makes you wiser. So for every can of beer you drink, you get to add it to your ‘staff’ (made of beer cans, tied together with duct tape). Every can represents a level, so if you drink five beers and add them to your staff you’re a level 5 wizard. The goal is here is, by the end of your game, to have the biggest staff so you can be crowned the official wisest wizard for the duration of the stag.

It’s a classic formula that does the job – and that job is getting you plenty drunk. But there are a few variations that you can add in to make wizarding even more fun.

Feeling Wise

Players aren’t allowed to talk about how drunk, wasted, legless, buzzed etc. they are. Instead they must say that they’re “feeling wise” or, after a shot or two of Riga’s best spirits “feeling extremely wise” and occasionaly “feeling so wise I need to sit down and wait for the world to stop moving”.

If any wizard in training fails to keep to this rule they have to chug a beer on the spot, which they aren’t allowed to add to their staff – because they weren’t wise.

Boss Battles

A wizard of increasing power has to conquer increasing challenges. This means that every 5 beers you face against a ‘boss’. The boss gets his name from whatever type of alcohol he is, and he’s consumed in a shot. So every 5 levels the wizard must face off against the Dread Pirate Morgan or battle Boss Jack with a shot of JD.

A wizard isn’t able to get to the next level until he battles a boss, so even if you drink more beer, you won’t get to level 6 until that tequila goes down (and hopefully doesn’t make a reappearance).

White Wizard

Wizards are all about showing off how wise they are. And the wisest wizard of all is the White Wizard. The first wizard to reach level 10 becomes the White Wizard. The White Wizard, because he’s so wise, gets to boss around the wizards-in-training under level 5 and make rules for them, such as ‘not being allowed to put down your staff, ever’.

But a white wizard always has to prove how wise he is. So when another wizard reaches level 10, the two must have a battle. They do this with their staffs, and whoever’s breaks first is the loser, and banished to a lower level.

In the end, with Wizard Staff everyone’s a winner. Because you’re all drunk. And now you know how to play Wizard’s Staff.

The Classic

The Classics

Let’s flashback to your uni days. It’s a Tuesday Night, you’ve got nothing better to do (apart from go to lectures, look for a job, clean your shared houe), so you decide to drink. You put together all the cash that your mum sent to you ‘to be used in an emergency sweetie’ and buy the largest amount of booze that you can buy at the lowest cost. These are the games you’re gonna play. They’re the classics, and they’re perfect to bring back out for your stag do games.

Never Have I Ever

Let’s flashback to your uni days. It’s a Tuesday Night, you’ve got nothing better to do (apart from go to lectures, look for a job, clean your shared houe), so you decide to drink. You put together all the cash that your mum sent to you ‘to be used in an emergency sweetie’ and buy the largest amount of booze that you can buy at the lowest cost. These are the games you’re gonna play. They’re the classics, and they’re perfect to bring back out for your stag do games.


One for the real drinkers. The ones who come into their stag dos knowing that they’ve got the iron liver needed for a heavy weekend on the lash. The premise is as simple as they come – drink 100 shots of beer, in 100 minutes.

Everyone makes the same mistake. Thinking that this is simple. Who gets drunk off shots of beer!? And at the start it is simple. You knock them back pretty easy. But then cut to 80 or so in. You’ve had four pints in about an hour. The minutes are coming fast and furious and you can barely keep up.

And as an additional benefit that we’ve noticed while doing some in-depth research (you’re welcome guys) is that this is the perfect game to play at the pub while watching some footie as the time’s cue up nearly perfectly. Just a little extra tip there for you if you fancied catching some football on your stag.


All the players sit with their drinks, and an empty pint glass in the centre of the table. The first player pours an amount of booze into said pint glass. This is their bet. What are they betting on, well the player to their left flips a coin. If the first player guesses right, then the pint moves to the left, as does the coin. If they’re wrong – well they have to down the contents of said pint. Whatever it is. Once you’ve had a few correct guesses godknows what hellish blend of beer, vodka and cider could be there.



A few variances on the same classic formula. This is a perfect group game, and it’s best when it’s played across the entire stag. Starting off with when you set off on your stag, whether it’s boarding a plane to Budapest or a bus to Brighton – you’ll pick one of these variations for a guaranteed crowd pleaser. Basically, whenever someone yells out a phrase everyone has to act accordingly and whoever’s last has to do a forfeit or a dare or down their drink. The beauty of this is all in when you do the call outs. The more awkward the better, so we recommend doing it when getting on the bus, when eating in a restaurant or when one of the lads is chatting up a girl…

"Shark Attack"

Watch out lads, there’s something in the water. So you’ve got to get out quick! This means getting your feet off ground level ASAP. This means diving onto tables, leaping onto chairs and climbing up lamp-posts. It’s best played in a location where you won’t get thrown out for a little bit of misbehaviour.

And for a variation you can play Titanic rules where no two players can share the same object.

"Toy Soldiers"

For this one, one of the lads will need to pop down to the nearest toy shop and pick up a variety of those little green soldiers from your younger days. These little army men will then be randomly spread out amongst the guys, and whenever you hear the cry, you have to assume the pose of your little soldier.

"Dead Ants"

Best played when in the muddiest circumstances possible (like during a game of paintball). When you someone screams ‘DEAD ANTS!’ you have to make like well – a dead ant. You do this by leaping to the ground, on your back and kicking your legs up and around in the air.


Stag Do Pub Golf

Getting dressed up into something ridiculous. Going out and drinking huge amounts of beer. Forfeits and challenges designed to humiliate and embarrass mates. And all with a vague relevance to a sport? There’s a reason that Pub Golf is one of the best stag do games. And one of our favourites.


All you really need to play this game is a passing knowledge of golf, an in-depth knowledge of local pubs, and a hell of a liver (especially if you’re playing to 18 holes). You and the guys will put together a list of either 9 or 18 watering holes. Each of these pubs corresponds to a hole in golf. And much like in golf, there’s a par for each one – a goal to aim for. However, this isn’t strokes of a golf ball. Your par is how many gulps it takes you to knock back a drink. So, for example if you get to hole number 1 and the par is 4, you have to consume the drink in 4 or fewer gulps. If it takes you 5 gulps, that goes down on your scorecard. The person with the lowest score wins. The person with the highest score is endlessly mocked for the remainder of the stag.


Drinking in too many gulps isn’t the only way to loose points. Certain pubs will be listed as ‘water hazards’ and in said pubs, you aren’t able to use the toilet. Breaking the hazard rule either adds a point to your score or means you have to do a forfeit shot. Similar penalties exist for left handed drinking pubs only, spilling drinks, falling over and being sick.

Forfeits don’t stop on the night though. The person who comes in last place should have to do an embarrassing forfeit. This can be anything from wearing the same outfit for the rest of the stag all the way to having to call up their missus and confess to sleeping with a stripper. Just make sure you decide the forfeit early on and make sure everyone agrees. There’s no wriggling out of this one!

Pub Golf Attire

Much like actual golf, in pub golf you’ve got to look the part. To make this stag do game a true classic you’ll have to get properly dressed up in golfing gear. And because this is a stag do it means dressing in clothes that are as ugly as possible, as brightly coloured as possible, and with as many pointless accessories (golf visors, gloves etc.) as possible.

If you think that you’ll be embarrassed being dressed like an absolute idiot, well… you may well be. But just remember, the copious amounts of booze that you’ll be consuming means that embarrassment will go out the window fairly early.

Don't forget to check out our stag do rules!

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