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We don’t need to tell you that a stag weekend is a big deal: it’s an event that you and your lads will be talking about for months afterwards, heck maybe even years after. Which means that such an occasion needs to stand out against all your other “lad’s nights out”. The easiest way to do that? Set a theme for your stag do.  

Chances are you haven’t had a personal themed do since your 6th pirate themed birthday party. So why not bring that back (we’re not talking about the pirate theme here – unless that’s what floats “yarrr” boat.) There are plenty of themes for you to pick from, regardless of what your interests are. Luckily for you that’s what we’re here for, to help you all along the way to planning an unbelievable stag do. From the activity planning to the theme picking… speaking of which, if you still need some ideas then take a gander below at our favourite stag do theme ideas.

Sports themed- Sports men extraordinaire


If you’re the active kind of stag who likes sport then it makes sense for you to do some sporty things for your stag do, no? Plus, because this is such a vast theme you and your mates can pick and choose what sport you want to go for (or you can even go for a mix of sports.) Obviously, if you’re playing football then you’ll have to wear football gear but who says you have to be wearing golf gear to enjoy a spot of pub golf? Or hockey gear if you’re playing hockey (actually that would probably be a good idea…) If you like you can add some comedy into the theme and go dressed as Subbuteo football pieces for example. Whatever you choose to do, this is probably by far the easiest and the most comfortable theme.

Action themed- Action Army Troopers

Action themed- Action Army Troopers

An action packed weekend will require an action theme and practical clothing, and what could be more practical than army gear? Especially if you’re planning to go airsoft shooting or paintballing (let’s face it, that camo is gonna come in useful when you camp in the forest pelting your mates with fake bullets.) Want to take it up a level? Then why not enhance the action theme by dressing as a classic green soldier toy (though moving around might be a bit difficult.) If you do opt for that  then you can play the classic game of “assume the position” which involves one of the stags shouting “Assume the position!” and the last person to mimic the pose of their toy soldier has to buy drinks/do a penalty shot.  Besides… who hasn’t wanted to get dressed up like Rambo even for just a day?

Traditional themed- Gentlemen about town

Traditional themed- Gentlemen about town

For the more sophisticated gents out there, this theme will suit you to a tee (suit being the predominant word here.) Depending on what you’re doing this theme could encompass everything from a James Bond style array of suits / tuxedos to some smart as hell tweed  and flat caps that will have you looking like dapper chaps faster than you can say “Tally ho!” For this theme we recommend the middle class hobby of choice – clay pigeon shooting for your day time activity. However, if it’s alcohol that you’re interested in, then we offer the manly art of whisky tasting (we also do a beer version as well!) Whatever you choose to do though, just remember that this theme has the highest rate of attracting the ladies. So if that’s your goal for the evening then keep that in mind.

Water themed- Pirates

O.K. so some of us haven’t really grown out of the pirate phase yet, the urge has just… matured. So if you long to rock a bandana (the Jack Sparrow kind, not the Hulk Hogan kind) then a stag do by the sea is just the excuse you need. Besides everybody loves a pirate and if you’re going abroad for your stag then you’ll be chuffed to know that we offer plenty of booze cruises (strippers / wenches are additional) – a perfect activity for the modern day pirate. Admittedly watching one of the lads getting thrown off a Zapcat wearing a skull & crossbones hat would be funnier but hey… Alternatively you could opt to humiliate the stag by getting him to wear a Baywatch style swimsuit whilst the rest of you rock a lifeguard ensemble (embarrass the stag + attract the ladies with your lifeguard get up = winning.) Either way, if you’re “besides the seaside” then it’d be criminal not to go for a sea based theme for the big do. 

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