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Britain 'has something for everyone'

Tourism officials in the UK have commended the country's broad appeal, describing it as a place with something for everyone.

VisitBritain said people's tastes are changing in favour of taking breaks in the UK, partly as a result of the current economic climate.

Sian Brenchley, corporate communications manager at the organisation, believes the country should take advantage of this trend by promoting its attractions more heavily.

This could result in more British consumers shunning trips to other nations in favour of visiting somewhere in the UK.

Ms Brenchley commented: "The tastes that people have are very wide-ranging but I think Britain has something to suit everybody."

She added now is the time to market the country more heavily.

This comes after Doug Garrett, chief executive of regeneration body ReBlackpool, said less than favourable exchange rates are putting people off heading abroad.

He told BBC News that this represents a good opportunity for places such as Blackpool to attract more visitors.