Some Cool Extreme Videos to Watch!

15 Apr 2013

Some Cool Extreme Videos to Watch!
Over the weekend I came across a channel on YouTube from a guy who calls himself Devin Supertramp. He documents all manner of insane sports and gatherings and puts them together in some incredible short videos and has amassed almost 200 MILLION views of his videos on YouTube. After spending a good couple of hours watching most of his stuff I thought I would pick out my top five videos, and I recommend you watch all five from start to finish! Slam Dunk Basketball Freestyle This was the first video of Devin’s that I found and it is an incredibly impressive montage of the Hungarian Acrobatic Sport team, Faceteam. Take a look to see some of the crazy shots these guys manage to pull off. Devin’s editing and his music choice for the soundtracks really take these videos to the next level. The Most Insane Rope Swing Ever Second up is the most insane rope swing ever (I’m unsure how true this statement is, but it seems pretty insane!), suspended over a huge canyon. This looks insane; I’ll bet the adrenaline rush you get from doing this jump is off the chart! Definitely something I don’t think I would enjoy until I was actually swinging through the air! I'd quite happily do this on my stag do if it was something The Stag Company could offer! Cliff Jumping in Hawaii This is something some of us may have done on a holiday, but in Hawaii? Probably not. All manner of jumps into water below that sometimes seems a little too close to the rocks to be safe. Still, nobody got hurt so proves what I know! Wingsuit Racing Now we’re talking, wingsuit racing is incredible and I think it could quite possibly be my new favourite form of racing. What’s not to like about people plummeting to earth in a race to the finish line, getting up to speeds in excess of 100mph. I haven’t even been that fast in a car! The race for the finish line had me chuckling away long after the video had finished. Wouldn’t it be great if we could do this on our stag weekends?! Digital Orchestra performing Beethoven’s 5th Something a little different for the fifth and final video, which is a digital orchestra performing Beethoven’s 5th Symphony. As soon as I saw the title I wondered just how this would sound, but it sounds incredible. Who could’ve thought that you could recreate something and make it sound so good using just tablets and smartphones? View more of Devin’s videos on his YouTube channel, and if you're looking to book a stag weekend then click here. Awesome!


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