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The 7 Best Beer Gardens In Berlin

The 7 Best Beer Gardens In Berlin

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So you've decided on a Berlin stag do. Perfect! Accommodation sorted and the activities booked. But now is the time to find the best beer gardens. We have chosen our list on a combination of factors, such as the ones with the largest space, the most highly reviewed, the most popular beers available and that 'summery feel'.

Here is a list of the best beer gardens in Berlin...

  1. Brauhaus Sudstern 
  2. Prater
  3. Hofbrau
  4. Zollpackhof
  5. Klunkerkranich 
  6. Cafe Am Neuen See
  7. Bierhof Rudersdorf 

Beer garden on a stag do

Brauhaus Sudstern

Most people spot the seating out the front and settle down straight away. I would however recommend taking a stroll through to the back of the brewpub to find a large seating area. This one isn't the numero uno for a picturesque views, however it is right near the top for beverages on offer. This is a hugely popular resort for people looking to tick off a list of the countries best beers, from wheat beer to light and dark ones.



It would be criminal to write this list and not include the iconic Prater, which is recognised as one of (if not the) oldest beer gardens in Berlin, having been opened in 1837. The benches aren't overly attractive, looking like something from a school canteen, but the crowds will surely form, with almost 600 seats available, making there plenty of room for the entire stag party



If size matters (giggidy) then Hofbrau is the biergarten for you! It has quite a claim, as the self-proclaimed biggest beer hall in Europe. I'm not sure how much this has been tested, however at 6,000 square feet, you can understand the claim! With some great tasting food and waitresses in the full costume, you will have the true Bavarian experience. If you're looking for stag do ideas, I do recommend booking the Bavarian feast before heading off for a beer bike tour of Berlin and then a trip to the clubs.



This is one for the view, being located right alongside the river. This also makes it a popular option in the evening, with the outside all lit up. Chestnut trees are placed throughout the garden, while you will have great views of the German chancellery and Moltke Bridge. You will also be located close to the central station, making it an easy journey back to your hotel afterwards.



This rooftop bar has an exceptional view of the city, also popular for watching sunset with a beer in hand, also a personal favourite for the hangover day. This used to be one of those 'hidden gems', however it is fast becoming one of the most popular places for a beer. With a great view on offer, I'd also recommend visiting when the sun is in the sky and the clouds are no where to be seen. Also, don't be put off by the views along the way, it is above a mall near a carpark, so it doesn't spell beauty as you approach this beer heaven.


Cafe Am Neuen See

Well that was quite a mouthful! Located very close to the zoological garden, this option is very busy during the summer months, but tends to attract a calmer group than the usual stag party. The food has always been a popular option here, with the pizza hitting home with a number of customers, the perfect option to layer the stomach before a night of drinking and regrets. This is a great option if he wants somewhere a bit more relaxed than a hectic beer garden and likes a good view.


Bierhof Rudersdorf

If you plan on drinking in a beer garden before heading off clubbing then this might be the option for you, being located next door to the world renowned club Barghain. Plus this beer courtyard is known to serve up a barbecue, perfect for some smoked sausages. You can't go to Germany without having a Bratwurst.


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