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Bestiality Charges Dropped Against Stag Do Pilot

An Auckland judge in New Zealand described a newly qualified pilot's offences "very high indeed" for bringing films containing bestiality from a Pakistan stag weekend. Amir Mohammed was fined $2,000 in Manukau District Court after pleading guilty to bringing objectionable material into the country downloaded on the stag do.

Amir qualified as a commercial pilot on March 14th 2010, and had headed to Pakistan for stag do with his friends in the country who proceeded to download films featuring men and women having sexual intercourse with dogs and horses onto his hard drive. On his way back into New Zealand Amir's hard-drive was taken into custody by customs officers who found the offending material.

Mohammed claimed to be "disgusted and shocked" by the clips, but went along with it to fit in, forgetting that they were there until he was stopped at Auckland airport. Judge Michael Radford warned that Mohammed really ought to be more careful if he were to seek a career as an international pilot.