Best Activities in London You Probably Haven't Tried

18 Dec 2015

Best Activities in London You Probably Haven't Tried

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When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life. Samuel Johnson said it in 1777, and it’s still true today. And it’s as true of 18th century writers as it is of stag dos heading to the Capital today.

Why is London such a popular destination? Well because it offers it all. If you’re all about staying out late to a soundtrack of driving beats then clubber’s meccas such as Fabric and Ministry of Sound are the super-clubs for you. But equally, if you’re all about being cutting edge, finding the best new act before anyone else and generally just being cooler than everyone else then districts like Shoreditch and Hoxton are right up your trendier-than-thou street.

Throw in some truly legendary bars and a decent number of still remaining ‘proper pubs’ (when did everyone start serving burgers on wooden platters!?) - and from Soho to South Bank, you’ve got the best nightlife in the country.  And if you lads want some culture? Well you’ve got everything from the Globe Theatre through to the Tower of London.

What we’re getting at here is that London’s got it all. And it isn’t just bars, restaurants, clubs and more to suit every type of stag. There’s an activities too. Going out through the days and nights (especially the nights) is fun, but you could do that on any holiday. A stag do is about getting out there and having fun with your mates.

With that in mind we’ve run through some of the best stag do activities in London below.



London Paintballing

It’s pretty much the stag do classic. If a tourist would call Buckingham Palace a ‘must-see’ then paintballing is ‘must do’ for a stag. At heart men are just grown up kids, and paintballing lets us indulge our inner child. Your paintballing in London experience will see you and the guys whisked out to the edge of the city (which due to fantastic connections takes approx. 30 mins) and then you’ll be let loose in acres of woodland for some paint based warfare.

If the last time you went paintballing was as a kid, well things have changed. Paintball arenas are designed into ‘war-zones’ with realistic bunkers and more that gives you a thoroughly awesome and authentic experience.

Once you and the guys are fully kitted up you’ll be let loose for hours of trigger happy emulsion fun. And afterwards you can compare your war stories and scars over a well-earned pint!



Comedy in London

London is the absolute heart of the comedy scene in the UK. And stag dos are all about having a good time. So bringing the two together is an obvious choice! We’ll set you up in a comedy club with a table for all of you and the guys. You can get the drinks in and get ready for some side-splitting action. You’ll be seeing everyone from a range of real top-level performers to your local areas very best up-and-comers, especially with London comedy, so whether they’re a recognised name or a rising star you’ll be guaranteed to have a laugh a minute.

Comedy is a great option for a pre-night out event, it allows you and the guys to relax, have a few drinks and once you’ve laughed yourself silly you can head out into London.


Medieval Banquet

Medieval Banquet in London

When you think of a stag do you might not immediately go to the Middle Ages as a source of inspiration. The plagues and lack of general hygiene might not be the greatest, but if there’s one thing out ancestors knew how to do properly it was throw a banquet!

It’s one of the most unique stag activities out there, but if you put some thought into it, it makes total sense.  Stag dos are all about going a little bit overboard, and overindulging is definitely the name of the game here. Horns of ale and goblets of wine will be quaffed freely and paired alongside large amounts of meat, think legs of pork, chicken drumsticks – that kind of thing. And all of this served by buxom wenches!

Couple that with plenty of entertainment in the shape of battling knights, jesters and more – this lifestyle of eating, carousing and merriment and good times is one you and the guys could get used to. So even if it seems a little too out there, give the London medieval banquet a try!




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