Benidorm Stag Weekend Romance

10 Nov 2008

Benidorm Stag Weekend Romance

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A mate’s stag weekend is right at the bottom of the list of places that you would expect to meet the woman of your dreams, but for Shawn who recently went to Benidorm that is exactly what happened.

Are you the Benidorm bikini belle? Reads the advert following a stag weekend romance in Benidorm. But will Shawn ever see his Benidorm Belle again?

If you were in Benidorm around a month ago and met a guy called Shawn, who you shared a few drinks with and a lot of laughs and you wore a green bikini, then Shawn would very much like to hear from you.

During the Benidorm stag weekend, Shawn met a woman from Leamington who works at the Ministry of Defence in Kineton. And although Shawn is still trying to remember her name he is very keen to track her down.

“She was just such a lovely girl and we had such a laugh”, recalls Shawn. “It was a very drunken, but fantastic night”.

Although Shawn, 30 of Brighton, knows that ever finding her again is going to be like finding a needle in a haystack, he is determined to give it his best shot.

Shawn is pretty certain that she lives in Leamington after a conversation that they had about some training that he had done in Ryton-on-Dunsmore, which is very close to Leamington.

‘The Benidorm Belle’ as she is known by the guys who went on the stag weekend, is around 5ft5in, in her mid 20s and wears glasses. The next day she was wearing a green bikini. This image will stick in Shawn’s mind forever...

Shawn is now considering some sort of regression therapy to help him to regain his memory and figure out more details about this woman who has captured his heart on a mate’s stag weekend.

If you are the girl in the green bikini who met Shawn on the stag weekend, then the Leamington Courier would very much like to hear from you and I think that it is clear that Shawn would like to hear from you too.

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