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A royal stag do?

With the news that Prince William has proposed to Kate Middleton our thoughts turned to a royal stag do and what might be involved in such an evening?

Of course money would be no object for a royal stag night involving the most important and powerful people, although given the trouble William got in for using a chinook helicopter during a stag do of a friend he may be a little more cautious and restrained.

We think he should roll back the years and get the royals together for a day of It's a Knockout, which is always a good laugh on a stag do plus I am sure Stuart Hall would be on hand to provide some memorable commentary.

A stag weekend in Scotland could provide an opportunity for some paintballing in the grounds of Balmoral, which would provide some welcome relief for the usual stags that get shot by the likes of Prince Phillip.

The evening entertainment is harder to call as the prospect of Prince William tied to a lampost or being photographed whipped by a stripper would be too much for senior royals to cope with, as much as the press and the public would love such a 'scandal' even though it is what we all get up to on a stag night anyway.