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Do you know which destinations are expensive?

A survey has revealed that British holidaygoers have misconceptions over which destinations are the most expensive to visit.

From a list of 30 travel hotspots those surveyed ranked France as the 9th most expensive destination, but our friends from the otherside of the English Channel are the most expensive, according to Skyscanner.

Flight comparison website Skyscanner compared the cost of paying for various typical items – including a coffee, a beer, a meal, accommodation in a Marriott hotel and hiring a car from Avis – in 30 different countries.

The outcome is that Greece and Cyprus are the cheapest destinations, so a stag do on the Greek islands may be a good idea, while one in France, Switzerland or Denmark may not work out so well on the wallet.

However, the 1,500 that predicted the results of the survey had both Cyprus and Greece in he middle of the chart, mistakingly thinking that Morocco, India and Thailand would have been the cheapest.

The biggest mistake came to Norway, which was perceived to be the second most expensive, but in reality turned out to be 18th in the list.

As Poland came 21st in the list we feel a stag do in Krakow is looking good this summer.

Five most expensive destinations:


Five cheapest destinations:

South Africa
Dominican Republic

By Nancy Brown