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Stag Do Music Playlists

Struggling to draw up your playlist for the lads weekend away? We have created a whole range of playlists based on different genres and moods, to help you quickly play the list you want to hear. We have also included quick to download spotify list. We understand the pressure of being the music man at a party, it’s no easy job creating a playlist that everyone loves. In order to take some of that weight off your shoulders, we’ve decided you help you and ahev given you some tried and tested playlists, designed not to fail!

Keep updated and check out our recent playlists or dig deep through previous blog posts for some golden oldies.

  • Party Playlists: Jordan

    Party Playlists: Jordan

    It’s been a long time, some might say far too long, but we’re bringing back our Friday Party Playlists! After our Dad Jams article last week I felt that some more party playlists were needed. So up...

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  • Party Playlists: Dad Jams Father's Day Special

    Party Playlists: Dad Jams Father's Day Special

    It’s Father’s Day this weekend (I hope you haven’t forgot, if you have and you’re booking a stag do this month you can take him along for free), so I thought it would be the perfect time to celebrate ...

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  • Party Playlists: A Pop-punk Summer

    Party Playlists: A Pop-punk Summer

    Image source / credit: Covert Booking / Next Best Thing PR It’s a Monday morning in early August, the sun is shining, and I feel like taking a step back about 10 years to the old wave of Pop-punk. Tod...

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  • Party Playlists: My Glastonbury 2014 Favourites

    Party Playlists: My Glastonbury 2014 Favourites

    Banner image credit /source: antb / For those of you, like us, that were not fortunate enough to attend Glastonbury and experience all the music and mud I’ve put together a playlis...

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  • Friday Playlists #1: The Hangover Playlist

    Friday Playlists #1: The Hangover Playlist

    You may have seen our party playlists on the blog before, and the idea behind these is simple; I get one of the team here at The Stag Company to choose ten songs that they would listen to at the weeke...

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  • Stag Party Playlists #11: James

    Stag Party Playlists #11: James

    This Friday’s Party Playlist is a very special one, because we’ve got our very own self-proclaimed Lord, James Golbey, stepping up to the Stag Company wheels of steel with a solid selection of top tun...

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  • Stag Party Playlists #10: Matt

    Stag Party Playlists #10: Matt

    It’s the first weekend after payday for us here at Stag Towers, so you can expect some of the team to be partying this weekend, and with that in mind I couldn’t think of a better person from The Stag ...

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  • Stag Party Playlists #9: Pasqual

    Stag Party Playlists #9: Pasqual

    It’s Friday, and it’s time for another party playlist and another teary goodbye to a much loved member of staff. Now this is a trend I’d really like to stop if possible, so hopefully my next playlist ...

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  • Stag Party Playlists #8: Mike

    Stag Party Playlists #8: Mike

    Last Wednesday was a very sad day in the history of The Stag Company, because we had to say goodbye to a much loved member of our sales team, Mike *sniff*. Although we were all distraught (there was a...

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